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Hiring Climbers/Carpenters for Tree House building

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Sunny-D · · SLC, Utah · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 700

Thought I would try here first. Salt Lake City and Surrounding Area. I need to hire 2-3 people for building tree houses(theses are not your average kids club house tree houses). I am looking for people that are not afraid of heights and comfortable hanging around on ropes 40+ feet up in trees working. You would need to know your way around carpenter tools, have an aptitude for building and be able to think on your feet.
I have a job coming up in a couple of weeks that I need to add to my crew. This build will last six weeks with jobs lined up beyond that if you work out for me.
Pay is based on experience...
Access to equipment deals and gear allowance...
Please PM me if you are interested. An interview will probably include an afternoon out climbing to see if we get along and I can trust you...I am on the site working 10 hours a day unless the ice comes in then maybe a little less.

Sunny-D · · SLC, Utah · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 700

Have had some interest still looking for good people.

Brett Thompson · · Washington State · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 135

where are you building at? i have worked as a framer for about a year

Sunny-D · · SLC, Utah · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 700

Still need help. I have a couple of really good responses. I am looking for another one or two people.

Woodchuck ATC · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 3,110

You know these climber/carpenters are going to turn your plans for a tree house into an awesome tree-house-climbing wall combo, whether you like it or not. That should be pretty cool for the kids.

Sunny-D · · SLC, Utah · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 700

The family I am building for, would be open to that. So far on this project, I have built 5 platforms with ladders, stairs and 2 bridges linking the platforms. The highest "house" is 40 ft in the air. I have put in a zip line. Now I am looking for help in building another house with a 70 ft bridge connecting it to the rest of the structures. One of my favorite parts so far on this job is the highest platform (crows nest), when the wind blows, you feel like you are riding on the mast of a sailing ship.


zoso · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2007 · Points: 465

Post some pics and show off a bit.

Maurice Chaunders · · boise, id · Joined Sep 2010 · Points: 5

Yeah, post some pics!

jersey · · park city, utah · Joined Mar 2009 · Points: 115

sounds cool, i'm a carpenter and climber and have dabbled in this sort of thing, like to check out what you have going on. you can e-mail me your contact info to

climberbum2 Kryger · · wanship, Utah · Joined Dec 2010 · Points: 10

If you are still looking for help. i would love to you can call me at 801 244 3711. but ice is now in so we could just go do some of that as well.

Woodchuck ATC · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 3,110

waiting to see some cool pics of the work done !!!

Sunny-D · · SLC, Utah · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 700
Jake Jones · · Richmond, VA · Joined Jul 2011 · Points: 1,475

Hey Dallen-

Awesome work. Nice professional looking product. I built decks and did finish carpentry for about a decade- the last four years of which I worked for myself lining up short contracts with builders developing cookie-cutter neighborhoods.

Anyway, I can't really be any help to you because I'm on the east coast, but I do have a question:

How are you fastening the support beams that run from the underside of the band back down to the trunk of the tree?

I've drawn up plans before that look almost identical to yours, but I could never come up with an absolutely bombproof way of connecting the support members to the tree- other than to have a small band that runs around below the main deck that the support members would tie into.

It doesn't appear that you have done that, but the pic isn't clear enough zoomed so that I can see what you have done.

Also, do you do anything to allow for growth, or do you generally try to stick to very mature trees? I always wondered about that as well.

Awesome job on the notched post steps. Beats the hell out of cutting stringers, and it looks more "treehousey". Great work man.

Sunny-D · · SLC, Utah · Joined Aug 2006 · Points: 700

There are several ways to attach the treehouse to the tree. I primarily use TABs (Treehouse Anchor Bolts) and floating TABs. The key is to not have wood on wood (can cause rot) The TABs allow for tree growth. I frame the holes around the trees so they can be expanded as the tree grows. But yes using mature trees helps a lot.
TABs go into the tree then a floating bracket that fits on each TAB is mounted onto the beams/joists which make up the start of the floor. You build out the floor like you would frame a normal structure (somewhat). Its a little more complicated then that but that is how it works in a nutshell.
Thanks for the compliment. It is a ton of fun building these. The highest platform in 40 feet off the ground. Super fun to work on when the wind is blowing. The little kid really gets a chance to come out . We have installed a 170 foot zip line and I am designing an actual house that fits into another set of trees on this property and will have a 70 ft bridge connecting it to these platforms.

Jake Jones · · Richmond, VA · Joined Jul 2011 · Points: 1,475

Makes complete sense. I knew there had to be a specific design for that purpose. Thanks man. Good work.

josh holmes · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Sep 2008 · Points: 215

Looks really nice, Sunny-D! Reminds me of a friends side job in Marin County, heard of a guy nick named trundlesby?

Jake T · · Prescott AZ · Joined Jun 2011 · Points: 5

Hiya Sunny, You might consider calling a few local arborists. I own a small tree care company here in central Arizona and buiding a treehouse would be an awesome project. I think most of us (tree climbers) would be pretty phsyched on the idea. As well as having a bunch of rigging hardware tree climbers *should* be able to move around in the tree a good bit faster than your average rock climber. Good luck
Jake T

The Farley · · Idaho Springs · Joined Jan 2013 · Points: 35

Nice Work Dallen-

james22 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined May 2014 · Points: 0

Pretty amazing pictures of tree houses. Till now I thought the best ones are compiled at… but I feel I was wrong. Some of tree houses shown here are truly magnificent.

Ian White · · Dubois, Wyoming · Joined Jun 2009 · Points: 0

When you get a chance, you may want to look into a product called Paclobutrazol. It's a tree growth regulator. After one year you can see 95% growth control. Would definitely help with mitigating issues from the tree growing enough to cause problems. I'm an ISA Certified Arborist and we use it a lot with great success.

Jake Scott · · Cottonwood Heights, Utah · Joined Jun 2014 · Points: 0

I just moved out to Utah and would love to work for you.

Contact me at 814-688-8025
I'm 22 with experience climbing and some carpentry skills.


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