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Do you know these Pond Bank cracks?

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Kyle Stapp · · Pennsylvania · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 3,935

I took these photos this past weekend. The right leaning crack is in Stan Schoonover`s guide under climb 41. HOWEVER it gives no name (just a geographical location as the name, which could be the name but knowing PA climbing this crack may have never been climbed for all I know), concensus (difficulty) or history. Has it been climbed? Anyone know anything?

The offwidth is short but sweet. A "training" crack or boulder problem. Maybe even get to practice leavittation; that'd be great for us PA climbers. Anyone know anything?

If not ill climb them, clean them, then post it on Mountain Project so the world has access/knowledge to/of it. Thanks all.

The right leaner on the opposite side of that 5.3 sawtooth not to far from calvins slabs.

This photo isn't great but Ichose it because it has that pillar that hopefully acts as a reference point. I believe that 5.5.meathead climb, Zorro area, is to the left of the climb.

Kyle Stapp · · Pennsylvania · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 3,935

The right leaner you can get some consecutive (so it seems from the ground) hand jams then some consecutive finger jams/locks then onto some fun looking face climbing.

Kyle Stapp · · Pennsylvania · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 3,935

I think there are a handful of features (possible free climbing routes) that have not been climbed. There are traverses and highball problems also all over that I bet haven't been touched (no cracks to protect, no bolts or easy/any anchor building above lead me to think virgin rock in regards to highballs). Let's get a day where we all arrive early and document ALL pond bank climbs known (walk up and down) THEN start cleaning and envisioning new routes. We then climb eachothers routes throughout the day.

This creates concensus, community and will add more to our local energy. We then post new routes for everyone to know about.

I ran into this dude on lower broadway ledge, seneca early in the 2012 traditional season who lived in maryland and I told him about pond bank (after the question: where do you climb locally in PA?); a week or two later I was at pond bank and he took my advice and came up to pond bank! I think we have an awesome crag (even if not my dream) and id love to represent it/ present it well to others outside of PA.

Who's with me? I know my friend and experienced climber JLAM is down! Who else?

Kyle Stapp · · Pennsylvania · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 3,935

The one area specifically i envisioned these longer boulder routes (my highball starts at 15ft +\-) on I
cant recall the location. It was definitly between pigs in space and the pines, or 3 pines (something pines) area. I should have taken a pic.

I think pond bank has a great potential to be a `psychological training` area in regards to the highball boulder potential. Ill bet there are so many lines that go 5.2-v2 or 3 that ARE NOT already established climbs.

Kyle Stapp · · Pennsylvania · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 3,935

At least my posts keep bumping this thread...I talk to myself all the time, now I'm just seeing my thoughts on `paper`

Anyone bother to explore past the.binocular rocks area? As stan schoonover said a lot of local climbers are lazy so there may be mad (stan didn't say mad) crazy awesome climbs (boulder, trad, bolted whatever) that have yet to be discovered....

zHoltzman · · Boulder, CO · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 5

Hey stoned. I poked around these rocks a bunch about fourteen years ago when my aunt lived in Fayetteville. I always had fun up there whether on a rope or not. I think the area has potential for a decent little training ground. I believe I used Stan's guide back in the day. It was a simple print-out I got from someone while I worked at Wildware in Harrisburg. There are definitely climbers around who have experience with this crag. Finding them may be a different story. I definitely recognize the right leaner. I remember that being a fun jaunt. The rock is is solid. Clean it up and watch out for the shotgun toting locals!

Kyle Stapp · · Pennsylvania · Joined Dec 2012 · Points: 3,935

Thanks for the post dude! Well at least I know the right leaner has history to it. That's great you explored the area! I just want to consolidate the knowledge of our PA rock with a high level of of right now pond bank is not in danger of being overused/crowded so I'm alright with bringing attention to it. Thanks again!

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