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Nick Wilder · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2005 · Points: 3,436

This is the place to talk about the iPhone & Android App. If you click the "Feedback" link in the app, you'll land here.

Please review other posts before accidentally starting a duplicate discussion.

And tell us which app you're using and which build number (in the More Options page).

mark felber · · Wheat Ridge, CO · Joined Jul 2005 · Points: 26

Is anything planed for iPad?

Graham S · · Riverside, CA · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 15

i have the iPhone app. Version 1.0 (Build 13)

i also have it installed on my iPad 2.

1) partner locator or real time partner finder function.
2) so nice without ads, please keep this feature!!!
3) HD/hi res on iPad would be nice.

mark felber · · Wheat Ridge, CO · Joined Jul 2005 · Points: 26

seems to install just fine on my iPad2, thanks.

Wayne DENSMORE · · Superior, CO · Joined Jul 2007 · Points: 5

Android App? Is it getting close?

Ryan N · · Bellingham, WA · Joined May 2009 · Points: 195

App is great! I use it quite often. The only problem I have is that everytime I log onto it puts up a message asking me to buy the app even though I have it. Not a big deal, it's just an extra step. I get the promotional aspect of it, but I would like to see an improved system that knows if you have the app already like other sites do.

Steve86 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2011 · Points: 10

Quick question. If I open the app somewhere where I have no service will the app lock me out since it can't "verify my subscription"?

T.J. Esposito · · San Diego, CA · Joined May 2011 · Points: 85

Installs on iPad fine but higher res native version would be nice!

Some bugs:

  • Photos with long descriptions (e.g., visual topos with a dozen routes marked (e.g., this image:…), you can't scroll through the caption to see all the routes
  • I can do a "Download All Photos" on an area, and it does that, and all photos are then marked with the little green arrow or whatever the icon is; but then when I'm offline, if I click on those photos (and have never viewed them previously while on WiFi), they come up blurry, without a caption, and with a "No Internet Connection" watermark or description (don't recall which at the moment). (e.g., I was at Jtree last weekend and did a download all photos for Sheep Pass Area. All the subareas then got marked as having all photos downloaded, but upon trying to view subarea photos while not connected, I get the above bug.

Basically makes the "Download All Photos" function useless as I end up either having to view each photo while connected, or needed connectivity at the crag (which I don't as I only have a WiFi iPad).

Those are the two major bugs I've found. Anyone with an iPhone experience then when in airplane mode or out of cellular range?
T.J. Esposito · · San Diego, CA · Joined May 2011 · Points: 85

EDIT:… is the above link

Josh Janes · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2001 · Points: 8,930

Used it extensively over the last two weeks & love it.

Missed the ability to see certain other details such as the FA party, length of route, which users gave it how many stars and which users gave it what rating. Don't miss the clutter, but would love a little button/link to call up a separate page with this info.

When I assign a route stars on the app, does that upload/sync to my online profile? Would love to see that happen.

Austin Baird · · SLC, Utah · Joined Apr 2009 · Points: 95

For the love of everything that's good and holy please please please please please give us an Android app. That's all.

Nick Wilder · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2005 · Points: 3,436

Roundup of questions so far:

Mark: no, nothing planned for iPad. We think the site works well enough, and use the app if you're going offline. We'll reconsider in a year or so when the phone apps have all the features we want.

Graham: Partner finder is in the long-term plans (6 months?). Since we're charging for the data subscription, there will be no ads in the apps. See above for ipad.

Wayne: probably still a couple months for Android. I promise we really are working on it.

Ryan: bug noted, I'll work on it.

Steve: No, if you are offline, your previously verified sub will remain verified. A few users have had problems with this on rare occasions, so the new version of the app to be released in ~2 weeks will fix it.

TJ: thanks for the bugs - we'll work on them.

Josh: FA info IS there. Length is not. Other users's stars are in ticks and comments (though it is not a complete list). Yes, if you assign stars, then later use the "sync my data" button, the web site will be updated.

Austin: see above.

Joshua1979 · · Colorado Springs, CO · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 15

Been using the app for a while and it's good but I think there is one glaring gap that needs to be addressed which will make it awesome. The ability to add routes right from the app. There are a lot of missing routes at even well documented crags. If you had the ability to snap a beta shot and add info while you're right in front of the route (then sync with MP next time you're within wifi range) that would be of great value and probably increase your database size quicker then people just adding routes on the PC. Not to mention the beta descriptions may be more precise as it is fresh in the mind.

I understand there may be bandwidth issues but just limit it to new route additions and adding beta photos to existing routes without any photos.

edited to add version and build numbers
Using Version 1 (Build 13) for iPhone

wankel7 · · Indiana · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 10
Nick Wilder wrote:Roundup of questions so far: Mark: no, nothing planneWayne: probably still a couple months for Android.
Wait so is it a couple of months or winter 2012 like it says in the iphone android page?
JulianB · · Florence, SC · Joined Aug 2011 · Points: 15

By "a couple of months for Android" do you mean a couple of months until the beta testing starts or a couple of months until the final app gets released?

Nick Wilder · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2005 · Points: 3,436
wankel7 wrote: Wait so is it a couple of months or winter 2012 like it says in the iphone android page?
I think "winter 2012" is through March 21. I think we can hit the full release by then. Apple approval took about 2 months, and Android skips that step, so that helps a lot.
Cory Harelson · · Boise, ID · Joined Mar 2008 · Points: 2,410

Still loving the app! It would be nice to be able to delete routes from your todo list, as it is nice to be able to do this at the same time as ticking it.

Brad "Stonyman" Killough · · Alabama · Joined Jan 2008 · Points: 5,785

I only have a Solstice 2 w/ att. Any plans to make this available for my type of phone?

M. Morley · · Sacramento, CA · Joined Jan 2002 · Points: 6,605

Using Version 1.1 (Build 15) and love it.

In addition to L->R, R->L, and Alpha, it would be helpful to be able to sort an area/sub-area by rating as well:


Kirk Miller · · Golden, CO · Joined May 2003 · Points: 1,567

I have not been able to download high def. photos for access at the crags. The photos included in the downloaded cliff version are pretty much useless. Seems I have to be connected wifi to look at anything pffft. I think you should seriously consider upscaling the app for iPad. Accessing large, high res. beta photos at the cliff would be worth the weight.

Andre Dahlman · · Washington DC · Joined Apr 2007 · Points: 115

Great app.

I've uploaded a new route on MP via my laptop but it doesn't show on the App. Does the route database on the app update automatically or do I have to reinstall the app to see the updated routes?

Also I agree with the previous comment it would be great to be able to update directly from app

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