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Paradise on the Brazos -- Open for climbing

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Scott Strong · · Dallas, TX · Joined Apr 2010 · Points: 830

Good news folks. POB is no longer limited access. After climbing at POB today, we spoke with the property owner, Freddy. He told us to get the word out that POB is back open for climbing. The usual rules still apply:

Climbing is $10 a day
Camping is $6 a day

There is a drop box and sign in sheet at the house. Inside the box there are waivers that must be filled out if you've never been out there before. Freddy lives there, he knows who goes in and out, and he keeps track of who doesn't pay. So please, for the sake of access, please pay for your climbing and camping.

When burn bans are not in affect (and they currently are), campfires are allowed. Be respectful! This is private property and we are being allowed to use what it has to offer through the graciousness of the owner. Practice leave no trace.

It may be chossy, but it is indeed paradise. Let's enjoy it and make sure it stays open!

bradyk · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2010 · Points: 141

Go Climb Columbia!

Super, Ultra, Mega, Classic.

Best 5.12 in the State!

maddy · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2009 · Points: 20

ya i love that place pob is open and it is great to lead on limestone

AGParker · · San Angelo, TX · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 20

Where is this?

Allen Corneau · · Houston, TX · Joined May 2008 · Points: 80

West of D/FW, between Mineral Wells and Graham near Possum Kingdom Lake (or so I understand).

Zack · · DFW, TX · Joined May 2008 · Points: 435

It's in Graham, Texas where the Brazos River meets Possum Kingdom Lake.
Around 1-1.5 hours from Fort Worth.

Zach Wahrer · · Bozeman, MT · Joined Nov 2009 · Points: 9,338

Just be aware that it's $10 a person, and not $10 a car load.

Ryan Ray · · Weatherford, TX · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 310

Yes POB is open to the public for the time being. The RV park was just opened back up this past weekend. Please continue to respect the land. This property is still for sale, so its future is still unknown and in the hands of whoever may purchase it in the future. But for now, he is allowing respectful climbers on his property to climb.

Please pack out your trash, stay on the designated roads, do not cut any trees or vegetation, and most of all, pay for your climbing before you climb. Freddie has mentioned that there have been a number of climbers who have not been paying for their days of climbing. This has been a common trend for quite some time now. Climbing here is a privilege not a right, and Fredie has mentioned throwing in the towel once again if people do not pay.

Zach Wahrer · · Bozeman, MT · Joined Nov 2009 · Points: 9,338

Climbing without paying is definitely not cool, but maybe he'd have an easier time getting people to pay if it wasn't so expensive.

Ryan Ray · · Weatherford, TX · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 310

Well, it is private property and he reserves the right to charge whatever he wants to charge. I think its a little high myself...but the bottom line is if you think its too expensive and don't want to pay the price...don't go there. Its no excuse to go climb without paying. Those few individuals jeopardize access for the rest of us.

Some individuals sign the register but dont put their money in the drop box. I have asked Freddie to pass along the names of people who do this in the future.

wankel7 · · Indiana · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 10

I was out there today with my girlfriend. Even though the temps were high in the sun we were able to stay in the shade all day which made it very comfortable.

We started at crags by the river and by two we went over to the Stockyards.

I'm glad to see this place is open to all!

wankel7 · · Indiana · Joined Oct 2010 · Points: 10

The facebook page is up!

Check it out so you can get the guidebook for the crag.…

Tyler Garrett · · Dallas, TX · Joined Sep 2012 · Points: 105

Not worth the trip, the owners are complete twits and even tried to talk poorly about my climbing group after the fact on facebook... it didnt turn out too good for them. Too bad though, I created 8 bouldering problems from v3 to v10 and 3 other projects..

I'd rather travel to austin and be in a more positive atmosphere and away from the people managing/owning the land. I've never dealt with people over 60 that acted this immature.

Brent Butcher · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2010 · Points: 275

New to Dallas from OKC, will probably go check this place out!

mattm · · TX · Joined Jun 2006 · Points: 1,581

Closed to climbing as of this summer.

Ryan Ray · · Weatherford, TX · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 310

From a few months ago........

Paradise on the Brazos will officially close down climbing & tent camping permanently @ the end of today. We have decided to go another direction after 13 years. We have a bunch of people to thank for making climbing happen @ POB. A big thanks to David & Carol Michael for having the vision & putting in the first climbs & a bunch of hard work. Thanks to the late Jimmy Forrester & the late Kirk Holiday for all they did. Thanks to Thomas & Shana Martin, Keith Reed, Mark Pell, Mark Hyde, Ryan Ray, Mark Maddy & James Siros for the website. Thanks to all the people I left out & to the honest climbers. It's been a great 13 years & have made a bunch of friends in the climbing community but the time has come to shut it down. Times change & people change. Please spread the word, don't want anyone to drive out here & have to be turned away. Will put up no trespassing signs & anyone attempting to go back there will be dealt with accordingly. Thanks.

The reason we are closing POB to climbing & tent camping is we have leased our ranch to a large mining Company & they will be mining limestone & it will turn into a large quarry. The Company doesn't want anyone in there because they will be blasting & it will loosen the rock. Hope that answers some questions

Ryan Ray · · Weatherford, TX · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 310

As for the landowners... They were always very respectful and friendly to those who were respectful to them, their rules, and their property. All other twits.....were treated like the twits they are.

steph johnson · · Roanoke (DENTON) · Joined Feb 2008 · Points: 0

Sorry to here that Ryan... was looking forward to checking the place out next week. I remember the days at cleburne as well as lake belton with the old school crew

steph johnson · · Roanoke (DENTON) · Joined Feb 2008 · Points: 0

Is there any climbing at possum kingdom lake? or near bridgeport?

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