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Ideal transportation for maximum adventure!

Leo Hski · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2006 · Points: 345
Alex A wrote:.... Leo, Great shot of Pigs and his bug.
Thanks but credit due to Steve Sagdahl for the photos.
Bill Duncan · · Jamestown, CO · Joined Mar 2005 · Points: 2,900

Just another perspective . . .
#1: vehicle 2 can sleep in
#2: vehicle carries a lot of cargo (and still have room for 2 to sleep)
#3: clearance and 4X4
#4: reliable

The Suburus are good for everything except clearance and cargo (no room to sleep if you have cargo).

Most vans don't have clearance and/or 4WD. If you can find an MPV, that would be goodness. Some VWs out there have good clearance, but 2WD. The only 4WD HC vans I've seen are gas guzzler full size, but I know the least about vans.

SUVs are good for everything except there is no room to sleep if you have cargo UNLESS you take out the back seat and build a platform.

Compact trucks with a topper seem to be good for everything.
If you have an extra cab, you have stacks of space up front, room for passengers/more gear in a pinch. A simple platform in back provides for ample storage underneath and a sleeping platform on top. 4X4, HC, no problem. Gas mileage isn't as good as the Suburus, but the utility makes up for that.

They have a ~76" bed, so you might need to open the tailgate if both of you are tall, otherwise a petite girlfriend is handy when sleeping diagonally.

According to one mechanic from Saudi Arabia, which is a rather harsh environment, Toyota is preferred for reliability, Nissan is second.

Just my 0.5¢

Bob Dergay · · Colorado · Joined Oct 2006 · Points: 101

Psssshhhh - that's easy...

Kamaz rally

Jasmine Kall · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Nov 2008 · Points: 40

So far I love my 2004 4x4 Nissan truck with shell. Had a 93 Toyota truck with a shell before that. You will have a hard time filling that thing to the max even with more then one person.

James Arnold · · Chattanooga · Joined Dec 2008 · Points: 55

I have a Toy Taco which is semi converted in the back/shelf/boxes below--and a riser okay, but if you really want to get serious about mileage, space, comfort, multisport and overall sickness, check out this guys rig...there are posts after with cabinets, etc installed.

"800 miles on a tank and a quarter."

I haven't seen this one but saw a custom sprinter in Rifle a while ago, these things are way cush and about 30mpg...for a road trip or looooong weekends, I haven't seen anything better.

-the problem with elements/subies and crvs is most everything has to go outside to sleep in them...either boxes and bikes and yaks on tops drains your mileage or you are doing gear shuffle morning and night....

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