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Red River Gorge Climbing Video

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Colin Delehanty · · San Francisco · Joined Jul 2010 · Points: 5

Right now I am in the process of putting together all the footage I got from a trip to the red river gorge in May. I just put out the first vid that has footage from The Zoo and wanted to share it with other climbers. Let me know what you think. I appreciate any feedback. I will be putting out other footage from roadside crag, PRMP, Muir Valley, Emerald City. I tried to get footage that would give people an idea of how beautiful the Red River Gorge is. I hope that anyone that has never been can use this video to get a better idea of why they should go.

Here is this link and don't forget to check back on my vimeo profile for the next videos.

Tommy L-D · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2010 · Points: 180

Awesome video Colin!

Casey Flynn · · Boulder, CO · Joined May 2006 · Points: 140

Wow, that's really well done. Great music, and great editing too.

Thanks for sharing it!

Tim Heid · · AZ · Joined May 2009 · Points: 2,373

Sweet video Colin, nice job.

I've never been to RRG, and you did a great job showing how beautiful it is for sure.

What's the song?

TomCaldwell · · Clemson, S.C. · Joined Jun 2009 · Points: 2,791

Great footage and editing! Keep it coming.

tscupp · · Englewood, CO · Joined May 2007 · Points: 1,425

wow - that was fantastic. Great music, editing, perspective. Can't wait to see more!

Colin Delehanty · · San Francisco · Joined Jul 2010 · Points: 5

The songs are

Eligh - Dream Of Me
Tycho - Cloud Generator

thanks guys I hope to get the next one out within a week

Kevin Grr · · Chicago, Illinois · Joined Jun 2010 · Points: 0

Wow really nice work!

The big white spiders there are creepy.


BrianH Pedaler · · Santa Fe NM · Joined Aug 2009 · Points: 50

Loved the sequence on working the buckets, got the requisite sweaty palms.

What happened to the guy who missed the clip? I heard an "are you all right?" I hope he didn't deck.

I know it's a generational thing, but some the quick cuts at the beginning almost made me turn it off. They are hard on middle aged eyes.

Jon Cheifitz · · Superior, Co · Joined Jun 2008 · Points: 65

That was really nice.

Colin Delehanty · · San Francisco · Joined Jul 2010 · Points: 5

Yeah I mean quick cuts do take away from the graceful footage that I normally like. I try to keep up with the beat of the music though so it keeps people interested. I'm still playing around with this stuff so the other videos will most likely go a different speed. Check out the Yosemite video below. I think you'd enjoy it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Reece Henson · · Knoxville, TN · Joined Feb 2010 · Points: 65

what camera are you using?

Kirsten KDog · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jun 2010 · Points: 80

Wow, I really hope I one day get out to the RRG because it looks incredible. Well done, I enjoyed that video a lot!

ShaunG Gregg · · SF, CA · Joined Oct 2009 · Points: 1,341

Bravo man. I know you are just one person and all (I assume), but I liked the video more as it progressed b/c you did more of the long range shots and weren't cutting away every 2 or 3 seconds like in the beginning. I got a little dizzy from all the cutaways early on, but liked it a lot more when you kept the camera on the climbers longer. I really want to go to RRG now.

Jeff Mekolites · · ATL GA · Joined Jan 2007 · Points: 4,586

Great video featuring some great climbs! Looking forward to more.

· · Unknown Hometown · Joined unknown · Points: 0

ha shumin and i were there that day! small world.

nice video.

androo.daveass · · Portland · Joined Jun 2008 · Points: 465

By far the best amateur climbing video I have seen! You really gave a good feel for the scene in the Red and it was fun to watch 'normal' climbers trying on routes that they don't have totally wired.

Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to see the rest of your clips!

Crazyhorse · · Unknown Hometown · Joined May 2010 · Points: 0

Nice artistic editing. Looks more like a commercial than a climbing video. Way, way, way to many cuts. Wheres the climbing? I like watching movement in my climbing videos.

Mark Kauz · · Madison, WI · Joined May 2009 · Points: 65

I just wanted to say I was impressed with the videos. Makes me want to get into shooting HDDSLR more.

Jim Matt · · Indianapolis, IN · Joined Sep 2003 · Points: 255

Excellent video and it really does capture the feel for climbing there. Well done!

Kevin Brooks Henry · · Minneapolis, MN · Joined Jan 2010 · Points: 685


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