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California : Sonora Pass Highway (108) : Columbia Bouldering

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Columbia Bouldering

Dean Fleming and Daniel Forbes

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Guidebook to problems at Columbia. I see this for sale at nearby climbing gyms, but the online store link from the blog doesn't seem to work in 2015.

California : Sonora Pass Highway (108)

Climbers Guide To Table Mt.

Flash Drive Publisher, Mike Arechiga 2021

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Climbers Guide To Table Mt. 2018

Maximus Press website cover image.

A Climber's Guide to the Sonora Pass Highway

Brad Young and Steve Dawson (2013) / Maximus Press

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A Great book describing climbs along highway 108. They have gone to great detail to ensure that their topos are excellent, their information is correct, and their ratings and climbs are fair. A good resource associated with this book is their website which contains many updates to the book, as well as new climbs in the area.

June 2013 - 2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9797421-2-5
Self Published

Brad Young and Steve Dawson / Maximus Press

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