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Climb China

Climb China team, 2015

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From the website: "Climb China is both a travel guide and a climbing guide. It has everything that a non-Chinese speaker will need to get from place to place. Our book has been written for travelers of all language levels. For those with little or no experience with Mandarin Chinese, we have provided Chinese characters so you can simply point at the book to buy train tickets or a night of lodging with ease. For those who want to practice speaking the language, we have included a pronunciation guide and a helpful phrases section. Key restaurants, hotels, and non-climbing attractions are highlighted in each area. The guidebook also has vital information relating to visas, emergency numbers, transit, and GPS coordinates for most important locations."

This guide gives a broad view of climbing around China, generally, and in Yunnan Province. It's useful at a certain level for foreigners and for particular crags, but better local information often exists for climbing around Yunnan. And, as with all hard-copy guidebooks, it is out of date as soon as it is published, especially a place like Yunnan, where crag and route development continues apace. The following Yunnan crags are included in the book: Wind Tunnel, TNT Wall, Little Dark Rain Cave, Fumin Canyon (Kunming), Shuanglang Village (Dali), and Liming