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Idaho : South Idaho : City of Rocks

City of Rocks Routes

Dave Bingham / Wolverine & Gunks Apps / 2023

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This is a massive update of Dave Bingham's 2018 edition in digital form. It is kept up to date with ongoing route development, adds hundreds of new photos, GPS navigation, and corrects many mistakes.

City of Rocks Routes Digital Guide

Dave Bingham Gunks Apps 2022

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This is the new edition of Dave Bingham's popular guidebook. It covers 1104 (not including those in the closure) roped climbing routes from 5.1 to 5.13d in City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rock State Park. It includes new routes, new GPS-enabled maps, and hundreds of additional photos to help identify the climbs. A lifetime license for this digital version will include all future updates.

City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park - A Climber's Guide

Dave Bingham / Wolverine Publishing, 2016

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Idaho's City of Rocks has been called America's premier granite climbing area. Tucked away in the enchanting high desert corner of the state, this area continues to attract climbers from around the globe.

The City of Rocks is renowned for its fascinating and often bizarre geography, plentiful moderates climbs as well as famous test-pieces of extreme difficulty. With an inviting combination of rustic western atmosphere, scenic camping, and well protected climbs, the City of Rocks is a unique and refreshingly enjoyable experience.

The eagerly awaited latest version of Dave Bingham’s iconic City of Rocks Climber’s Guide is now available by Wolverine Publishing, Rock City in Almo, Amazon, and many regional climbing shops.

The new guide book covers both City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park and is a significant upgrade over past editions. The whole new format includes loads of color pictures of the rocks, the routes, and climbers on classic climbs like Bloody Fingers, Cairo, Terror of Tiny Town, Red Tail, Tribal Boundaries, and many more. More upgrades include color coded tabs for each major crag or crag system; sun/shade beta; great aerial maps for navigation; color coding for TR, Sport, Trad, or Mixed Routes; hiking times; and local beta on amenities, camping, rest day activities, etc.

Castle Rocks is an excellent climbing area adjacent to City of Rocks and while the climbing is similar, Castle Rocks has it’s own unique character. There have been quite a few new routes established in the last 5 years and most of these are captured in the new guide.

This guide has been hotly anticipated and Dave delivers a modern guidebook for a classic and world renowned climbing destination.

Cover of the New City of Rocks Guidebook by Dave Bingham


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