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Colorado : Boulder : Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon guidebook. Boulder Canyon guidebook.

FEATURED: Boulder Canyon Guidebook

Chris Weidner and Jason Haas 2019

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This Newest of the new Boulder Canyon guide was written by Jason Haas and Chris Weidner who climbed most of nearly 2,500 routes in the canyon, with an absurd commitment to first hand knowledge. This guide is the most accurate BoCan book on the market currently!

Boulder Canyon Rock Climbs.

FEATURED: Boulder Canyon Rock Climbs

Bob D’Antonio, Jeff Achey & Adam Brink. Bouldering by Peter Beal., Wolverine Press, 2017.

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The 3rd edition of our guide to Boulder’s most-loved climbing area, Boulder Canyon! With adjacent Dream Canyon, also covered here, it’s an all-season, granite-lover’s paradise. Crags mere minutes from downtown. No entry fees. Sport and traditional climbs 5.4 to 5.14. Multi-pitch routes up to 400 feet long. World-famous boulder problems. Delicate slabs, splitter cracks, burly roofs, overhanging walls. The works! This book gives you all the beta you need for 1800+ routes and variations, with improved route photos, extensive new mapping, and the inspiring photography you expect from Wolverine guides. New crags covered in this edition: Solar Dome, Glacier Dome, the Lookout and Hideout, Wizard Rock, the Loft and High Tower areas, and more.

Boulder Canyon Sport & Adventure Climber's Guide, Volume I: Lower Narrows to Dream Canyon, by Mark Rolofson.

Boulder Canyon Sport & Adventure Climber's Guide, Vol. I: Lower Narrows to Dream Canyon

Mark Rolofson, Free West Rock Guides, May 2006

The companion to "Volume II: The Upper Canyon" is finally available. It covers sport climbs (and a few trad climbs) in lower Boulder Canyon, from Eagle Rock to the Boulder Falls area. Also included are Lower and Upper Dream Canyon. The volume includes more than 525 climbs, with 160 routes never documented in any other guidebook.

Plotinus Wall in Lower Dream Canyon is documented for the first time in a printed guidebook. Many routes on Midnight Rock in Upper Dream Canyon are also documented for the first time. Not included are predominantly trad crags, such as the Dome, Elephant Buttresses, Brick Wall, and Cob Rock.

This is the typical Rolofson guide, with topos and route descriptions, but very few photos. The topos aren't artistic, but they are good enough and are fairly detailed, showing accurate bolt counts and locations of the crux moves.

Sport climbers wanting to check out newer routes in lower Boulder Canyon, Lower Dream Canyon, and Upper Dream Canyon should definitely buy this book.

Available at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder.

Boulder Canyon Sport & Adventure Climber's Guide, by Mark Rolofson.

Boulder Canyon Sport & Adventure Climber's Guide

Mark Rolofson, Free West Rock Guides, 2000. Out of print

Mark's old guide to Boulder Canyon Sport Climbing. Covers the entire canyon. Topos and written routes descriptions; only one route photo. The topos aren't very artistic, but they are good enough.

This book is out of print. Rolofson's new Boulder Canyon guides have been published as a two-volume set. Volume II, covering upper Boulder Canyon, was published in July 2005. Volume I, covering lower Boulder Canyon, and Lower and Upper Dream Canyon, was published in May, 2006.

Boulder Canyon Sport & Adventure Climber's Guide, Vol. II: The Upper Canyon, by Mark Rolofson.

Boulder Canyon Sport & Adventure Climber's Guide, Vol. II: The Upper Canyon

Mark Rolofson, Free West Rock Guides, July 2005.

Covers sport climbs in the upper half of Boulder Canyon above Boulder Falls, from the Bowling Alley to the Sport Park. A few trad climbs are also included. Topos and written route descriptions; only one photo. Covers new routes on crags at the Sport Park and elsewhere; has more than 500 routes, including 140 routes not documented in any other guidebook.

The topos are not very artistic, but they are good enough. The bolt counts on routes are pretty accurate.

Unfortunately, the book is incomplete, ignoring several crags developed by Richard Rossiter since 1998. Absent from the book are Sleeping Beauty, Solaris, and Wizard Rock, all with excellent sport climbing. and Rossiter's are your best references to these areas.

Also missing are new sport routes developed in 2005 on Avalon, Trout Rock, Broken Rock, the Overlook, Myth Rock, and others. is your only reference for these routes.

Available at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder.

1995 Boulder Sport Climber's Guide

by Mark Rolofson, Free West Rock Guides, 1995. Out of print

Overall a good and relatively extensive guide to sport climbing in many areas around Boulder,
from Golden to Saint Vrain Canyon. The route pictures sometimes give you the feeling that
they're open to interpretation, and as far as sport climbing goes, the guide is becoming outdated.

Areas Covered

Rock Climbing Boulder Canyon

by Richard Rossiter, Falcon Press, 1999.

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The canonical book of climbs in Boulder Canyon. Rossiter has been climbing in Boulder since approximately 1632, and this huge tome of routes proves it. The only thing lacking is photos - his drawings make it difficult at times to pick out routes on the rock.

Areas Covered

Colorado : Boulder

High Over Boulder by Pat Ament and Cleve McCarty.

High Over Boulder

Pat Ament and Cleve McCarty, 1995.

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History filled, and from one of the original Boulder masters, Ament's book is a classic.

Areas Covered

Colorado Front Range Bouldering : Boulder Area

Bob Horan

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A great book for the Boulder area--great maps and descriptions.

Areas Covered
Classic Boulder Climbs by Fred Knapp and Mike Stevens

Classic Boulder Climbs

by Fred Knapp and Mike Stevens, Sharp End Publishing, 1998.

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The best climbs of Boulder, Colorado are included in this select guide. From Eldorado Canyon's multi-pitch classics to the sport climbs of Dinosaur Mountain and Boulder Canyon; from slab-happy cruises in the Flatirons to the city's famed bouldering, this guide covers it all.

Areas Covered

Best of Boulder Climbs

by Richard Rossiter, Chockstone Press, 1996.

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A summary of the better routes in Rossiter's vast database. It has more pictures with routes indicated on them than in hie compilations, which is nice. It covers just about every area around Boulder.

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Rifle Mountain Park and Western Colorado Rock Climbs

Dave Pegg, BJ Sbarra, Jeff Achey, and Nate Adams, Wolverine Publishing, published June 16, 2008.

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Rifle Mountain Park and Western Colorado Rock Climbs
By Dave Pegg, BJ Sbarra, Jeff Achey, and Nate Adams.
228 pages. Color.

Simply put, Rifle Mountain Park is the best limestone sport climbing destination in North America. Confined to a narrow box canyon two miles long, RMP contains an unbelievable concentration of standard setting climbing. Long known for its overhanging enduro-fests, the canyon has seen a revitalization of route development, with the majority of the new routing taking place in the moderate grades of 5.11 and under.

Rifle Mountain Park and Western Colorado Rock Climbs also details over 20 newly developed and never before published crags in Glenwood Canyon, the Frying Pan River Valley, the Crystal River Valley, and around Main Elk Creek near New Castle. With updates of the classic spots like the Fortress of Solitude and the Redstone Boulders, as well as details about the soon-to-be classic crags of the Narrows near Redstone, the Skillet above Basalt, and Lime Creek above Eagle, this guidebook is a must have for any Colorado rock addict.

Rifle Mountain Park and Western Colorado Rock Climbs also showcases the region's climbing with hundreds of color photographs, including stunning action shots from pro shooters like Keith Ladzinski, Celin Serbo, and Tim Kemple, as well as the photos of BJ Sbarra.

Here is a complete list of crags covered within: Rifle Mountain Park, Rifle Arch, Main Elk Crag, the Pup Tent of Solitude, the Fortress of Solitude, the Puoux, Superpuoux, the Homestead and Gray Slabs in Glenwood Canyon, East Canyon, No Name Canyon, the Neighborhood, the Grizzley Creek Wall, Fountain Buttress, the Shoshone Stones, Dead Horse Crag, Surgery Buttress, Seven Castles, the Skillet, Hagerman Pass, Lime Creek, the Narrows, Redstone Boulders, Coal Creek Crag, and the Coal Creek Boulders.

Colorado Scrambles, by Dave Cooper.

Colorado Scrambles: A Guide to 50 Select Climbs in Colorado's Mountains

by Dave Cooper, Colorado Mountain Club Press, 2005.

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Colorado Scrambles: A Guide To 50 Select Climbs In Colorado's Mountains (Cmc Classics) (Paperback) by Dave Cooper "Scrambling encompasses the realm between off-trail hiking and technical climbing..."

Book Description
- Fully GPS enabled to identify critical locations on both the approach and the climb
- Contains many little-known but excellent routes as well as the classics
- Full-color guidebook
- The latest in the Colorado Mountain Club's series: CMC Classics

The Colorado Mountains provide endless opportunities for climbers, and now in the latest installment of the Colorado Mountain Club's Classics series, Dave Cooper has compiled this guidebook that offers complete descriptions for some of the best scrambling throughout the state of Colorado. Rather than use the height of a peak or its region, this book explores the quality of the scrambling routes. Written for the experienced mountaineer interested in not only bagging summits, but also in a challenge, rock quality, position and remarkable routes. You'll find scrambles in the San Juan Mountains, Sangre de Cristo Range, the Park Range, the Gore Range, Tenmile Range, The Mosquito Range, the Sawatch Range, the Front Range, and the Elks.

This guidebook contains detailed information on what makes the route unique, how to start the climb, access issues, crux sections and route finding tips. Extensive photographs take the scrambler along the route for clarification, and the book is fully GPS enabled to identify critical locations on both the approach and the climb. Detailed topographic maps make routes easier to locate.

The Ripper: Climbing in Colorado's Wet Mountain

by Ben Bruestle, Sharp End Publishing, 2003.

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The Wet Mountains, a hidden gem of Southern Colorado climbing, boast steep sport granite, multi-pitch adventure climbs, ice and historic sandstone bouldering. Included in this new guide are the popular sport crags of the Tanner Dome massif.

Areas Covered

Western Sloper--Rifle Mountain Park

by Dave Pegg, Wolverine Publishing.

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The only up-to-date guide to America's premier sport-climbing destination: Rifle Mountain Park in Western Colorado. Also covers The Fortress of Solitude—home of Flex Luthor and Kryptonite— Puoux and other sport-climbing, bouldering, and traditional climbing areas in Western Colorado.

Areas Covered
Colorado Bouldering, by Phillip Benningfield

Colorado Bouldering

by Phillip Benningfield, Sharp End Publishing, 1999.

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This is the Bible of bouldering in Colorado. From High Country hide-outs to the popular Front Range crags, Benningfield's meticulously researched guide details thousands of boulder problems. A must-have guide for any local or Colorado visitor.

Also available at Sharp End Books.

Areas Covered
Colorado Front Range Bouldering: Southern Areas, by Bob Horan.

Colorado Front Range Bouldering Volume 3: Southern Areas

by Bob Horan, Chockstone Press, 1998. ISBN: 1575400022

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The legend Bob Horan covers many areas with maps and descriptions.

Areas Covered

Front Range Crags

by Peter Hubbel, Chockstone Press, 1993. Out of print

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A solid guide that includes extends north to climbing in Fort Collins and south to Castlewood Canyon State Park. The pictures of the routes are all drawn, and generally reliable. While the guide is comprehensive in terms of route volume, there is no description for the routes or subjective rating.

Areas Covered

Rock Climbing Colorado

by Stewart M. Green, Falcon Press, 1995.

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This guide likely incorporates the most climbing areas in Colorado of any other guide. The guide also makes routes relatively easy to identify, with good pictures and descriptions. However, each area is given an overview, often leaving out a large portion of routes within a specific area.

Areas Covered

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