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Let's Rock: Washington

Bruce MacLachlan / Evil Weevil Publishing / 2021

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An extensive chapter on all the easy and moderate stuff at Red Rock, plus all the classic main crags in Washington and a bunch of newly developed/discovered areas - the North Bend Exits and Keechelus, Cle Elum, Yelm, Kitsap, Vantage, Tieton, Mazama, and Banks Lake. Also, neighboring crags with similar driving distances such as Squamish, Oregon and Idaho. Plus, some bonus chapters covering the best of Utah, Nevada, California, South Dakota and Kentucky. The guidebook features - GPS coordinates. - Detailed route beta. - Easy to read maps. - Clear images from the start of each route. - Camping and approach information. Everything for those new to the sport or looking for moderate climbs 5.0 to 5.10d

FEATURED: Red Rocks, A Climber's Guid, Second Edition

Jerry Handren / 2016

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The second edition of the book, and update to his 2007 edition. A comprehensive book including everything you'd need to know about climbing in Red Rocks. The new edition includes new and updated routes, as well as information about getting to Red Rocks, climbing there, and camping nearby.

Red Rock Climb-On Map

Red Rock Canyon, NV Climb-On Map

Climb-On Maps

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Stop getting lost, get on your multi-pitch quickly, and find less-busy walls with Climb-On Maps! Detailed crag maps with approaches, walk-offs, and at-a-glance crag summaries. Complements Mountain Project.


Vegas Bouldering

By Seth Robinson / Wolverine

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Note: link goes to Amazon page selling book, since Wolverine doesn't have it on their site any more.

Vegas Bouldering starts where other climbing guidebooks to Vegas stop — with the boulders! Lit up with stunning action photographs, this color guide covers the classic bouldering at the Kraft Boulders and Calico Basin as well as the insider beta on a wealth of previously undocumented bouldering in Red Rocks, Mount Charleston, and Big Sandy. Grab your crashpad, because you'll be amazed by the bouldering in Las Vegas.

Red Rocks - A Climber's Guide, by Jerry Handren

Red Rocks, A Climber's Guide

Jerry Handren

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Jerry Handren's 2007 book, "Red Rocks - A Climber's Guide," has set a new standard for Red Rocks guidebooks. The book covers thousands of routes, both trad and sport. Several hundred have never been included in previous guides. It is printed in full color, and the high quality of the photographs is enough to make the book as worthy of a place on the coffee table as in the climber's pack.

Hiking Las Vegas

"Hiking Las Vegas" by Branch Whitney is a different kind of guide. The information here is on the non-technical terrain. If you want detailed information on approaches or descents, or are looking for some good hikes for those days when you are resting the tendons, this is the book for you. The author has wandered through an amazing array of scrambles and hiking routes, and detailed them painstakingly for the reader. Check out the Hiking Las Vegas website for info on the book, and lots of other good stuff.

Red Rock Canyon: A Climbing Guide

"Red Rock Canyon - A Climbing Guide," by Roxanna Brock and Jared McMillen is the most recent (2005) addition to the comprehensive guidebook category. Lots of routes and some good photos give this book the broadest coverage currently available in a print guide. Check it out at

Red Rock Odyssey

Red Rock Odyssey, by Larry DeAngelo and Bill Thiry, is a different kind of book. Partly a select guide, partly a treasury of history and anecdote, partly a celebration of the contemporary experience, and partly an impressive photo book, there is much here to enhance the experience of any Red Rock climber. Highly recommended! Get it here.

Red Rock Canyon - The Red Book Supplement

"Red Rock Canyon - The Red Book Supplement" is Joanne Urioste's 2003 update to her original guidebook. If you are running out of big adventurous climbs this book will give you material for a few more seasons!

Rock Climbing Red Rocks (3rd Edition)

Rock Climbing Red Rocks (3rd Edition)

Todd Swain / Falcon Guides

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"Rock Climbing Red Rocks" by Todd Swain provides over 400 pages documenting more than 1100 climbing routes. The book includes a full range of all types of climbs throughout Red Rock Canyon, but it is especially noteworthy for its extensive listing of sport climbs in the Calico Hills and Sandstone Quarry areas.

Supertopo: Red Rocks Climbing

Greg Barnes / Supertopo

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The Supertopo guidebook by Greg Barnes, "Red Rocks Climbing," is an outstanding choice for the visiting climber. The book addresses only two or three hundred routes, but they are all top quality. The coverage is detailed, complete, and accurate. The route beta is there, of course, but there are also thorough explanations of the approach, descent, and history. Although the focus is mainly on traditional classics, there are enough short routes and sport climbs to keep the out-of-towner busy even on relaxed days.

The Red Rocks of Southern Nevada

Joanne Urioste (out of print but available used)

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This is the original Red Rock climbers' guide by Joanne Urioste. When it was first published in 1984, it had a bright red cover and therefore came to be known as the "Red Book." You will still hear old-timers referring to it by that name. The current edition has a white cover, but contains the complete text and illustrations from the original. It has over 250 pages of classic routes. Many of the climbs are interesting traditional routes not described in any other guidebooks. With its wealth of information and historical significance, this is a "must-own" book for every serious Red Rock climber.

Nevada : Southern Nevada

My copy of Jerry Handren's 2021 Mojave Limestone

FEATURED: Mojave Limestone, A Rock Climber's Guide

Jerry Handren / Handbook Publishing / 2021

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'Handbook Publishing is pleased to announce that "Mojave Limestone" is now available.

This book covers 2500 rock climbs (mostly sport) in the areas around Las Vegas and Mesquite in Southern Nevada, with some of the crags being in California, Arizona, and Southern Utah. Information on the scope of the book can be found at

The cover (which includes a table of contents) and the full introduction are available in the "excerpts" section of the website.'

with permission from Tom Moulin

FEATURED: Southern Nevada Bouldering III

Tom Moulin / Snell Press / 2023

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The bouldering guide to complement Handren's Red Rocks route guide, Southern Nevada Bouldering III (2023) describes some 3200 problems with stunning photographs, detailed maps, and thoroughly researched text. Written by Tom Moulin, the guide covers a vast array of as-yet unpublished problems as well as the popular spots such as Kraft, Red Springs, and Willow. It’s a must-have to get the most out of your time, whether you’re a long-time local or simply passing through.


From seller's website

Limestone Bible (out of print)

Misty Murphy and Bill Ohran (2015)

In this forum post Misty and Bill announced their new book: "The Limestone Bible of Southern Utah and Nevada Available... a guide to limestone sport climbing for SOUTHWESTERN UTAH, ARIZONA STRIP, VIRGIN MOUNTAINS, ARROW CANYON..."

Islands in the Sky

Islands in the Sky (only sold on Amazon)

Dan McQuade, Randy Leavitt,Mick Ryan/Rock Fax

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Although dated this covers the goods for La Madre Range, Mount Charleston, Mount Potosi, Clark Mountain, VRG and much more. Detailed topos and action photos throughout


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