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Oroville Boulders

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Oroville Boulders are located in downtown Oroville at the Feather River Nature Center and across the river at Feather River Fish Hatchery. The stone is freshly cleaned in 2023 and mostly solid unique river rock with nearly all of it roadside or within a 0-3min walk from the legit parking spots. There is good swimming, fishing, boating, sunbathing and bouldering to be had along the Feather River in this epic scenic powerful spot downstream from the dams rushing waters. This area is near downtown Oroville so there are a lot of loiterers but with the locals and climbers cleaning it up and making a presence it has hope. By sharing this area here on Mtn Proj the few local Oroville boulderers hope to not only help others interested in riverside/roadside bouldering enjoy the area but to also help this beautiful stretch of conveniently located river beaches and rocks clean up and revitalize.

3 main areas at Oroville:

Bridge Boulders/Bath House Boulder V0-V4

Heavenly Feather Boulder V0-V4

Fish Hatchery Boulders V0-V2

Getting There

From CA-70 in Oroville take Montgomery Street east to the circle/roundabout and either take Old Ferry Rd down into the Feather River Nature Center and park in a large pullout on the left/riverside just before the Bath House Museum for the Bridge Boulders and follow the trail to the bridge - the main boulders are below the bridge and are covered from light rain and shaded on hot days by the old bridge - or park at the Bath House Museum for the Bath House Boulder.

Continue past the bridge and bath house zone for ~1min drive to the Heavenly Feather Boulder located directly on the left/riverside of Old Ferry Rd.

Across the river are the Fish Hatchery Boulders - take Table Mountain Blvd over the bridge from the Nature Center to Riverview Terrace Dr and follow it to the Fish Hatchery Parking. Along the river below the hatchery and downstream from the raging dam spillway are the Fish Hatchery Boulders - closest to the dam is the Fish Hook Boulder and just downstream from it is the Spawn Boulder.

Bridge Boulders/Bath House Boulder - 1-2min approach

Heavenly Feather Boulder - roadside/0min approach

Fish Hatchery Boulders 1-2min approach

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Bridge Buttress TR-solo/highball project!?
[Hide Photo] Bridge Buttress TR-solo/highball project!?