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The Hidden Valley

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Yellowknife's newest full-sized crag and biggest bouldering area to date. Tucked far back in the Cameron Falls area, it has somehow evaded notice until now - the most evidence of other people I've seen anywhere near it is an old fire ring completely overgrown with caribou moss. There are several sub-areas, but they all follow what appears to be an old watercourse of the Cameron River.

This area has more bouldering than anything else, but it also is the first trad-oriented crag in the area. Whether the trad problems are that or spicy, tall highballs with bad landings is up to you. But I'd recommend bringing some gear.

Since this is a newly discovered area and human impact here seems to be totally new, take care not to trample the flora anymore than you have to. A lot of the routes are over muskeg and the rock is still quite vegetated. I'm working to establish the "standard" ways of walking around the area to minimize impact, but it's easy to get diverted and step all over the plant life. Try to stick to walking right in front of the obvious rock bands and the path of least resistance to get in.

Getting There

Drive to the Cameron Falls trailhead from Yellowknife. Follow the trail until you get to the wooden staircase.  Which direction you go next depends on which part of the Hidden Valley you want to go to.

If you head to the bottom of the stairs and go right, that'll take you to most of the established climbing.  Go off the established trail and follow the cliff the staircase descends.  First, you'll (shockingly) get to the Staircase Boulders.  Once these run out, you'll have a bit of a bushwhack along the edge of this same side of the valley to get to the Dominoes.  Another short bushwhack on this same side of the valley gets you to the Muskeg Boulders, and you'll be able to see the Main Wall and how to best reach it from there.  If you cross the valley from here, you'll get to Gilligan's Island (you can also see this clearly from this point), and the slabs beyond it on the other side of the valley.

The Lazy Ladder Boulder is just to the left of the established trail just a short walk after the staircase on the valley floor.

To best access the climbing on the left/west side of the valley, you have two options.  The simplest is to find the Lazy Ladder Boulder and bushwhack through the middle of the valley.  You'll see each of the three granite knobs and the boulders crumbling off of them on the left with a short bushwhack between each.  If you're going to the far end, like the Disproving Ground, you'll go to the left on the last large exposed area of granite *before* the staircase.  There's a short, less intense bushwhack between each of the granite knobs up here.

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White Nights is on the left, Red Bull Slumber on the right.
[Hide Photo] White Nights is on the left, Red Bull Slumber on the right.