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Grand Turk

Colorado > Alpine Rock > San Juans


Grand Turk is a complex mountain with various formations on its flanks, and the rock is conglomerate, among others.

Please do your best to not impact this beautiful valley, home to many creatures; remember, your actions in this once pristine area matter! Learn about L.N.T. and practice it!  Make your impact as little as you can: this means bringing and using a 5 gallon collapsible water container to minimize trips to the creek. Mornings and evenings, pay special attention to your surroundings and your decibel level; use some binoculars when approaching the meadows to see if you are lucky to see some of the creatures who live there. If you see them, stay quiet, stay still, wait until they move on, and possibly consider leaving the area. If you can, leave your canine friends at home, please do so!

Getting There

Just after you top out from the US 550 grade leaving Silverton to the south, look for a 2nd dirt road to the right, through trees northwest on the left side of the marsh near the parking. Cross under a tree, go over a small brook, then go left heading southwest-ish, following the power Iines / black cable in the dirt and then lots of scarps, game trails to navigate to and fro to meadows above. 

After surmounting the last of many arduous benches, there's good camping in the trees to the southwest. 

For Reign of Women, easiest from good camping, contour south (which avoid willows), and gain a long slope south up the grassy side of the approach to a notch which will let you descend to the base of the face.

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Barely discerned Gothic Windows in the background.
[Hide Photo] Barely discerned Gothic Windows in the background.
She was such a great doggy.
[Hide Photo] She was such a great doggy.
[Hide Photo] Pretty.
She was such a great doggy.
[Hide Photo] She was such a great doggy.
Wild among the flowers.
[Hide Photo] Wild among the flowers.
[Hide Photo] Mnnn.
Astrid & weathered limestone.
[Hide Photo] Astrid & weathered limestone.
The real prize.
[Hide Photo] The real prize.
An incomparable view.
[Hide Photo] An incomparable view.
Reign of Women.
[Hide Photo] Reign of Women.
Astrid's Area.
[Hide Photo] Astrid's Area.

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Chase Bowman
Durango, CO
[Hide Comment] Thanks for adding, Matthias. It looks sick! Dec 21, 2021
Daniel H
Denver, CO
[Hide Comment] Had some difficulty finding any trails or carins to the crag. If the crag is at the top of the mountain, it looks to be a half mile of fairly steep approach, if you can find the trail. Sep 3, 2022