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El Negro

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Access Issue: Details


- Always ask for permission. This is not a developed climbing area, this is still the backyard of locals and private property. 

- Please use the specific parking areas. The parking is limited, so carpooling is the best option.  DO NOT block any road or entrances!

- No loud music. Even though you feel secluded the area echoes big time, so keep your macho grunts and Fu*@s! to yourself unless you want people to think someone is being murdered in the forest.  
- This is NOT a dog friendly area, there are many big stray dogs and almost every local has one. There is no need to provoke unbearable barking or a dog fight.

Yabucoa, like most of the SE part of the island is packed with granite blocks. This town offers world class granite boulders with some incredible scenic views. Being the first developed town it has the most concentration of boulder problems at this moment with what feels to be endless potential. From barenaked blocks laying on grassy hill sides to hidden jungle gems covered in vines and bushes, Yabucoa has it all...

Getting There

Take Route 30 South. Take exit 30a (right) towards Yabucoa, Maunabo, Palmas del Mar. Take Route 53 (right) towards Palmas del Mar and Yabucoa. Turn right when you reach the end of Route 53 and turn left quickly onto PR-901. You can access all areas of El Negro sector from this road.

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Cristina Garcia on "El Abuelito". Photo courtesy of Manuel Vélez (
[Hide Photo] Cristina Garcia on "El Abuelito". Photo courtesy of Manuel Vélez (