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Duck Rock

Colorado > S Platte > Badger Mountain > Badger Flats
Access Issue: Road Closure and Possible Raptor Closures Details


This south-facing crag has tree-shaded staging areas.

Getting There

It is a 5 minute approach from the parking spot.

Eds. With the road closure, walking in is still permitted, but it'll be a bit of a hike now. 

Routes from Left to Right

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Access road closure. This is in place on both ends.
[Hide Photo] Access road closure. This is in place on both ends.
Duck Rock.
[Hide Photo] Duck Rock.
Duck Rock.
[Hide Photo] Duck Rock.
Duck Rock.
[Hide Photo] Duck Rock.

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Dave Lilliott
Colorado Springs, CO
[Hide Comment] So I was curious if Mountain Dreamer received permission from the original developers of this crag to share this on Mountain Project? I know for a fact he did not. I was also curious as to why every route was downgraded? Again with no permission, and I was also curious as to why after this was shared the entire area was closed for raptor nesting from Jan. 1- Aug. 1? Absolutely zero respect. Thanks, Mountain Dreamer. Do us a favor, and stay in Utah. Aug 25, 2018
[Hide Comment] I'm not aware of a requirement to obtain permission from the "Crag Owner" to put the information in Mountain Project (MP). MP is a community and a climbers' resource that should contain all crags. Thanks for the posting, Mountain Dreamer. Sep 11, 2018
John Torkelson
Denver, CO
[Hide Comment] Dave, how do we find out about raptor clousures at this crag? Not that we would ever visit you understand. Just so we can help keep others away from your crag. Feb 25, 2019
Jeremy Bentham
London, England
[Hide Comment] Avoid this area at all costs. Rats gnawed on my pack and ate my food. Falcons swooped down and picked up my prized Chihuahua. I could not even get two feet off the ground on the first route without suffering terrible flatulence. For the greater good, this place should be destroyed utterly. Apr 26, 2020
rees labree
Boulder, CO
[Hide Comment] Intellectual property is not a form of property.

Dave, may I inquire, would you see to it that Bob and Carrie's pamphlet on the area be tossed, because it includes routes put up by other developers, the only exception being if they personally received permission for each route? Do they owe royalties on the routes to other developers in the area?

As far as I can tell, any expansion of your argument reaches practical absurdity. Jun 10, 2020
Mitch Holck
Colorado Springs, CO
[Hide Comment] Access update: the Forest Service has recently closed the access road (from both ends) to Duck Rock from La Salle Pass Rd.

The closure looks like it will be in place for some time.

Walking in is still permitted, but it'll be a bit of a hike now. See the photo. Sep 21, 2020
[Hide Comment] The road closure is very recent. I was hiking in that area in mid-August, and it was open. The seasonal raptor nesting closure was from 2016, so it was in place before this area went up on the site. It appears to have been rescinded.

Original closure order (2016-14):….

Current closure notices (note 2016-14 is no longer listed, and I don't see a replacement order):…. Nov 17, 2020