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North Area

Missouri > CM: Providence


The climbing on the North side of Providence

Getting There

Heading north along the trail, from Providence parking area, look to your right to find the standing Providence Pinnacle Buttress. Walk past the pillar to the north end to access dirt trail.

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Geological Features
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Marcus Floyd
columbia, mo
[Hide Comment] The current Providence description above, only describes some of the ascents on the main Providence bluff, just south of the parking area. Near by crag walls have numerous classic ascents, some routes documented as free ascents back in 60's and 70's. Another historical account of a memorable climb up and through the rock was described during the Lewis and Clark adventures. The Providence area has much to offer, while it seems to be just one of the well kept jewels around Columbia, Missouri.

Providence Area: At this time, over a one hundred established routes trace faint white lines up the variety of crags that tower over the Perche Creek and the Eagle Bluffs Conservation ponds, along the Missouri River. The ponds are often filled with ducks, geese, an occasional heron, and regularly surveyed by eagles from above. Ready made game trails see deer, possum, and fox traffic daily as they zigzag the base of many of the rocky cliffs. A good layer of trees offer a great buffer between the yoga stretching climbers and the bikes racing by, on the Katy Trail below. Hardwood foliage, provides shade through the summer months before bursting into warm fall colors. Autumn winds eventually scatter the impressionistic rainbow over the ground, allowing the winter sun to kiss the limestone grey, streak ridden walls by the afternoon. Towards sunset, the breeze seems to calm, the ducks really start to chatter, the still ponds reflect the orange glow of the heavens, and the reality of the days accomplishments truly starts to take hold. The Providence experience is truly like no other.

Rock Conditions: Wow, was the first thought that went through my mind when I first found this jewel. The rock quality is quite good for more than a majority of the routes. Like most of the rock walls, along this stretch of the Missouri River, two horizontal chert bands divide the wall into two or three sections. Pockets of broken chert are just par for the course, in these parts! Belayers should stay alert and always wear a climbing helmet. It's not a bad idea to stand off to one side to avoid all possible rock fall.

Weather Conditions: Most Providence area cliffs receives plenty of sun, year around, so it dries very quick. Plan to experience great climbing conditions spring, fall, and winter, then beat the summer heat by planning to send these lines during the morning hours. Some shade trees provide shelter from the sun at many of the belay areas through the summer. Dec 13, 2016