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9. Radical Books

New York > Powerlinez > s. Books Tier


Short climbs (18-25 ft high) on a vertical wall.

Comfortable base area.

Top-Roping: To get access to the top of this crag, either scramble up around its right (east) end, or perhaps climb the left-most route up the obvious gully.

warning: The rock on and around this cliff has not been climbed much yet, and much of the rock is still breakable and loose -- so the belayer and other people should stand far away from underneath the climber.

. . . (Lots of vegetation on this rock as of 2016. Be prepared when climbing to navigate around protruding trees and branches, and dealing with holds slippery with grass, lichen, moss, dirt).

Getting There

Follow the instructions to go to Check Book sector, then walk about 300 feet East (right), mostly flat, slightly downhill.

Routes from Left to Right

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Radical Books sector in Books Tier:<br>
A. Brevi Lezioni Rovelli<br>
B. Welt Schopenhauer<br>
E. Dreams Freud<br>
F. Valley Susanne<br>
G. General Keynes<br>
H. Origin Darwin<br>
K. Selfish Dawkins<br>
M. Mind Pinker<br>
N. Vision Marr<br>
Q. Mystique Friedan<br>
R. Conjoint Satir<br>
[Hide Photo] Radical Books sector in Books Tier: A. Brevi Lezioni Rovelli B. Welt Schopenhauer E. Dreams Freud F. Valley Susanne G. General Keynes H. Origin Darwin K. Selfish Dawkins M. Mind Pinker N.…