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8. Kitty Corners

New York > Powerlinez > p. E End


Some fun easy routes, mostly for Top-Roping.

warning: Loose rock around here, so the belayer or other memhers of the party should stay far away from underneath the climber.

Top Rope: To get access to set up a top anchor, the easiest way is by scrambling up around right (east) end of Jersey Volunteers sector, then scrambling + walking roughly horizontally left (west) to the top of this sector.
For those with the skill and experience, faster to climb up the right-most route (class 4) of this Kitty Corners sector.

Getting There

It's between the Beard and Jersey Volunteers sectors. So follow the directions for getting to Jersey Volunteers, then walk left (west) about 60-100 feet (20-30 meters).

Routes from Left to Right

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Kitty Corners right side from SW<br>
overview of routes:<br>
E. Tearing Out from Gift Wrap<br>
F. Chasing the Butterfly<br>
. . . vF easier start<br>
G. Springing onto the Shelf<br>
H. Tangling with Yarn<br>
K. Rolling in the Blanket<br>
. Jersey Volunteers sector: <br>
. . jA. Jersey Kitty<br>
. . jB. Stealth of the Greencoats
[Hide Photo] Kitty Corners right side from SW overview of routes: E. Tearing Out from Gift Wrap F. Chasing the Butterfly . . . vF easier start G. Springing onto the Shelf H. Tangling with Yarn K. Rolling…