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First hike up on the usual trails to Basilisk wall, then walk WNW then then NW horizontally along the base of the low cliffs about 1200 feet / 360 meters, passing by the Revolutionary Ramparts West and Yankee Ramparts East areas, then passing under a gentler non-cliff "bowl", and on and on past the Vulnerability and Party Wall sectors.

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donald perry
New Jersey
donald perry   New Jersey

I got lyme about a month ago from catching a tick from under the power lines near the highway. I am not doing any antibiotics:


A one hour and thirty minute 1:35:01 youtube lecture by Dr. Klinghardt. Here is a sample, full transcript to follow, maybe:

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about Lyme Disease


A one hour and thirty minute 1:35:01 youtube lecture by Dr. Klinghardt. Here is a sample:

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt about Lyme Disease

00:00 Well welcome everyone today we are honored to have with us Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who I've known for many years. Actually, one of my earliest mentors and help me understand some of the foundations of natural health and how one can apply it to facilitate and accelerate healing. And I would have to first start off first start off the interview with a warning though. That if you become a fan of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt the key thing is to know is that things will change. So he is always on the leading edge. I am always amazed when I come bank to him how much more he has learned. When you think you have learned it all you find out there is a magnitude more to learn. That is what he is going to enlighten us on today. And an important topic which is Lyme disease. Even some experts belive that everyone has been exposed to Lyme disease and may have it in some way shape form or another. But clearly there are those who have it who are severely disabled and crippled and Dr. Klinghardt has actually suffered with this himself, so as a result of this he had a personal passion, and really has been on the journey he is going to share with us and really tell us how he has evolved in treatments and strategies and protocols and what he has learned from decades, many decades of clinical experience that has been found to be effective. So welcome back Dr. Klinghardt. Thank you Joe, it is good seeing you again. Yes indeed, likewise. So um we are here today to talk about the Lyme disease. So why don't you start because your just a phenomenal lecturer. You one of the comments I failed to mention, when you do attend one of your lectures, it just seems like you can go, I don't know if anyone is more skilled to go on and on for hours and hours and hours without notes or power points, you're just a wealth of knowledge, its just shocking, so lets start where ever you feel is appropriate and I will dialog and interject with some questions as we go along. The issue with Lyme disease, the only thing that is new with Lyme disease is that many of us have realized that pretty much all chronic illnesses in one way or another way the outcome of chronic infection or at least contributed to by chronic infection. Even 15 years ago most of us thought that chronic illnesses are the outcome of toxicity of environmental toxicity and everything related to that. But we got a little wiser and realized that the issues go far deeper. And what has been astounding to us when we look at illnesses that are well established in the conventional medical field, like Parkinson, Multiple Scorsese or chronic fatigue all turning out to be chronic infections with this particular expression of it. And, right at the center of that it is really the discovery of Lyme disease and when I say Lyme disease I like to use the definition of the new Lyme disease, that means it is a new illness transferred by insect but please hear me here, we are not calling it anymore tick born disease because we know that mosquitoes can carry Lyme disease and many other serious infections. Um, and we know that spiders, flees, mites, can carry these illnesses. So to limit it to tick born disease as it was until recently has been too narrow a focus. And I like to take a big look at this whole thing. In modern genetics when we break down our genome we find entire long sequences in there that come out of the insect kingdom, that come out of the bacteria kingdom, the virus kingdom, that have actually become part of the human genome. What that basically means is that we are discovering a new theory of evolution. That these chronic infections were always an attempt of evolution to mingle with our genes, expand them to change them and once and a while something good comes out of it. ......skipping ahead to the dirty smoke radiation ... 33:50 And so we suspect that these creatures have been with us for a very long time. And what really has changed is change in external factors, that is the toxicity in us, in the air and in the food and the amalgam fillings, root canals the food residues, all the things you talk about in your website, the vaccines. There is one big aspect and one we know for sure because the research on it, the electro smoke, the ambient _________ in the house ____ the growth the _______ of the microbe lives naturally in us and we know that the amount of microwave exposure from the cell phone radiation is near doubling now every two years. The amount to the expose is doubling in near catastrophic amounts. Where one of my primary treatments for Lyme disease is to get into treatment is to get into protective clothing that shields them from incoming microwaves, which shields the bedside, we turn off the wireless internet at home, we put shielding paint on the houses, and that has been a more successful strategy in treating Lyme disease and to get people neurologically well then any of the antibiotics and any of the microbial compounds, that has been more successful then every single strategy. And so I know it is wrong for us to overly emphasize on the microbe. We need to know what is driving the microbe. They were historically happily living with us symbiotically, they may have always caused mild damage, we do not know, or a premature aging, we do not know for sure. But this virulence that is appearing now is a new phenomenon and it could only be explained with two things, 1.) A mutation of the spirochete or one of the yet invisible co-infections or opportunistic infections FD Pfizer suspects protozoa infections ... we do not know for sure. But we know for sure that the exposure to the electrostatic fields that we are undergoing right now is insane it's driving the growth of the ______. Several Russian resources on that have shown that. Well thank you for that explanation, and it sounds like from your prospective that one of the most important things you can do, and it makes sense, and clearly the world is coming, the scientific community through the new publications research is validating the position we have held for many years, decades, that the exposure to these electrostatic fields are particularly harmful and they are causing serious problems down the road, many of which we are not seeing, I mean you certainly witnessing some of them now with the individuals who are struggling now with the Lyme disease, but there are millions, tens of millions, maybe even more who similarity to many smokers now who with a chronic exposure to smoke and come with cancers down the road 10 20 30 years later. So I thank you for that perspective and ....37:28 Aug 25, 2017