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The Morogoro region, while not as rocky as other regions (such as Iringa, or Dodoma), still offers quite a few climbing options. So far, we have only explored a few areas close to the city.

If you are climbing in the Morogoro area you may need to ask permission from the people who own the property. Additionally you should always bring a machete (Swahili: panga) to clear away vines that may be obscuring routes. You can get a machete from any number of hardware stores in town, but they are usually dull. If you walk around for a bit, you should be able to find someone riding a stationary bike attached to a grinding wheel to sharpen it for you. In all a sharp machete should cost you about Tsh 5000.

If you are in Morogoro for studies, or work, and you forgot to bring climbing gear to Tanzania, you can still get hand made versions of all the stuff you need to boulder.

Shoe makers in town can make climbing shoes, although it will be difficult if they don't have an example to look at. There is one shoe maker who has already made a pair, but they recently moved. I will update their location if I find them again before I leave the country. The shoes cost me Tsh 70000.

There is a shop near the daladala stand on Boma Road called the canvas shop that has made a pretty good chalk bag for me for Tsh 5000. Any taxi driver or motorcycle should be able to get there if you say "karibu na daladala," and "barabara Boma" (close to daladala, and Boma road). Keep going until you see a shop with a blue front that says "Canvas Shop" above the door. If you buy a foam mattress from the roadside and bring it to the Canvas shop, they can make you a three section crash pad. The mattress might cost between Tsh 20000, and Tsh 40000 depending on what you get, where you get it, and how good you are at bargaining. The Canvas shop will charge you an additional Tsh 75000.

You can buy sticks of chalk from fabric stores. Usually any store that has kangas hanging up will have chalk as well. I paid Tsh 50 per stick. If you buy a file from a hardware store you can use it to turn the chalk into a powder that works pretty well to keep your hands dry.

Most of these craftsmen are unfamiliar with climbing as a sport, and will not make things as well as what you can buy from actual companies. Usually you get something that looks pretty close to a picture you bring, but is a little bit off. This is still better than the alternative in most cases. In general I would not trust harnesses that are made by the craftsmen in Morogoro since they have never climbed, and will not know the important details to make a harness safe. I don't think it would be possible to get a climbing rope in Tanzania unless you get it shipped.

In addition to the areas mentioned in this guide, there are many nice boulders in the mountains if you take a hike to Morningside, or Lupanga peak, or any of the other local hikes. We have not climbed them yet, so we cannot give specifics, but if you take a hike into the mountains it could make a pretty good day as long as you ask for permission. It is not advisable to hike into the mountains without a guide, or at least someone fluent in Swahili who knows where they are going.

The mountains also have a couple of very nice looking faces, but obviously these would not be possible to climb without trad gear.

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There are busses you can take from Dar es Salaam, or Moshi, depending on where you entered the country.

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