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These include Mama Cat, Bertha's, and the Outpost Boulders.

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Colonel Mustard
Sacramento, CA
Colonel Mustard   Sacramento, CA
Ron(g), I hope you exhibit more good sportsmanship in your other outdoor pursuits than you do here. It is clear nothing much has changed about Woodfords other than you now are a hater of the tribe you once belonged to. Your contributions have entered the public sphere, you don't get to just take your toys and go home now that you quit. Believe it or not, I respect the work you have done, I am sorry your life brings you to this dim view of others who also love the same pursuit you once did.

Maybe if you clean the trash left up on the epoxy wall, you'll have a leg to stand on? Or, I don't know, we can all trundle rocks down the slippery slope. Oct 26, 2015
I have asked that all my contributions here be deleted including the photos , topos and info I have put in here, to no avail. Sadly the results have been trash, feces, trail butchering and marking - in short , everything I told the USFS they wouldn't have to worry about in Woodfords canyon. I may have to take legal measures against REI/ mountain project since asking has led to zilch. Oct 18, 2015
Justin Johnsen
Nor Cal
Justin Johnsen   Nor Cal  
No worries at all Dan, such experiences are part of our internet and our human world! Thanks too for the sharing. Aug 18, 2015
Justin, Sorry to break the chain of command no offense but since I heard Rei bought out Mt. Project I got nervous, that the material I submitted would be not permitted to be published. Also to be clear have I ever contacted any Mt. Project administrator to plead that my submissions be deleted? or for any other matter? And Tyson do what you like, I'm sorry to have ever asked you. Keep up the good work and I hope things are ok between us. Fear got the best of me and I can see now I was wrong to try to control anything which we all share and love. Thanks Dan Kennedy Aug 4, 2015
Justin Johnsen
Nor Cal
Justin Johnsen   Nor Cal  
Hey, Tyson shared his vision for how to organize the Woodfords content on Mountain Project a year or two back, and this is another periodic piece of the puzzle I added after noticing someone's photos of a boulder route, which seemed to jive with Ron Anderson's old Woodfords guide chapter linked on SuperTopo.

Not need to have things deleted, if you ever notice existing content that you know to be incorrect, you can click the "Improve this Page" button, add a note, and an admin will help make your corrections, keeping both the original submitter and your contributions visible on the page credits.

I know other guidebook authors have been active on Mountain Project along with other online climbing sites, helping update the public record. Any time you post a comment or especially use the blue Improve button, it will get handled in a sometimes (ha) timely fashion.

The same goes for content shared by now deceased contributors. This is a living library and is being improved toward keeping history while sharing the most useful current information.

You can also PM me or other admins listed for a given area if there are, um, sensitive issues involved that aren't for the public record. Jul 2, 2015
Please don't post any info about routes unless you are personally involved with the fa. I have a feeling things here are amiss as in I may lose the right's to my material to my up-coming book. I've attempted to delete some info due to geologic conditions to no avail Thanks, DanK Jul 1, 2015

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