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Other Critters is a low angle area left (West) of Dog House. It is home to moderate to easy bolted routes, some 200 feet high. There are harder (short) routes in the steeper section at the bottom. The area was climbed in the piton era, but the bolted routes went up in 2014. The routes have been cleaned, but some loose rock and lichen may be found. Rocks dropped from this area can reach the stream threatening folks on the trail to Solid Gold/Playin' Hooky, so be careful.

The rock has bands of steeper, highly featured rock between low angle slabs. There is a walking ledge below the upper section.

Other Critters is south-facing and gets direct sun all day.

Descent: if you top out, rap Yellow Dog Dingo, or think like a tradlodite and walk off: head up and West to the small grove of ponderosa. From there, follow cairns on a gentle diagonal down west to the gully. The descent continues down the gully until you can join the established descent trail from Playin' Hooky.

A. Alan's Roof, 12+, 1p, 45', bolts.

B. Clyde, 7, 2p, 100', bolts.
C. Minnesota Gopher, 9-, 1p, 70', bolts.
D. Kermit's Corners, 7, 1p, 70', gear or TR.
E. Fat Lipped Gofur, 8+, 1p, 75', bolts.
F1. Dance Horn Pipes Where You Shouldn't, var above P3 of A2, 7 or 8, 1p, 90', bolts.
F2. Yellow Dog Dingo, 5-7, 2-3p, ~230', bolts.
below F2. Unknown, 7, 1p, bolts.
G. Labby, 8+, 1p, 90', bolts.
H1. Calvin, 8, 1p, 90', bolts.
H2. Hobbes, 7, 1p, 90', bolts then gear.
I. Hamster Huey, 10, 1p, 50', bolts.
J. Gooey Kablooie, 10, 1p, 50', bolts.
K. Br'er Rabbit, 7, 1p, 75', bolts.
L. Br'er Fox, 7, 1p, 75', bolts.
M. Br'er Bear, 10, 1p, 50', bolts.
N. Curious George Goes Climbing, 11-, 1p, 50', bolts.
O. Tortoise Scute, 6 or 7, 2p-3p?, ~180-220', bolts.
P. First Armadillo, 8-, 1p, 70', bolts.
Q. 'Dillo Direct, 9, 1p, 70', TR.
R. Bicolored Python Rock Snake, 9-, 1p, 75', bolts.
S. Old Man Kangaroo, 6, 1p, 90', bolts.
T. Elephant's Child, 7, 1p, 90', bolts.

Getting There

Park as for Cat Slab, Cats vs. Dogs, & Dog House just upstream from Tunnel 5. Walk across the bridge and up the North side of the canyon on the Dog House Trail. From the base of Dog House, traverse West for ~50 yards. For Yellow Dog Dingo and Humph said the Camel, traverse up onto the 3rd class ramp where the routes start.

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Classic Climbing Routes at Other Critters

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Parker Wrozek
Denver, CO
Parker Wrozek   Denver, CO
Some good climbs here although most are pretty short. It is still really really dirty, so bring a brush, and help out getting the rock nice. Helmets highly suggested as debris was blowing off the entire day from a big hand hold to loose rocks to foot chips. Should be a nice moderate area though. Mar 7, 2015
First Track Jack
Evergreen, CO
First Track Jack   Evergreen, CO
Nice job on putting up the new lines. This is a great area and will soon be very popular. Agree, there is much loose rock, so be extra careful for parties walking and climbing below. The walkoff is well cairned, and most rappels had chain links (Thank you!).

The ticks are out, we had three at end of day.... Apr 2, 2015
Greg Hand
Golden, CO
Greg Hand   Golden, CO
I found a locker carabiner at Other Critters today. Claim it if it is yours. Nov 18, 2015
L Kap
Boulder, CO
L Kap   Boulder, CO
I don't have a book for this area (is there one yet?) and tried to rely on the printed mini-guide and area & route descriptions in the MP app. I found it very hard to orient myself on my first visit, as did many other people I met there. Here's some info that would have been helpful to have in the printed mini-guide or in the area description for gumbies like me. More knowledgeable folks feel free to correct anything I have mistaken. (ETA in September 2016 - looks like this crag is still under development. Two more routes have been added since this was written - see #1 below. I haven't been back since Jan so can't comment on whether there might also be new anchors or corrected / better photos).

1. If you walk to the area from the trail at the Doghouse, the first bolted climbs you'll encounter at Other Critters right to left are Bicolored Python Rock Snake, First Armadillo, and Tortoise Scute. (Edited in Sept 2016 - Two more routes have been added to the right of Bicolored Python Rock Snake: Elephant's Child and Old Man Kangaroo. Whatever climb is at the bottom of the MP list will be the first climb you encounter walking over from the Doghouse, currently "T" Elephant's Child.)

2. A few feet left of Tortoise Scute, the trail dips down to a lower ledge, or you can climb a short, vertical 4th class corner to the main belay ledge for most routes. A couple of the route descriptions in MP begin from the LOWER ledge (at least for Clyde and Yellow Dog Dingo, I think). Most of the route descriptions begin from this main belay ledge.

3. At the far left of the main belay ledge is a boulder then a juniper tree above you and to your left. This is the juniper tree described at the END of the first pitch of Clyde.

4. There's an unbolted right-facing wall just to the right of Clyde. The first bolt line you see on the main face (and it's hard to see from the ledge) is Minnesota Gopher, which goes up and over a short pumpy roof to the right of the right-facing wall.

5. There is a single-bolt ground anchor for a belayer at the left end of the main belay ledge that can be used for Minnesota Gopher or Fat-Lipped Gopher. The double bolt anchor to the right of this, I think, is the anchor at the END of P0 of Yellow Dog Dingo (which starts on the lower ledge). It's a good reference point for which route is which.

ETA - this overview photo is much better than the one in the printer-ready mini-guide. It shows that Clyde and Yellow Dog begin on the lower ledge.…

Also, note that the letters of the routes on the overview photos don't match the letters of the routes in the app or on the area page. It seems that Alan's Roof was added later to the far left and the routes were re-lettered in the app and on the area page in order starting with Alan's Roof as "A". However, on the photos, either Clyde or Yellow Dog Dingo are marked as "A" (depending on which photo you're looking at), and the letters for all the other routes are similarly off. Jan 31, 2016
Denver, CO
jryaus   Denver, CO
Climbed Tortoise Scute on Saturday and tried to walk off. The walkoff isn't too fun, especially in the dark. It took us about an hour or so to get back to the beginning. I'd definitely recommend just rapping off! Sep 11, 2017
L Kap
Boulder, CO
L Kap   Boulder, CO
About the gully descent - there is a lot of loose rock, and there are sections that are steep, slick, and exposed 3rd or 4th Class. Serious injury is definitely possible if you slip. Some scrambling and judgment is required. Also be aware there are a lot of little cacti - sometimes right where you want to put your hands or butt - and unavoidable thorny stalks that will bloody your ankles and shins if you're in shorts. You definitely don't want to do this walk-off in the dark without a headlamp.

TLDR: maybe just rap Yellow Dog Dingo instead. Mar 11, 2018