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The Caves

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The Caves offer a nice concentration of some very interesting climbs. Theres a little for everyone in the Caves. From v0 warm ups to v10 face climbs, the range of climbs and their close proximity to each other make the Caves a great destination. This location is similar to Hanger 18 in that it offers a full days worth of climbing in such a small radius.

Getting There

This may be the tricky part. Unlike Hanger 18 and its close proximity to the roads and easy/short hike in, The Caves is quite the opposite. The Caves can be reached from both sides of the mountain via the Caves trail. From Hanger 18, head through the clearing as if you were headed to Little Fluffy Clouds and Bokow. Passing Little Fluffy Clouds, continue on the caves trail and venture down towards the talus. Word of caution, the trail can be a bit rough to find and the cairns are not always in the best of shape. From the Top Rock side, just below The Bubbler you will find a split off for the Caves trail. Continue past the Tooth boulder and the Mo Mangos boulder. Again, follow the rough trail past the cairns until you reach the destination. You will definitely know when you have reached the Caves.

If you have never ventured down the Caves trail, your best bet is to probably go with someone who has. That, or grab the latest copy of the Haycock guidebook by Char and follow the GPS coordinates. There are a few switchbacks on this trail that can land a first time wanderer stranded in some talus and wondering aimlessly for awhile. But I assure you, the Caves are worth it. Once you get your bearings on this location, a hike in from the Top Rocks parking lot can be as easy as 20-25 minutes.

Routes from Left to Right

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Part of The Caves
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The Caves
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