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This large area is split into 5 different talus fields. Each area has dozens of boulders, ranging from V0-V10.
The boulders range from small (6'-8') to over 40' tall, a good many falling in the 12'-20' range. Everything from overhangs, roofs, slabs, and vertical faces exist here. The rock is very textured without being sharp. A lot of the holds here tend to be sloped, but very sticky due to the texture. (though there is no shortage of crimpy problems!) Very good quality boulders. Landings can be dicey in a few spots due to the talus field, so bring pads, and a spotter if possible. Also, there is no cell reception, so keep that in mind.
Boulders are about an hour and 45 min from Portland, going through Hood River.
Boulders have been developed by a wide variety of climbers. Grading standards seem to vary, so rather than worrying about grades, find a good looking line, and get on it, or clean a new one! Refer to maps for trails, and some of the boulders. A lot of boulders have been cleaned since the map was made, so go explore!
Most likely to be wet or under snow in the winter and spring. Good summer and fall climbing area for sure though!
Since the guidebook has come out there has been a lot more traffic up here. Please be respectful of cyclists and other drivers on the road as well as cleaning up after yourself at the camp and around the boulders. The regular climbers have been finding trash and seeing a lot of tick marks and have been cleaning them up, however, that should be something every climber takes care of themselves!
The rock is very porous and already showing signs of holds getting caked with chalk as well. Please brush off chalk the best you can, so that holds stay in good shape for other climbers.

Getting There

Lost Lake Area. goo.gl/maps/7GSt1 - google maps link to the boulders from Portland. Enjoy! Refer to posted maps for parking and trails.

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This area looks amazing... Jun 15, 2014
Brad Caldwell
Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
Brad Caldwell   Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
There is also a good bit of useful info over at this site... portlandrockclimbs.com/lost…
After checking out many of the other boulderfields close to Portland (Bridge Of The Gods, Cascade Boulders, Beacon Rock, Hamilton, Rocky Butte and Carver), I'd have to say this is by far the best option for anyone looking for quality and quantity! With enough boulders to keep you busy for months, a pristine surrounding, nearby camping (free and/or at Lost Lake Campground), a beautiful lake nearby to cool off after sessioning and snacks and cold beer at the Lost Lake General Store, Lost Lake Boulders are destined to become the #1 boulderfield around and gain attention from folks outside of the immediate area as well. After checking out the other spots, and being from the Southeast where there are endless boulders of high quality, I was a little disappointed with the Portland bouldering scene and now know why gym climbing is more popular...but this place is about to change the game! Thanks Micah for helping me explore my way around the area and talking this place up to me:) Jul 7, 2014
Micah Klesick
Kalamazoo, MI
Micah Klesick   Kalamazoo, MI  
And a few little housekeeping notes:
I put the 5 main areas on the front page. Each area then lists each developed boulder as an area, so that you can add multiple lines to the same boulder, since many of these boulders are very large, and contain several lines. So if you add a new boulder, please list it as an "area" with the boulder name, and then add the lines to the boulder "area" if it warrants it. If there is only one line, then you can just describe the problem in the "area" description. And please add the areas in the correct field per the map on the front page! Make sure to post a picture, a location as well as you can, and if possible, please use the MP topo program to note the specific line on the boulder. Thanks and keep sending!! Jul 20, 2014
Vancouver, WA
LittleGuy   Vancouver, WA
Heading up here tomorrow and must see boulders? I've never been before. Apr 30, 2015
Couple things...

First of all, just an FYI that rangers have been handing out fire tickets this season. I haven't personally seen it, but seeing as how there were quite a few fires last year I thought I'd at least mention it.

Second, can we please take a serious step back from the extreme landscape destruction and manicuring of landings? Just wandering around, it seems like some folks think that this area is their personal playground and have completely forgotten the LNT ethic. As an outdoor user group, leave no trace should be at the top of our priority list.

Cleaning up ankle breakers is one thing.. but am I alone in thinking that moving literal tons of rock to pave the entire zone flat is unacceptable? If a landing is poor, either bring more pads or reconsider trying the problem.

- Crotchety local curmudgeon guy Jul 20, 2015
Brad Caldwell
Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
Brad Caldwell   Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
Not trying to pile on, but the chalk drawings are still excessive and obnoxious. If you need to draw a heart and initials (or any other drawings) on a rock, even with chalk, just stay in the gym. It's obvious outdoor climbing isn't right for you. Lost Lake is a magnificent bouldering area, in a pristine environment...please try to keep it that way! Jul 21, 2015
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
The manufacturing of the landscape is a pretty big gray area out there. From it's initial development manicuring on a small and large scale have been the "accepted" practice and many lines would not be what they are with out it. I think that it comes down to the end result. The House boulder underwent a major (and by major I mean major) overhaul, but the end result is something that doesn't seem to have been through an upheaval.

Pretty much all the main boulders have had some major work done, some really thoughtful and some not so much...take the Roadside Attraction or White Rhino as examples of being a bit overly ambitious.

In the end, LNT in terms of PNW bouldering is so far from attainable that I think all we can do is think about what we are doing and ask ourselves if what we are trying to add is something of value and if it is worth the work and/or the alteration to the environment. Jul 24, 2015
At the end of the day, the area is on NatFo land, right? I could be wrong on that. But if it is NF land, the building of sidewalks and landings is simply unacceptable and we run the risk of being shut down the first time a ranger with stout ethics catches a glimpse. It's happened in other NF areas.

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.. and thanks for the civil discourse. I hope we can all spread the word and do a great job of taking care of this resource! Jul 29, 2015
kyber   Portland
What about clearing out rocks not to make it safer but to make it doable? This last Feb. I went out on a surprisingly nice day and found a little overhang up behind Keystone Boulder somewhere that only had a tiny space to suck up into (like 2ft or so) so I moved a few rocks around and made it possible (still very tight though) and yeah I went ahead and turned a few rocks that had points pointing up to where they laid flat etc. so that if I did fall I wouldn't get jabbed in the back (its still tight enough to not be able to get a crash pad in there without dabbing your butt being a problem. Anyway I didn't think twice about it because it clearly (like your saying) seems that thats what people have been doing in the area and also, and this is just my opinion here (not trying to flame anything up), but its a scree field in the middle of nowhere with limited bouldering (at least without modifying it). Now if its not accepted by the Rangers then obviously we should do what's in the best interest of keeping the area open but if its okay with them and its just us I'd vote to clean and move things as long as its in the interest of development. I personally wouldn't wanna waste much of my own time on ultra huge safety landings but I'm definitely down to move rocks that are fairly easy to move and that present a real danger, make trails a little better or moving rocks that would open up a climb. That being said I don't cringe in the slightest when coming across those huge landings, I just wouldn't want to personally put in the work. Jul 31, 2015
I think moving a few rocks to make something possible is fine. I just personally think there are rangers out there that would be pretty upset if they saw the amount of alteration that's been done in some areas, like the shady blocs at the top of the upper area. A lot of the alteration isn't even underneath climbable boulders. There's also some massive, obvious landings built, such as under the tall arete on the approach to that area. (Has that thing been cleaned and climbed yet?)

I agree zero trace would be an impractical goal. Right now we're under the radar as a user group and that's fine. But some day we won't be, and when a ranger does come poking around, it would be wise for us to have a united mentality of low impact.. Aug 11, 2015
I was able to get a quick session in at lost lake the past two days thanks to Pacific NW Climbing pacificnwclimbing.com/ He is doing a great job covering local and mainstream climbing. I had a great time showing him and his homie the camp host around. There was an abundance of ticks on harder problems that could see some brushing but stoked to see all the chalk drawings gone. So stoke to climb with people who just want to have fun. Cant wait till it gets cold! There are so many new projects still to start.

#guidline#1, #guideline#3 Aug 13, 2015
Pat Hagberg
California/ PNW/ Minnesota
Pat Hagberg   California/ PNW/ Minnesota
so.... where is the v12??

cause.. Id like to try it.

Thanks!! Aug 18, 2015
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
Only thing I could think of that being would be this crazy problem Aaron put up at the bottom of the Sleepy Hollow area. Aug 20, 2015
A few weeks ago I put up 5 new boulder problems in the field behind "Ultrasaurus". There is a warm up boulder next to the bigger block that we cleaned and added 2 "warm ups" to and then 3 harder lines on the big block next to it. The landings on the bigger block are a bit dogie so pads and spotters are needed. Enjoy! Oct 6, 2015
As someone that is admittedly too focused on numbers I can't help but ask if you have any thoughts on the grades of these new lines? Stay Off My Tip seemed in the 5 - 7 range. Haven't tried An Image to Injustice but it looks sick. One of the most aesthetic lines at Lost Lake. Nov 8, 2015
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
I think I remember Matt calling it a 4. Haven't climbed it but maybe Aaron or Matt can chime in, or better yet add them to the site!!:) Nov 9, 2015
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
Tree has been cleared May 9, 2016
I "added" (may be an fa but probably not) a line to the Roadside Boulder. It climbs straight out the roof via matching the crimp in the middle of the roof. It isn't necessarily an eliminate but is "forced" in the sense there are multiple lines out of the roof. Regardless, it climbs well and is worth doing. Grade is probably somewhere in the V8 - 10 range and if an fa I'm naming it Tom Hanks. Jun 23, 2016
Andrew Child
Corvallis, Or
Andrew Child   Corvallis, Or
I did a 2 day trip to this area last year. I wouldn't say that it was a disappointment, but we would have ran out of interesting things to climb if I had stayed much longer than I did. Sep 7, 2016
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
Yeah, it is small gem of a place. With that said I would recommend giving it another go through. Unless your skin is bulletproof and you have the endurance of a champion I highly doubt you came anywhere near exhausting this place. While there may only be 30 or so "must do" problems there are around 250 lines up there. You are always welcome to help bump this number up by hanging in a harness and scrubbing off some blocks. Sep 14, 2016
Chicago, IL
CCas   Chicago, IL
Visiting the area for the first time from out of state... is lost lake covered in a guide book or what is the best resource to find my way around and get on a few classics? Any help would be appreciated. May 3, 2017
Brad Caldwell
Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
Brad Caldwell   Deep in the Jocassee Gorges
CCas...this is the only guidebook that TRIES to cover Lost Lake, but it falls extremely short of doing that. This book overall is terribly written, and (not) edited and many times WAY off with directions and problem beta. But hell, you should get it REALLY cheap from someone who has tried to use it before and became too frustrated!!! climbingguidebooks.org/paci… MP covers it better IMO. Jun 3, 2017
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
All roads and boulders are clear Jun 26, 2017
Hood River, OR
mikeinhoodriver   Hood River, OR
Yep, roads are clear. Jul 7, 2017
Hoping to climb there this week--anyone who knows the area gonna be out there? Aug 7, 2017
Heads up: There is a bees nest between the Babiharimoss and Skid Mark boulder. I found out the hard way today. Aug 30, 2017
According to the Forest Service the road to lost lake is now open again 10/3/17 Oct 11, 2017
Josh G  
Road to campground was marked closed today. Hiked up the road and NF13 is still snow covered. Couldn’t make it back to the boulders Apr 24, 2018
I was shocked and disappointed yesterday to see someone (though I think many of us know who) has crowbarred off the start hold on the Roadside boulder. This demonstrates a total lack of moral sense, not to mention common sense. Yet again our community and culture look like a bunch of nitwits in this area. I know it's just one person, but I feel the need to mention the basics yet again:

Don't build excessive landings – accept the risks of the sport, and bring more pads or friends.

For crying out loud, don't alter the rock to fit your preferences or mood.

Be an adult. Treat nature with respect, or go the hell elsewhere. Sep 26, 2018
Mike Brady
Van Diesel, OR
Mike Brady   Van Diesel, OR
To add fuel to JF's comment.....Someone decided they wanted to force a line out from underneath the Pit and the Pendulum boulder and the took steel to stone. This is in no way, shape or form proper etiquette. Oct 12, 2018
Jessie Firestone! When you get done pulling your foot from your mouth let me know:

instagram.com/p/BnUS2IfFh0i… Oct 18, 2018
Hey, I'm happy to be wrong. Given the number of things that have been unceremoniously trampled and wrenched off here, are you surprised? Oct 19, 2018