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Trackside Boulder

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According to the Scott Noy guidebook the Trackside Boulder was the first boulder to be developed in the 8 Day Rain sector of Rocklands in 2007. This boulder sports a nice concentration of moderate problems and warm-ups and includes an area classic, Vanity.

The fence line directly behind this boulder (and a few of its problems) represents the property boundary between de Pakhuys and Travelers Rest, Trackside being on the travelers rest side.

This boulder presents a mixture of grey, black, and orange rock of a rather rough texture for sandstone and is a rather beautiful sight to behold as it sits alone amongst the fynbos. As the boulder is coarse-grained, so is the sand that surrounds it. As you hang with friends working the moves on Trackside's various problems, take off your shoes and walk around for a bit. You'll receive the best foot massage mother nature ever gave you.

Getting There

From the parking area follow the relatively well worn climbers path over and down various rock features as you move deeper into the heart of the 8 Day Rain sector. At roughly the halfway point to your destination you'll come across your first boulder with obviously chalked holds on it. This is the Warm Up boulder and it is at this point that you must turn right and continue on down the trail.

A few hundred meter further on (and lower down) you'll find that the trail has meandered its way into a stand of fynbos that is tall, approximately eye level or so. From here you should be able to see large piles of boulders and shelves of rock to either side and on up ahead. Keep going.

You'll come to a fence line which divides de Pakhuys and Traveler's Rest's properties. Cross this fence using the conveniently placed stepladder. 50m from the fence crossing, the trail will converge with a well worn 4 x 4 double-track path. Turn right on the track and follow it for a hundred or so meters. The Trackside Boulder should be quite obvious as it stands beautifully on its own in the fynbos. Enjoy!

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The Trackside Boulder seen from afar on another wonderful day spent in Rocklands.
[Hide Photo] The Trackside Boulder seen from afar on another wonderful day spent in Rocklands.