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Uzundere is a small town in the province of Erzurum surrounded by beautiful rock faces and waterfalls. Most of this is undeveloped to my knowledge, would be the place to go for the best info (the website is only in Turkish).

A few waterfalls have recently been developed for ice climbing, and I am working on compiling information for them. I've there are 40+ prospective waterfalls in the area and plans for more development next winter.

There are also plans to develop rock routes in the Uzundere area this April-June, so hopefully there will be more information to come! If you have questions, contact Aykut from; he speaks great English.

If you're looking for guides, contact Epik Encounter. They're an excellent Canadian company who hires Turkish guides and transportation. They live in Erzurum and are familiar with the language and culture. They'll figure it out for you!

Getting There

The closest airport to Uzundere is Erzurum. It's about 100TL ($50 USD) a day to rent a car and probably about 30-60TL to take a bus. The drive from Erzurum to Uzundere takes about 1-1.5 hours depending on road conditions.

The town itself has a Tema grocery store with all your basic needs, along with some small restaurants and markets. There are pansiyons (hostels/motels) scattered around town.

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Uzunkavak waterfalls from afar
[Hide Photo] Uzunkavak waterfalls from afar