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This is Kyrgyzstan's most accessible crag! Its only about 45 minutes away from Bishkek. Set North-South in a nice canyon, its usually fairly uncrowded except occasionally the numbers go up on the weekends. The rock quality is typical of Kyrgyz rock. Gritless, slopey, granite. What more need be said about that!? The area was set up a number of years ago by a French group (hence the occasional French route name). So far the only development has really been on the right side of the canyon. There is another small area further into the canyon that I have no knowledge about route names/grades so I've left that one off. There is room for many multi pitch climbs on the left side of the canyon though.

Getting There

Go South on Almatinskaya towards the mountains. Keep driving past the roundabout at the edge of Bishkek. another 10-15 minutes of driving should get you to a village called Koi Tash. Turn right on the main road in this village. It should go down a small hill, across a river, and then turn to the right. At that right turn you want to turn left (seems like an odd intersection, but thats because it is...). Follow this road till it becomes dirt. There will be an intersection at the end of the pavement, continue going straight. This dirt road will soon follow a river and come to a small village called Tatyr. At the end of the village you will see a small road going down across the river to the right. Take it. On your left should be a large holiday complex thing. If the gates are open you can drive through here, if not, park here and walk through the complex. Once you've made it to the back of the complex you'll be able to see the canyons. There is one on the left and one on the right. Both hold some great climbing but the left canyon has a much larger amount of routes there.


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Working the moves on Marianna
[Hide Photo] Working the moves on Marianna