Secluded back country limestone canyon with potential for hundreds of routes. All day shade can be found on the main cliff band that snakes through the canyon facing everywhere from the West to the North.
Make sure you pack plenty of water and don't get stuck in the canyon after dark unless you are planning to stay the night(recommended considering the approach).

The first route here, Desert Inoculation, was put up November, 4 2012. If you're motivated enough, put up some more!

Getting There

Note the words "secluded" and "back country" from the description. Hopefully a quicker and easier approach will be developed/discovered! For now, this is the best approach we have found.

Find your way to the Homestead and hike to the base of North Buttress. Continue heading East to the end of this cliff band then turn South and head uphill to the top of this ridge. Follow this ridge East/Northeast till you can look back into the Homestead canyon and see the upper end of Slate Nation. Cross the smaller drainage to the East and contour Southeast trending East to the top of the next ridge. At this point you are now looking into the Hinterland canyon.
The quickest way to get into the canyon from here is to continue heading East/Southeast into a very steep drainage. Shortly before this drainage takes a huge drop into the canyon, cross it and continue contouring downward into the next drainage. Do not hug the cliff band on your right(to the West) too long, you want to be dropping elevation here. Use caution in this section of the approach, very steep and loose terrain! It is not an easy decent into the wash and difficult to find the line down. Once you have made your way to the wash you will be surrounded with cliffs in almost every direction. Lots of walls as you hike down the wash, but the main cliff band is back up the East side of the canyon.

To get to the main cliff band, head down wash from where you entered it a couple hundred feet till you can see a way up the other side of the canyon. While heading up I recommend you look back for some landmarks and maybe set some cairns as this is not as obvious of a line on the decent back into the canyon. You are now approaching the far right side of the main cliff band. Hike up canyon as far as your heart desires. The middle sections of the cliff are taller and more impressive than the far ends. Near the middle of the cliff band and the most North facing section is Inoculation wall. Under Inoculation wall is an obvious base camp.

Current approach time without an established trail past North Buttress is three to four hours from car to base camp depending on rest stops and pack weight. You could probably do it in around two and a half hours if all you have is food and water.

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Wow it is nice to hear that somebody has finally ventured into the homesteads' big brother! I scoped it out from above the N Buttress once and have dreamed about going back there to this day. If I still lived out that way I would love to be a part of helping to develop it. I drool over the Google Earth fly overs to that canyon. I bet it is amazing up close and the stone is just as good. The AZ backcountry is so friggin beautiful & rugged, blows anything away here on the east coast. Best of luck and be careful out there! Nov 11, 2015
Will anyone who has done the approach before be willing to show me around? Or if anyone's planning on taking a trip out there I'd be totally psyched to tag along. I've been out the homestead a number of times now and I've recently became interested/ fascinated with this canyon. Or even if anyone has any recent beta on this area I'd greatly appreciate it. Feel free to send me a pm. Cheers! Mar 6, 2018