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8. Wilderness Woods

New Hampshire > NH Ice & Mixed > - Kanc Ice


This area is very remote and the other Brad White found it on Black Mt. He did one of the three lines in 1978, with Doug C. Burnell. I don't know how he found it? There was a herd of deer below this area when I climbed two lines up. W.I2+ and a easy W.I.3. They are wide frozen cascades and open at the top with a good view north. North facing area and that can mean very cold. They are way back in the woods 2 or 3 miles. Easy to find though, if you're into this kind of winter bushwhacking to climb, this place is perfecto for remote solitude multiple pitch novice climbing. Make a fire and hang out or camp over night. Its nice woods. Snowshoes recommended.

Getting There

Park at Lincoln Woods parking lot and cross the Kanc. keep going straight in open easy snow bushwhacking for a couple of miles or more. You come to the cascades where some mountain starts its incline steepness.

Note- the GPS locator is NOT set to the crag, but to best guess as to parking. R Hall Admin. This area may be the same as “Lincoln Crag” in the summer, rock routes,BUT I’m not sure, AND the submitter of that area did not locate it with a GPS location on the map either! 

Routes from Left to Right

WI2 Steep Snow
Brad White's Route One "Long Way…
Trad, Ice, Snow, Alpine 7 pitches
Brad White's Route Two
Trad, Ice, Alpine 7 pitches
Route Name Location Star Rating Difficulty Date
Brad White's Route One "Lon…
WI2 Steep Snow Trad, Ice, Snow, Alpine 7 pitches
Brad White's Route Two
WI2-3 Trad, Ice, Alpine 7 pitches