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Wadi Khab Al Shamis (Khaab Shamsi) is a long and beautiful canyon that starts down on the coast of Musamdan and follows it way up into the mountains.

The Wadi has seen much more water fall then other areas in the UAE and Oman making for very featured water washed rock.The Wadi is very narrow in many places and has high canyon walls. Most of the rock is untouched and unexplored.

Different areas of the Wadi are shaded at different times of the day; certain portions are shaded all day. It stays much cooler here then many of the other areas in the UAE and Oman as well and there is usually a pleasant breeze flowing through all day.

Be very careful climbing in this are during the rainy season. Flash flood can occur making many areas inaccessible for days and weeks.

For a printable miniguide please follow the below link.

Getting There

Detailed Directions Provided By: Gordon Rech (Thanks Gordon)

Direction to Dibba
Take emirates road Towards RAK at exit 119 which oddly comes after exit 116
Straight after exit small road about go right (inland)
Road curves up hill at next round about go right again (no choice here actulaly0
You now on the infamous truck road this is a single lane road of death and the most dangerous part of your day so beware of oncoming idiots
Carry on straight with this road going straight through 4 small roundabouts
At the 5th round about you will be crossing the masafi RAK road go straight across this Round about to
The road now become a dual carriage again and enters the mountains and curving and heading up and then down the other side
After exiting the mountain you will enter an open plain and eventually a roundabout with a huge cement factory on your left at this round about go left heading towards dibba
You will reach a lantern roundabout go straight through this one
Will reach a dolphin roundabout next at this one go left
Your now in dibba/dabba
In dibba/dabba( map below)
The first round about you reach is next to a large mosque go straight through this one
You will enter a shopping district of dibba carry on straight till next roundabaout
This is the border roundabout go straight through this one toward the border gates
Smile at guy with gun show passport go through border
There is gas station on your left as you exit the border gates
Carry on straight road will curve through town and farm area etc
Till you eventually reach another roundabout with another large mosque on you right
At this round about go left (if you’re going DWS go right here towards port)
Carry on straight towards mountains
Just before the road abruptly ends there is a road left take this
Road will head towards dam wall
At dam wall t junction go right up steep hill
Go down other end
Tar road will end here and turning into graded dirt track
You are no in wadi khab al shamis
In wadi Khab al shamis
Zero car counter at end of tar road
The road will curve left and right through wider section of the wadi and you will eventually pass the six senses ziggy beach spa sign on your right
You will also see a new large sign stating that this road is closed to no GCC residence (yes it is closed but much further ahead)
The road drops down and turns right and left and up and follows the right edge of the wadi
The road drops down again crossing the wadi and you will see a very large square boulder on your right This is the beginning of Damien’s boulder field you can park here if your bouldering
If not carry on up short hill at crest of hill the road turns right at this spot you will notice another small car park area on the left of the road this is the parking for wadi hilti and the strip club if you are sport climbing stop here (old broken houses on right)
If not carry on down steep short hill with small village of goats on left and watering spot for goat on right
Follow the road for aprox 14 km from where tar road ended
At the 14km marked the road takes a sharp turn while crossing the wadi, on your right behind you in your blindspot is blindspot
You can park directly under crag
Carry on past blindspot you will eventually reach an area where the wadi becomes very narrow this is bend in the road crag you can also park directly under the crag
Follow the road for another 14km so 28km from end of tar road the wadi will once again get very narrow this is the narrows
There is a small parking area on the left side at the end of the narrowing

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