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Areas in Green Head Cove

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Description and History

Green Head Cove was used as a quarry back in the 1800’s. I think there was always a large cliff in this area and when removing stone they worked on the less steep rock to the left and right of the main face. When removing the rock it does not appear that they blasted it, it may have been done with pry bars or possible mild explosives leaving the cliff fairly solid with a few unstable areas. This area is right on the water, with available swimming and a small secluded beach. There is potential for bouldering in this area but is a long way to carry a crashpad with only a few problems. There is also a cave that enters the ground at about 25’ off the deck and runs approximately 300' into the hillside, it’s located in the corner of the area and requires award 5.3 climbing/scrambling to get into it.
This area receives sunlight at different times, early morning it hits most of the Left side. Then the sun is on the backside of the cliff all day. Returning in the evening covering the whole area with sun light.

The historic lime quarry at Green Head, Saint John, New Brunswick

The Green Head lime quarry in Saint John, New Brunswick includes remains of built structures and quarries preserving one of the last historic lime kiln operations in southern New Brunswick. The site on Green Head Island is owned by the City of Saint John and includes remains of the quarry, kiln foundations, wharf timbers and foundation walls of homes. During the 1800s the lime business was booming in the region. Abraham Gesner reported as many as nineteen kiln sites in operation in the early 1800s. Quarries are located in the Neoproterozoic Ashburn Formation marble of the Green Head Group. Quarry workings are found at numerous locations, the most prominent are at Green Head Island, near the Reversing Falls Suspension Bridge, at the Pokiok and Snowflake quarries in north Saint John, and east at Torryburn.
The Green Head quarry was operated for many years by Joseph and Frank Armstrong whose lime product was known throughout the Maritimes for its quality. Much of the lime produced at the Armstrong Quarry was used locally. Buildings constructed in Uptown Saint John after the Great Fire of 1877 were mortared using Green Head lime. Joseph Armstrong is noted in newspaper stories of the day as a pioneer in the development of the lime industry which was worth almost $100,000 in export trade by 1889. The quarry operation is a historic reminder of a mining industry that supported southern New Brunswick’s economy throughout much of the nineteenth century.

1,Ward Chipman Library, University of New Brunswick, Saint John, NB, Canada
2,Department of Natural Science, New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB Canada

Getting There

Head towards Milford/Dominion Park, Once on the Green Head Rd heading towards Dominion Park cross a small bridge when you get to a fork stay right on Green Head Rd. There is a trail on the right that is blocked by small boulders, directly across from Angus Street. Park here and walk the trail keeping straight until you can see the power lines; there will be a fork in the road here. Go right to stay out of the swamp. When you get to the power lines go right. Follow the power line until you reach tower #67, a trail appears on the left. Follow this trail for about 300’ the trail takes a sharp right, with a half ass trail going straight. Go straight hitting another trail, walk this trail till the top of the cliff. follow the trail to the right when you’re at the top of the cliff.

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New Brunswick Canada
Dom   New Brunswick Canada  
Good f*ckin work!! Jun 3, 2011
Ian Lingley
Grand Bay-Westfield
Ian Lingley   Grand Bay-Westfield  
Thanks man, hope to see you there soon. Jun 6, 2011
Chris Norfolk
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Chris Norfolk   Fredericton, New Brunswick
Wow. Excellent work on the development and on the history! Jun 20, 2011

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