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RoadSide Wall

Rhode Island > Arcadia Managem… > Mt Tom
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This is a great spot for an after work session, being two minutes from the car and facing southwest so it gets great lighting at sunset. Some of this ledge is seriously highball/solo territory, so a short rope may be a good idea, especially for checking the cleanliness of the top-outs, but usually the highest ones ease off as they finish. This orange and gray wall is overhanging in places and fairly long.

On the left side is a short block with the Roadside Warm-up traverse and a couple contrived but fun routes on good holds, then the highest part of the main wall, with it decreasing in height as you move right.

Further right is an overhanging section covered with chunky holds where you can contrive lots of routes, but it currently needs a serious cleaning.

Continuing right, after a breakdown, is more of the nice orange rock with half a dozen somewhat broken up routes and variations on overhanging, comfortable jugs and slopers. Not a bad spot to warm up.

Getting There

Park on the south side of the road at the top of the hill along Rte 165, west of the intersection with Mt. Tom Road. You will see some white blazes where Mt Tom trail crosses. Be really careful parking and get well off the road. You are right at the crest of the hill, visibility is bad and people drive fast here. If you need to make a U-turn, do it further down the road where it is clearer.

The wall is visible on the south side, just inside of the woods past the trailhead. The trail continues up the hill above the wall.

Routes from Left to Right

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About to move off the pinch on Heaven (Roadside Direct)
[Hide Photo] About to move off the pinch on Heaven (Roadside Direct)
1. Dell's Lemonade
2. Voyagers
3. Car Wash
[Hide Photo] 1. Dell's Lemonade 2. Voyagers 3. Car Wash
[Hide Photo] Tricycle
At the end.
[Hide Photo] At the end.
A little bit further down.
[Hide Photo] A little bit further down.
Looking back at the entrance near the trailhead.
[Hide Photo] Looking back at the entrance near the trailhead.
First View
[Hide Photo] First View
Roadside Wall at Mt. Tom.
[Hide Photo] Roadside Wall at Mt. Tom.

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M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] The Rhody Loadies, Ozone Alpine Club and friends used to climb on this wall a fair amount in the '80s. Whitey took me here early in my climbing career in the latter part of this period. Unfortunately, I don't remember who did what or know of any place where these routes have been recorded yet, so we will need to hear from them. Whitey? Ed?

The highest portion of the wall eases off near the top, but is quite high, so TRs are not a bad idea, though with adequate pads and spots you may be all right with care on your top outs. The right hand side gets less tall and has some steep juggy sections that currently need a good cleaning, but offer fun climbing. Towards the left side is a short block that has a good low traverse. Once all scrubbed up, this is probably the best single wall at Mt. Tom. Feb 9, 2012
[Hide Comment] There should be like 50 problems on this wall, even if most are drop off. The bottom of this wall looked like it would have tons of fun moves on cool holds. Feb 28, 2012
[Hide Comment] I'm sure these climbs deserve better names, but I don't feel qualified to determine them - especially since many have probably been climbed for 25 years. I'm also open to revision and critique here, just trying to get these online. Nice. Mar 25, 2012
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] Go for it, Chris. Many lines were climbed in the past, but I am not sure how many actually got named. I certainly don't remember any. I don't think anybody would mind good names, and with your theater background, you are likely to come up with better ones than most.

I am really glad to see others taking an interest in cleaning and climbing here. It gets me psyched to put some time into it. Mar 25, 2012
[Hide Comment] "Heaven" sent! Now we just have to get the "Spectacle Project" taken care of... Mar 26, 2012
Bill Sacks
Sacramento, CA
[Hide Comment] How often does this get climbed. I came across this area today when hiking and decided to check MP to see if there are any documented climbs...and here I am now. Looks like the ground is flat enough in parts to go solo with a pad, but partners are always nice. Dec 18, 2012
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] It has had a little resurgence over the last year or two, so you might run into people there, but it is fairly quiet. It is about 15 min from my house, so if I just have a little time at the end of the day I can pop over there. As we get more things recleaned it will be better. Dec 18, 2012
[Hide Comment] All of the obvious lines in the first section have been sent. A pretty high-quality area, right next to the car. Nice work, Everyone. Apr 8, 2014
[Hide Comment] I went there today and opened my pads and started to get my shoes on and I noticed that there were a bunch of spiders on or getting onto my pads. There were so many of them after getting all of them off I decided to leave. Oct 14, 2018
Jonathan Haggerty
Acton, MA
[Hide Comment] Did a line left of spectacle that I figured was the direct. The description seems to be the same for spec and spec direct though. Any locals want to fix? 4 days ago
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] To me they seem a little different, with Spectacle crossing over the direct version, but I haven't done either of them successfully yet. Any other opinioms from those who have been on them? 4 days ago
Max Taylor
Salem, CT
[Hide Comment] Spectacle shares the common, very easy sit start with tricycle and heaven, you pull on and trend left to the sloper traverse, spectacle direct starts to the left of that directly beneath the sloper on the holds Marcus indicated. The first move is a pretty big dead point to the sloper. It look like the direct also tops out direct but I haven’t been up there 4 days ago
Jonathan Haggerty
Acton, MA
[Hide Comment] So, what’s the crimp line that goes directly to spectacle’s top out? 1 day ago
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] Unless you found and used some tiny holds, it was probably Firecracker Crimps (It is harder now since a hold broke) Spectacle Direct starts barely to the left of the original way. I remember it as being pretty smooth and blank between the Spectacle starts until you got to the Firecracker holds, But I haven't been at this wall since the Fall. 1 day ago