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Elevation: 6,376 ft
GPS: 39.046, -119.948 Google Map · Climbing Map
Shared By: Blitzo on Oct 9, 2010
Admins: Justin Johnsen
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Cave Rock State Park, located on The East Shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, is home to Cave Rock. Tessie, The Loch Tahoe Monster is said to live in the lake near-by. I've never seen her. There was a climb named after her.

The rock is sacred to The Washoe Tribe, as legend has it The Washoe people would bury their dead in the lake below. A battle was also fought here between Washoe and Piute over hunting grounds and such.

People scrambled around here for years, two tunnels were blasted through the rock for Highway 50 to pass through, some routes were done, a lot of beer was drank and bottles were broken. A lot of garbage was left behind, but the rock was mostly ignorred until the 1987, when Tahoe locals discovered the true potential of the crag. The climbers came and cleaned up the area and began to bolt up new routes of high quality.

Developement started in the Kona Wall area and the Lower Cave area. A few routes were added on The West Face above the old highway. Developement started in The Main Cave in 1989.

The Washoe people decided that the tunnels were okay and also the hiking trail to the top, but rock climbing is unacceptable. Cave Rock is now closed to rock climbing and the bolts have been removed. Do not try to climb there. This is posted only for historical significance.

See also:

Cave Rock State Park website.
Closed to climbing. Details

Getting There

From Stateline/South Shore, take Highway 50 north, past Zeypher Cove. After a few miles Cave Rock will come into view. Shortly before the rock itself will be State Park parking on the left. A fee is charged.

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Todd Graham
Sierra Eastside, CA
Todd Graham   Sierra Eastside, CA
I climbed at Cave from nearly the beginning, before Dano worked so hard to make the base such a cool hang. This was a great place to climb and I am deeply saddened that it was closed. I remember seeing a very young Chris Sharma struggle up Slayer his first attempt, then nearly send it on his second. Mind-blowing. RIP Cave ... you will be sorely missed. Jan 8, 2016
AMaust Maust
Albuquerque, New Mexico
AMaust Maust   Albuquerque, New Mexico
Cave Rock was a great place to climb. Find it sad that people who cleaned up the area making it desirable were the ones that lost in the end. I had a great time climbing there back in the day.

Wonder if the thin walk around (lake side) is still there as it was in 99? Jan 19, 2014
RIP Cave..

Sadly closed, bolts removed, now sets stagnant. MOST of the Washoe tribe had thought the clean up and "patio" creation By Dano was a GOOD thing. Only a few elders were the issue.

Yet another issue was that the tribe SOLD the rock to NDOT so they could blast the highway through it. NDOT refused to enter the frey. I had previously along with help from others , revmoved all the climbs that could be seen or were above the highway lanes as requested by NDOT before the closing . That was to keep the cave open to climbing. Which id did for several months until the USFS case began. Lot of effort, fell to deaf ears. Everyone lost out.

Sep 22, 2013
Jon O'Brien
Jon O'Brien   Nevada
"The Washoe people decided that the tunnels were okay and also the hiking trail to the top, but rock climbing is unacceptable"

hmmm... i would have thought the people groping/ loving the rock itself were the MOST pious... some d-bag can drive a land rover through a tunnel that was blasted with dynamite and paved but you can't take your shirt off and clip some bolts? i smell b.s. on the wind from the north Dec 12, 2012

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