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Shared By: Ryan Goslin on Aug 29, 2010 with updates from Jake Perry
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"CAUTION: This is a popular hunting spot, if you come here during hunting season make sure you are wearing bright orange and have something bright on your pads, perhaps orange duct tape or surveyor's tape. [ COMMENT from Jake Perry ]

Bouldering near the base or Rand Mountain and Moose Mountain. The area has a good variety of problems. The Moose boulders have some mega-highballs and is a bit of a bushwhack to get there so I am going to be trying to establish some sort of trail. The grades are an estimate so they may be off a bit and some problems may need some more cleaning. Also if you want me to show you the area or want to help cleaning off some problems send me a PM.

Getting There

Park at the Ellis R Hatch(the same area as Rand Mountain) area on Kings Highway in New Durham and head up the road. The map should be helpful for the fin and swamp boulders. Ill post more detailed topos soon especially of the moose boulders, its a bit of a maze out there.

The Fin boulder is located on right side of the road on the way up to the swamp boulders about a 100 yards from the parking area.

For the Swamp boulders keep walking up the road until you see a swamp on the right. There is a hole on the left side walk through and straight up about 50 feet until you see 3 large boulders. The problem "Leaf house" is on the a boulder 50 feet up the road on the left.

For the Moose boulders keep walking past the swamp and the road will split. Go right for the south boulders and left for the north boulders.

For the south boulders continue all the way to the end of the field and head towards the mountain at the end. Follow the obvious trail, which will take you to the entrance boulder on your right. If you come out bring a brush there's a lot of potential. More topos will be coming soon.

North boulders: coming soon

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im glad someone is finally climbing out there. we have been climbing out there for a couple years but never spent the time cleaning much. enjoy the bouldering Sep 12, 2010
Kai Troester
Pepperell, MA
Kai Troester   Pepperell, MA

Can you add the GPS coordinates to the area (43.50676,-71.118114)? If that's done it will show up on the NH climbing map. Sep 1, 2011
Any new developments Ryan? Are you still cleaning stuff up here? Jun 1, 2012
Ryan Goslin
Rumney, NH
Ryan Goslin   Rumney, NH
Ive moved to Utah since a few years ago. If you need any info though just send me a message. There's some stuff way up in there and it was a cool place since I lived down the street. Check out Rand Mountain while your there too. Some cool climbing and really secluded. Jun 17, 2012
Jake Perry
Concord, NH
Jake Perry   Concord, NH
I had come out here for a day over Labor Day weekend since the place was super close to my grandparents house. It's a neat place, I couldn't find the South Moose boulders and I didn't even try to look for the North Moose Boulders. I think now I know what my mistake was for looking for the South Moose. Once I got to the end of the pond and field, I saw a trail heading up right to what I thought was a mountain and I looked around there and didn't find anything.

Instead what I believe you're supposed to do is cross the dam/bridge at the end of the pond and then head up that mountain, which is on your left if you're on the road.

The Swamp Boulders were super cool though, and there's definitely some more potential there. The Fin Boulder was also awesome.

This was a really neat little area and I definitely can't wait to come back and explore more.

Now for a note of caution: When I got there there was a guy at his car in the parking lot who had been bear trapping (which consists of a box of donuts and a motion sensing camera). He showed me some of his pictures and sure enough, he had a picture of a bear on there, eating the donuts in daylight. Secondly, that guy said he'd be shooting down south of where the trail is (away from the trail). There was another guy there who had also been getting ready for hunting season. So this is a popular hunting spot, which means you better be wearing bright orange and put some blaze orange duct tape on your pads, you don't want to be mistaken for a deer or a bear.

On the plus side, the bear trapper did say that there are plenty of boulders around in Ellis Hatch. Nov 11, 2015
Christian Prellwitz
Telluride, CO
Christian Prellwitz   Telluride, CO
Isn't bear baiting illegal? It is illegal in many places and it should be illegal everywhere. I would hardly call that hunting. Honestly, I would report that hunter and his activities to the proper authorities. Nov 11, 2015
Jake Perry
Concord, NH
Jake Perry   Concord, NH
Nope, it's not illegal as long as you have a permit. He said it was fine as long as you had a permit and he wasn't lying: wildlife.state.nh.us/huntin…

IIRC I think he was just baiting like that to see how many bears or if there were any bears in the area, I mean his camera got a picture of one, which was pretty cool to see even though you could only see the top of the bears head and its ears. It was also alarming 'cause then I had to be on the lookout for bears in case they caught a wiff of my PB&J haha. Nov 11, 2015
Christian Prellwitz
Telluride, CO
Christian Prellwitz   Telluride, CO
Well that's disappointing that it isn't illegal. Bear baiting is ridiculous. Though I personally would never want to hunt animals, I support other people's ability to do so, but it should at least actually be 'hunting' and not just baiting and waiting for animals to come to you. Where's the sport/skill in that? Nov 12, 2015