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On the south side before the notch, uphill is a 60ft. cliff with three distinct (WI 4-5) flows. I went in to the notch early in the winter before the snow was deep and camped near the trail.
(description for lower Sunnyside) - to be edited-

Getting There

After parking follow Mahoosuc Notch Trail for 2 miles to Appalachian trail and proceed 2 more miles to before the entrance to the notch. Near to here the cliff's ice flows are visible south from the trail.

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M Sprague
New England
M Sprague   New England  
Dave, if I remember correctly, the page was switched over to you to make it simpler for you to do reorganization/editing and add further information. I guess the editing never happened. I'll switch it back to Bradley if you guys would like. Edit and additional information suggestions can always be posted using the 'improve this page' button. Thanks for the very useful topos. Jan 16, 2017
I agree with Bradley; the text for the Mahoosuc Notch area is his; it was not submitted by me. Jan 16, 2017
bradley white   Bend
This makes the fourth area (I'm aware of) I submitted that retain my writing but not my identity. Unbelievable! All of my submissions with purpose were shared for share alike. That is unlike yours serves yours. Jan 14, 2017
bradley white   Bend
Man, it was long ago. I came in from the Berlin side or at Gorham. Went east on a logging road many miles to trail head that goes to the trail to the notch. It was a few miles to where I camped and a big half mile to the notch. I didn't explore much and didn't see much, so I missed out on some nice climbs. Its okay the area description. Easy place to understand topographically.
The trail through the notch is nothing but climbing through or over boulders, they are everywhere in the notch. Feb 4, 2014
I've heard from some hiker friends that there are lots of boulders in the area. Does anyone know if people have bouldered here or if a reasonable potential for development exists? Jul 8, 2013
M Sprague
New England
M Sprague   New England  
Bradley, where do you park and hike in from, Success/York Pond Rd or Grafton Notch? I am looking at maps and my old AMC guide and am having a little trouble figuring out how you got in and from which side you are approaching the notch. This is actually in Maine, correct, and the climbing is on the northern side of the notch? Feb 27, 2013
M Sprague
New England
M Sprague   New England  
Sure, if you would like, Bradley, but it doesn't look like Dave Custer has been on for a year and a half. I could send him an email if you would like, unless you would like to. Feb 27, 2013
bradley white   Bend
I would really like to get all of your fun hard work up and readable with descriptions and ascents, but I don't have areas available in the choice boxes. I was at lower Sunny side.
Hey administrators, possibly we can begin over, with these folks in command of areas, since their knowledge of this region surpasses mine, please? Feb 27, 2013
Over the past decade, Dan Cousins, Dave Custer, Jim Paradis, and Susan Ruff have extensively explored the ice climbing potential of Mahoosic Notch and climbed some 40 pitches of ice in Mahoosic Notch. We find the ambiance in Mahoosic Notch to be unique and hope that the area will continue to foster a sense of adventure in those who choose to make the pilgrimage.


o The Berlin Wall A discontinuous line of ~30 meter high ice flows, grades 2-5.

o The Main Wall Up to ~800 ft. The ice is unreliable.

o The Thules This upper band of north facing cliffs presents the greatest approach challenge; grades 2-5. A lower band of thinly iced slabs provides access to the upper slabs.

o Sunnyside lower, middle, & upper: ~30 m climbs, grade 3 to 4+. Reliable & pleasant—a good bet for a chilly day. Dec 14, 2010

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