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Access Issue: The boulder field is across farms and range land. The crag is above the boulder field on the mountain Details


This is a 800 foot (240 meter)solo mountain in a middle of coastal savanna in southern Ghana. It is almost always hot, humid, with intense sun (even if it is cloudy). There is little or no shade, so be prepared with sun protection. There is no natural water anywhere nearby, so come prepared with lots of water.

The boulder site and a the mountain crag is secluded and untouched. You will be the only one there. The crag is unestablished.

The rock is a dark, gritty igneous rock and of good quality. It rough, hard, and hot (yes, can get quite warm from the sun).

You will be sweating...a lot. It is on the west face of the mountain with full sun exposure, so bring your chalk, you'll need it.

The boulders range from seven feet to 25 feet. The faces are one or two pitches.

If coming on the bus to Akuse Junction, you will see the mountain on the east side of the road.
You can buy water and food at the junction, which is limited or take a taxi (always negotiate hard for a good fare before you get in...they have a set price for the ride, so make sure you are the set price and not being ripped off) 15 minutes west to a Somanya to get full prepared with food and water and sleeping.

2017 Update

Climbers come from accra every Sunday. To access the climbing area you should not go all the way to Akuse Junction, rather you should take the dirt junction on the right (coming from accra), marked by a signboard. The signboard says "Klowiem, traditional home of the krobo." This dirtroad will end in a parking area with some abandoned huts at the trailhead.

Access fee is paid to local farmer, Joe. Climbers have agreement with Joe to pay 7.50 GHC (about 2 USD) in exchange for him to watch the cars and maintain the trail.

It should be noted that the mountain is considered sacred by the Krobo. There is a long history of human habitation here, evidenced by pots, pot sherds, rock terraces, and old houses. Please be respectful- do not disturb the site. It is historical and sacred.

Getting There

Transport from Accra:
I will explain how to get there from Accra.
First of all, I recommend buying a guide book for the country (The company Bradt make the only travel book solely for Ghana.) Having it will help tremendously.

If using the book, follow the directions to Mt. Krobo Community Project in the Greater Accra Region in the 2007 edition of the book.
The project is no longer functioning. Akuse Junction is about 2 miles (3km) past Mt. Krobo Community Project.

In Accra, the Capital city of Ghana, get to Tema Station (the official name of the station is Tudu Station, but everyone calls it Tema and the Tro Tros {public transportation vans throughout the country} yell "Accra Accra Accra" (which is slurred together and sounds like "craw craw craw") and have an arm out the window with finger pointed toward the sky with the full arm going up and down while yelling.

Once at Tema Station (in the central part of Accra) ask for the tro tro going to Ho, or Hohoe, Kpong (pronounced "Pong"). The crag is on the road to all of these towns.

Tell the driver that you want to drop at Akuse Junction and make sure to remind him along the way. It is about 1hr our of the station.

You will have to pay for the entire ride, even though you are getting out early. It is just how it works. Try to get a car to Kpong because it is the closest to Mt. Krobo.

After getting down at Akuse Junction and getting permission to go to the mountain, you will see the mountain about 400 meters from the road. It is flat over medium high grassy plain. This is to the bouldering site...easy 10 minute walk.
Up to the rock faces on the mountain is up a steep slope covered in tall (up to 9ft tall)Guinea Grass aka Elephant Grass that is very thick and difficult to walk though. You may want a cutlass or machete to get through it. From the base of the face it is about 20-30 minutes from the base. It is not an easy hike but the view is great.

Getting Back:
Get back to Akuse Junction and wait for a car going back to Accra. If you are not at Akuse Junction you can stand on the side of the road and when you see a tro tro coming you can point a finger to the sky and move are arm up and down indicting you want to go to Acrra.
If a car as room they will pull over. If they do not have seat available they will often flash their lights or the driver will wave. Akuse Junction will be your best bet.

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