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No we are not in Spain the land of pristine sea cliffs ripe for climbing... We are in New Hampshire, so when it comes to DWS (deep water soloing) we take what we can get... The quarries in the hills of concord are known more as a party spot for sketchy characters than for climbing but there is climbing to be had for sure...

There are 2 water filled quarries that i spent a lot of time at in my younger years and have since revisited and climbed on bit... The Little Quarry and the Big Quarry (i know, nice names) neither are fully legal to use as far as i know but if you just don't do anything to silly no one will bother you... The climbs at the little quarry are bouldering sized from 5-15 feet... At the big quarry you are looking at up to at least 40 feet for the higher ones...

Is it great rock? No... Is it pretty? No... Is it fun? HELL YES!!! i just love climbing and getting to fall in to water...

So WARNING!!! watch out for broken glass!!! Watch out for sketchy locals!!! Watch out for rocks below the water line!!! for the most part the falls are safe but it should go with out saying that you need to check the falls and don't assume anything...

Getting There

The crux is where to park as all the good spots are posted no parking or no trespassing... Being a concord local i've got my spots but im not sure of the best way to get in to the trails legally... There are trails all over the area for walking and mountain biking... check out the map on this page and then figure your approach... the powerline trails are best... Let us know if you go there and find a good parking area and ill do the same... I used to park at the Jefferson Financial building and follow the powerlines from there but they have recently posted no trespassing signs... its a good way to go if you dont mind risking it...

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Did a little research online about the Concord Quarries and it seems that some of the Mountain Bikers use to park in the cemetery and ride in on one of the trails from there, if this is possible still I have no clue.

Also, I think it should be noted that in my research I found that the state police/prison guards have a shooting range that lies in between the two quarries. The range can be found in an old quarry that cuts into the hill side. If you look at Google map or Virtual Earth you'll see the road from the back of the prison going to the range, you can't miss it and should be avoided.

Has anyone been to the quarry that's further down the power lines from the Little Quarry, this can be found on the opposite side of the Little Quarry?

The property privately is owned by Swenson Granite and the state might have there hands in on some of it, too... Aug 25, 2009
joshua corbett
Wolfeboro NH
joshua corbett   Wolfeboro NH
good work lee i will have to check it out some time...very excited! Jan 25, 2010
Mike Robinson
Grand Junction, CO
Mike Robinson   Grand Junction, CO
I am super psyched to check this out, hopefully not as much of a mess as Rock Rimmon Jun 22, 2010
Checked this place out yesterday after work and had a great time. Just watch out for broken glass! Jun 25, 2010
Here is a picture my brother took of my 4 friends and me jumping off the cliffs at the Big Quarry in Concord, NH. We were seniors at Concord High School in 1967. We accessed the quarries from Little Pond Rd, where it was maybe a quarter of a mile in through the woods. I did try to find it again in 2007 when I was visiting from Oregon where I now live but got lost in the woods. I never did find it but got out following the power lines. Next time I visit, I will find it! Last I heard, the NH State Prison had bought the property and there was no trespassing. I was born and raised in Concord and moved to Eugene, OR in 1971 after college graduation.
Feb 7, 2012
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
lee hansche   goffstown, nh  
wow great picture! it looks so much better without all the spray paint! Feb 8, 2012
We had some great times swimming at this quarry. On the other side, we found 4 sticks of dynamite lying on the bottom in 18' of water. We didn't mess with them but did deliver them still wet to NH Explosives which was a company on South State St. They told use the explosives were still good.
We used an inner tube to float around on the water and a string with a rock, with the string knotted every 3' and measured the depth. Deepest stop we found out in the middle was either 33' or 36' (forgetful in my old age...he he). The water below us where we jumped was 22' deep so there no chance of hitting anything (except the hard surface of the water).

In my 10 years or so swimming there, I only heard of one accident where a teenager broke his leg on a fall. He was drunk and misstepped.

It was a fairly easy climb to the top...I knew every rock and grabbing and stepping place up the right side face. It was rather impossible to climb back down so if you wanted down...jump. Otherwise walk through all the brush all around to the other side. The water was always very cold but the mosquitos encouraged a quick jump. Feb 8, 2012
Ryan Barber
Rumney, NH
Ryan Barber   Rumney, NH
Ha Ha!! I totally spotted this from 93 and have been wondering about it for 6 months or so now. And after all that heat I got about the Polar Caves... May 17, 2012
Gary Kimball
Hampton, NH
Gary Kimball   Hampton, NH
Hey guys! Thanks fo helpings me out. I found a super easy way to get to the big quarry. There’s a big cemetery about a mile before the Swenson Granite place. If you go to the back of it, towards the right side I think, you’ll see a dirt parking lot. On the back of the dirt parking lot you’ll see a small path. If you follow that it’ll lead you to a bigger path in the woods. Follow that path to til you reach telephone lines. There will be a another path following those up the hill. That path should lead you right to the quarry! Aug 26, 2018