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This is a secluded, awesome pristine bouldering area, with super quality granite boulders and blocks spread out in a meadowesque setting.

Getting There

Drive I-70 a few miles west of Idaho Springs to the Fall River Road exit, head north for several miles, approximately 9, towards St. Mary Glacier. At a hair-pin turn look for Rainbow Road, hang a left on this dirt road and wind your way up, 4 wheel, bumpy, but accessible, towards the reservoir, several miles. You'll pass many primitive camp grounds, before reaching the reservoir. Park at south end of the reservoir and hike around the reservoir's right, east side following a single trailway to the opposite end of the reservoir. At the opposite end head up on the right side of the water fall. and creek eventually crossing over towards the top. Continue up, usually wild flower gardens, into the open basin and you will see the granite boulders up on the left, as well as some on the right side of the basin. Very snowy til mid or end of summer.

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bhoran Horan
Boulder, CO
bhoran Horan   Boulder, CO
The granite at in this area is quite good, see Bouldering Colorado for other areas, that are not only a pleasant, secluded bouldering experience but of the best quality of anywhere in the state. May 16, 2009
Swissco has to be one of the most scenic places I have bouldered other than that it's only so-so. There are only about 5 or 6 decent blocks with a hand full of climbs. Pretty area, but I will not be returning. Rainbow Road is 3.1 miles to the Reservoir and took 25 minutes and a high clearance vehicle is mandatory. IMHO, hike the right (east) side of the reservoir to the creek at the far end, cross over here to a well worn trail (left or west side of creek). Follow this trail staying between the falls on your right and the 200 feet junky looking rock buttress on your left soon gaining the meadow. The hike took about 40 minutes total and was not too bad. It's Aug. 16 the day was suppose to be splitter, but we got frigid wind and snowflakes instead so be prepared. Overall, better hiking than climbing. Aug 16, 2009
Bob, you have all the names for this area "I found 4 years ago" completely wrong, can you please delete the names that you gave the problems in the photos. Thanks. Sep 2, 2009
Andy Librande
Denver, CO
Andy Librande   Denver, CO
Why does it say the area is closed at the top? It seemed like the lake was a pretty popular camping area on public forest land that was being used by a very wide-variety of people. I am not sure how they could actually close the area. Sep 8, 2009
It sounds more like getting to the area is the problem, not the area itself. Sep 8, 2009
Sergio P
Idaho Springs, CO
Sergio P   Idaho Springs, CO
The road to Fall River Road Reservoir is not private. It is an old Forest Service road. The private land borders the road and is not near the boulders. If someone asks you to stop and turn around, tell them to call the Forest Service and complain. Oct 5, 2009
evergreen , co.
ropeless420   evergreen , co.
So, what's up is this area, open or closed? Mar 12, 2011
Sergio P
Idaho Springs, CO
Sergio P   Idaho Springs, CO
Open to the public, yes. Open to bouldering, no way in hell this time of year. The boulders will have snow around them till late June at best.

I don't understand why this site says it has access issues. Fall River Reservoir is a very popular fishing, camping, hunting, hiking area, etc. People go up that road on foot, skis, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, cars, bikes, you name it. Even if a forest service road crosses private land (as it often does), the road has an easement over the land. Land owners are not allowed to gate or block roads in any way. I live in Clear Creek (just down the road) and there are many old timers who will make empty threats to people for crossing their land. As I said earlier, tell them to complain to the forest service not you.
Mar 17, 2011
Hello, I have all the written documents of problems for boulders and videos I've made of Waderland/Swissco and multiple witnesses of the discovery of the area. I had landowners stop me with firearms. May 25, 2017
I have a handwritten book of all the FAs. I think 65 are mine, and the rest are from the friends. Jun 15, 2017
Golden, CO
Monty   Golden, CO  
That's great! It's be nice if you posted them. Jun 15, 2017
Derek Lawrence   Bailey
I've got to agree with Sergio - I don't see how this area could be "closed". Based on the map above, the boulders are clearly on FS land. The FS also lists Fall River Reservoir on their website providing directions which match those given above:….

This seems to be a case of someone claiming ownership of a public road. Jun 16, 2017
Oh still laughing today how about Bob Horan. I'll sell the original guide, you all know how to get a hold of me on contact. Some what priceless... 720 665 3396. Dec 5, 2017