Secluded untouched expert bouldering. Loose volcanic tuft with hundreds of route potential for the adventurous. The rock surrounds the lake in all directions. Tons of hard highball problems and lots of easy ones as well. Very wild area -- please respect the land and don't kill the vegetation. Very quiet and beautiful.

Getting There

South on I 19 from Tuscon. Take Arivaca Road exit. The exit is between Green Valley and Tubac. Take right off exit, then take next left which is Arivaca Road. Go 23 miles into downtown Arivaca, "don't blink or you'll miss it."

Take left after post office onto Ruby Road, Stay on paved road for about 7 miles and take left onto Arivaca Lake Road. Follow dirt road for a few miles to lake. Boulders and cliffs are all around the lake; the north and west sides being the best. No trail yet. It's all fresh.

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jbak .
jbak .   tucson,az
Don't assume it's untouched...Bob Murray told me about this place...25 years ago. He probably has it written up. Feb 27, 2009
JBak is once again right on.

Bob spent many a weekend down there. Mar 2, 2009
jbak .
jbak .   tucson,az
PD...I figure there's a good chance Bob has notes on the place right ? He was a pretty avid note-taker. Mar 2, 2009
He undoubtedly had notes at one point.
He was meticulous back then.

However, I think I once asked him about some stuff in other areas and he told me he'd tossed all his notes (or was thinking about tossing them...)

Claimed he'd gotten tired of lugging them around and no one would be interested anyway !

I told him to give me the books, I'd be happy to archive them.
And that lots of people would be interested. Of course he said,
yeah, but then I wouldn't want a bunch of folks at these areas anyway....

Which reminds me...

One time I met Bob down at Arivaca Canyon to do hook up and do some hiking, bouldering, scouting.

For some reason, we drove separately. I think he was going down to camp out and I had other commitments. We were just going to meet down in the canyon.

I got about 10 minutes into the hike when a very loud gunshot goes off that scared the daylights out of me. I drop behind some cover and wait. Nothing....

I start walking and another gun shot goes off.

Hasty retreat...

Bob later told me he was down stream and did hear the shots but didn't think much of it.

The odd thing was that ours were the only two cars in the parking lot.
I'll check in with him and see if by chance he did keep them. Mar 3, 2009
So, I talked with Bob.
He still has all of his notebooks but claims since they're written in diary form, they're useless to most others.

He doesn't remember Arivaca Lake but does remember bouldering at Pena Blanca lake. I remember he and Frank going to Pena Blanca a fair amount one season. I think Frank then went back to the area a number of times on his own.

Looks to me like the two areas are not the same ?

Now that's a score, finding a bouldering area in AZ or NM where Bob has not previously laid down at least a few problems. Mar 8, 2009
dale polen
arivaca, az
dale polen   arivaca, az
Pena Blanca lake has been documented in rock and road. Arivaca Lake is like 20 miles north of that lake. The whole canyon at Pena Blanca has been climbed. As well as Sycamore canyon. Great 10d trad root in Sycamore canyon by the pool. Overhanging and great gear. We have also put some routes in the Sierra Colorado's. Remote and unsafe. Have a great day. Mar 14, 2009
dale polen
arivaca, az
dale polen   arivaca, az
There is also Hells gate. There we have put together lots of very hard boulder problems. High balls for the big balls. There is literally thousands of boulder problems down here. Where is Arivaca Canyon I have never heard of it? Mar 14, 2009
Which pool is the trad route in Sycamore Canyon by? Do you have any pictures by any chance? I just visited Sycamore Canyon for the first time and the rock looks so fun! I had been wondering if it sees any action- sounds like it does! Mar 17, 2009
dale polen
arivaca, az
dale polen   arivaca, az
Its to the left, overhanging crack, right before the slabs with the water to walk threw. Aug 24, 2009