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Routes in Hunter Creek Bouldering

. V-easy 3
2 beetles & an ant V-easy 3
Achmed's Carpet Bazaar V0+ 4+
Agent Orange V2 5+
Air Supply V2+ 5+
Alchemist's Nose, The V5 6C
Alchemist, The V5-6 6C+
American Trixster V3 6A
Arete, The V2 5+
Asylum Arete V2 5+
Autobot V7 7A+
Axe Hole V0+ 4+
Bear Scrub V0 4
Beside Myself V2-3 5+
Bewilderbeast V5 6C
Big Boss V4- 6B
Big Grizz V1+ 5
Big Ideas V9 7C
Big Ideas Extension V9-10 7C+
Blades of Steel V2 5+
Boston Bruins V3 6A
Brand New Waves V5 6C
Brand New Waves Variation V7 7A+
Call of Duty V3 6A
Call of the Cosmos V3 6A
Cankle Traverse V0+ 4+
Carpet Bagger V0-1 4+
Cave Start, The V3 6A
Cheech V-easy 3
Chicago Bears V8-9 7B+
Chicago Cubs V3+ 6A+
Choice Cherry V0-1 4+
Chong V-easy 3
Circus Maximus V4-5 6B+
Closet Case V1 5
Come and Get It V8 7B
Compressed V2 5+
Cool Hand Luke V6 7A
Cop Out V1 5
Cosmos V1 5
Danger Zone! V3 6A
De-Compressor V5 6C
DeMenench V11 8A
Deckard V4 6B
Delicat-essen V8 7B
Deliverance V2 5+
Despiser, The V5-6 6C+
Detention with Mr. K V4 6B
Didgeredoo V-easy 3
Disintegration V6-7 7A+
Dot Com V3 6A
Drop Zone V8 7B
Ecocide V10 7C+
Edge, The V2 5+
Even Flow V0 4
Face Traverse, The V4 6B
Falconer, The V6+ 7A
Fall Out V7 7A+
Fight Night V3 6A
Fin, The V2 5+
Final Exam V4 6B
Flashbacks of nam V5 6C
Fozzy Bear V2 5+
Fracture V5-6 6C+
Frayed Edge of Sanity, The V0+ 4+
Fright Night V6 7A
Frostbite V4 6B
Full Court Press V3 6A
Full Traverse, The V5 6C
Gargantuan V8 7B
General Zod V4 6B
Goldfinger V10 7C+
Goldfinger Low V11- 8A
Got Slab V0- 4-
Green Fog V1 5
Grendel's Mother V4 6B R
Grizzly Adams V2 5+
Grond V4 6B
Grunge, The V2- 5+
Hang 10 V3+ 6A+
Happy Feet V0- 4-
Heel Huck V8 7B
Highlighter V1 5
Hillside Strangler V4 6B
Hold On V2 5+
Hoover Traverse, The V1 5
Hunter Green Traverse V5 6C
Inception V2 5+
Jazzercise V2 5+
Jor-El V1 5
Jumping for Jesus V1-2 5
Kodiak V3 6A
Layback V0- 4-
Little Billy Goat V-easy 3
Love Handles V1 5
Lovelace V1 5
Low Rider V3 6A
Marc-Andre's Bypass V8-9 7B+
Marco's SDS V3 6A
Mass Extinction V9-10 7C+
Melatonin V7 7A+
Memphis V0+ 4+
Mesacorum V8 7B
Middle Mind State V6 7A
Mini Blade V4 6B
Mr. Bailey V2 5+
Mr. Barnum V3 6A
Mr. K V1 5
Munjil V3 6A
Nate's Variation V8-9 7B+
Nate's Arete V6 7A
Nate's Undercling V4 6B
No Baditudes V1 5
Nose Var., The V4-5 6B+
Nose, The V4 6B
Oddworld V6 7A
Oh Henry V4 6B
Old Man Willow V3- 6A
One Move V3+ 6A+
Original Direct, The V1 5
Original, The V1 5
Outback V-easy 3
Pale Face V2 5+
Pale Face Direct V1+ 5
Phantom Zone V4-5 6B+
Piledriver V9-10 7C+
Pistol Grip Traverse V0+ 4+
Prawn V6 7A
Precious Metals V2 5+
Presstoe V3 6A
Project Grizzly V8 7B
Purple Haze V1 5
Pyramid Traverse V1-2 5
Quinn's Traverse V3 6A
Razors Edge V4 6B
Re-Education of Mr. K, The V4-5 6B+
Reefer Madness V2 5+
Road Side Slab V0 4
Rock n` Roll Over V-easy 3
Root Canal V3- 6A
Sanity Slab V0+ 4+
Scimitar V8-9 7B+
Seamstress V3-4 6A+
Shelf Left V0 4
Shining, The V4 6B
Shopping For Blood V8 7B
Shredder, The V3+ 6A+
Sleight of Hand V5 6C
Slight of Foot V3 6A
Slight of Name V1 5
Slight of Pie V4+ 6B+
Sling Blade V4- 6B
Smallville Traverse V2- 5+
Snake Charmer Low V10 7C+
Solitoodles V4 6B
Split Pea V2-3 5+
Split Tip V3 6A
Spread Eagle V2+ 5+
Squeeze, The V4 6B
Stand Alone V2 5+
Stretch Marks V2+ 5+
Summer School with Mr. K V5-6 6C+
Sweet Chin Music V5 6C
Sweet Tooth V2 5+
Switchblade V4 6B
Synergy V6 7A
T-Rex Doesn't Like Sit Starts V3-4 6A+
Thin Edge of the Wedge V3- 6A PG13
Top Shelf V4 6B
Trainspotting V5 6C
Transformer V8 7B
Trent's Arete V4 6B
Trent's Problem V0+ 4+
Tropic Thunder V4 6B
Tube Socket V5 6C
Tube Socket Low V9 7C
Twinkle Toes V4 6B
Two Moves V7 7A+
Unamed V1- 5-
Unamed (aka The Iron Cross) V8 7B
Unamed* V2 5+
Unamed** V1-2 5
Under The Wookie's Elbow V6 7A
Undercling Thing V6 7A
Unintentionally Original V3 6A
Unknown (Flake Problem) V4 6B
Unknown* V7 7A+
Unknown** V1 5
Veasier V-easy 3
Veasy V-easy 3
Wave Walker V0-1 4+
Wookie Fist Pump V6-7 7A+
X-Factor, The V1-2 5
crop duster V1 5
slippery when wet V1+ 5 R
swimming with the dolphins V2 5+ PG13
un named V3 6A
un named on seaworld V3 6A
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Elevation: 210 ft
GPS: 49.35, -121.581 Google Map · Climbing Area Map
Page Views: 23,978 total · 199/month
Shared By: Marco on Dec 29, 2008
Admins: Kate Lynn
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Access Issue: Private land Details


Large granite boulders scattered throughout a forest below a slide area. Around 130 problems ranging from VB to V11.

Getting There

Get off at the Hunter Creek exit from HWY 1 east and west. Make a right onto Laidlaw and drive for 30 sec. to the Lorenzetta FSR on your left. You can either park at the bottom or at the top of the first hill. The trailhead is about 50m up the road just across from the Road Rage Boulders.

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Classic Climbing Routes at Hunter Creek Bouldering

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Theres a fun chimney up behind hillside strangler near some super over hung climb which is hard, the chimney is exciting and easy, mantle up a lodged torso sized boulder (trust it) then chimney up spread eagle over the boulder, !Dont fall! , 5.4 difficulty with a fun descent. the name Black Beard seemed suitable if there isnt another already. 5 star Classic. Jun 17, 2010
Theres a fun chimney up behind hillside strangler near some super over hung climb which is hard, the chimney is exciting and easy, mantle up a lodged torso sized boulder (trust it) then chimney up spread eagle over the boulder, !Dont fall! , 5.4 difficulty with a fun descent. the name Black Beard seemed suitable if there isnt another already. 5 star Classic. Jun 17, 2010
Directly behing The Aussie Boulder some burl hunters cut down a big tree, they left their native pride hat and shit on the ground.... BUT theres a clean fun boulder over there and I was wondering if it has a name? Jul 1, 2010
It might be called the Mr. K boulder. Jul 21, 2010
harihari   VANCOUVER
more specific directions: When you turn onto the logging road, drive almost .5 km up the road. park here. you will see a small boudler on left hand side of road-- this leads in and the first problem you will see is a superb V10 Oct 2, 2010
Anyone have an idea of the name of the climb to the right of Mesacorum? Nov 4, 2010
Mr. Majestic. Starts down and right of the thin flake on slopey edges. You have to traverse through the thin flake to the jug. Finish is not too hard. Nov 10, 2010
Solitude Boulder received a serious cleaning two weekends ago in the rain. A bit more moderate scrubbing and some detail scrubbing after should have the boulder in top shape! Feb 21, 2011
Cleaned up the "Closet Case" boulder, looks like theres more lines yet to be climbed on it, or have been climbed? Mar 31, 2011
There is only one problem (Closet Case) so far, but the prow would be an awesome project. Apr 2, 2011
The Road Rage area is looking good. Apr 10, 2011
Mr. K  
FYI: You can pick up a Hunter Creek Bouldering Guidebook at Project Climbing Centre in Abbotsford. Apr 10, 2011
The "cave" start on the boulder to the left of "Big Boss" is clean and needs to be sent. small edges and a under cling with big moves to sloappers. There is potential for a classy climb there. Apr 21, 2011
Rumor has it that a few people decided to camp at Hunter during the Easter weekend. Just a reminder that the boulders are on private property and the privilege to climb there can be taken away at any time by the landowner. Camping and building fires are probably not the best things to do there. If camping is your thing then other legit places are nearby. Please try to keep your presence low key, and remember that it would only take one unfortunate experience to ruin it for everyone. Apr 23, 2011
Mr. K  
mosquitoes were horrible the other night and sent us home quick. Jun 29, 2011
Found a shoe at the goldfinger trailhead, It was getting rained on and a slug was living in it. If you want it let me know and I will get it to you. Aug 28, 2011
Spotted a bear on the main road this afternoon at the lower parking lot.. Apr 28, 2012
Kale and I put up three new warm up problems at the bottom of the talus field just to the left of the top shelf. We are not sure of the name the boulder was given so we've been calling it the Self Esteem boulder. The far left is the Cankle traverse V0 which starts low and moves up left on really good holds and then exits out the valley. Just to the right of that is Stretch Marks V2/3 which starts on a blocky crimp at shoulder height and moves through the dish with no hands but good feet paralleling the thin crack (hence the name) and exits the same valley. The third is Love Handles V1 which starts to the right on two obvious shoulder high big love handles (again, hence the name) with a high right foot and heel hooking the large low side pull, move up left and exit the same valley. Please climb them and confirm or refute the grades. May 20, 2012
Mr. K  
Head ups! The logging road is active again. Oct 7, 2012
I was out at Hunter for the last 2 days. Perfect conditions...the stick was amazing. I added a few pics to the photo gallery from The Falconer Boulder. Just a few projects to get stoked for in the upcoming season. Jan 13, 2013
Mr. K  
Unfortunately, much of the bear skull boulders are currently unclimbable as they are covered in tree debris. Looks like someone cut down a tree in the area and left behind a huge mess of branches, etc. Sep 14, 2014

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