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This group of boulders is located on a peninsula at Lake Juliette between Macon and Forsyth. Though countless people as far back as the Ocmulgee may have scrambled over these boulders the individual who finally put Juliette on the climbing map was a Macon local named Rodney Selman. Rodney started climbing here around 1984 and had the place basically to himself for several years. Rodney put up Rock Till You Drop and the name and route has lived on since. He credits Trey McCombs for introducing a second generation of climbers to Juliette and for the original name of his first route surviving.

Lake Juliette is a 3,600 acre reservoir owned by Georgia Power. A coal fired power plant looms over the lake and is said to be the largest in the United States. It's a pretty impressive sight and if you are green sensitive it might be tough to look at. But don't worry, the water is probably cleaner here then any other lake in GA (seriously). The land surrounding the lake is part of the Rum Creek WMA (Wildlife Management Area) administered by the Georgia DNR. If you google Rum Creek WMA or Lake Juliette you can find out more info about both. There is a good bit of rock on the peninsula with a handful of them worth climbing. The rock quality is generally good and I believe it is sandstone or something similar.

Most of the problems here are overhung and provide a good workout. Most are short but there are some intersting routes with a few longer traverses. There are also possibly routes over the water. I'd advise a lot of caution though because there are old stumps and rocks under the water. When the lake is high they are hard to see. When the lake is low you can get to all of the shore line boulders withought getting wet. The top attraction here is a route called "Rock Till You Drop". It's a 20ft overhang that faces the lake. It's buggy at the very top but make sure you have a pad or two and some spotters. The crux is in the middle but if you fall topping out you could break something easy.

Overall it's a fun place to get a work out in and it's quicker to get to than Hitchiti if you are in the Macon area. If you visit please remember to clean up after yourself and be respectful. The rocks are on public land in the WMA but there is no reason to draw any negative attention to climbing here.

Getting There

Best bet is to google Lake Juliette and look at a map. If coming north out of Macon the easiest way is to take GA Hwy 87 (Riverside Dr.) up to Dames Ferry Rd (Hwy 18). You can also take Hwy 18 from Forsyth which should be exit 185 on interstate 75.

There are two ways to get to the boulders. Oneth by land, two-ith by sea...(or lake). If you want to park and walk to the boulders then check out the lat long coordinates on this page to see what peninsula the rocks are on. Just a few hundred yards west of that peninsula you will see what looks like a pull out on the lake side of the road. There is a sign in the bushes that says it's Rum Creek WMA and no vehicles are allowed past that point. Do not park anywhere else! I believe it is fine to park here if you act responsibly. You can follow the shore line around east until you find the rocks (if the lake is low enough). The other way is to go back east down the road until you see a trail (the water will be really close to the road). Stay on the trail or close to the lake. There is private property around. Please be respectful and don't ruin it for others. There are plenty of do not park here signs on the road. Don't park there. Also on the other side of the road is hunting club land. Hum the Deliverance tune in your head to remind your self not to park on that side.

  • *Update** The WMA has put a fence up at the unofficial parking area described above. I have not spoken with anyone about it but I imagine it was because people were driving down towards the lake there and making ruts and mudholes. (not climbers) There is still room to park in front of the fence for 2 cars maybe but I do not know if this is welcomed or not. If you do park there (at your own risk obviously) just please be respectful, safe, and keep it clean. So far I haven't had any problems.

The other more scenic way to get to the boulders is by boat. A canoe or kayak would be fine. If you continue north on Hwy 87 you will find the Rum Creek WMA boat ramp and parking area on the left. It's 3 bucks to park in the lot and use the ramp. Again use the lat long to pinpoint the right peninsula. It's really just a straight paddle across the lake. It takes about 30 minutes in a canoe to get to the rocks. It's a nice paddle across and you don't have to worry about where your car is parked. There is also a campgound near the boat ramp.

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thanks for sharing - cool info! Dec 16, 2008
I was contacted recently by Rodney Selman, a Macon local, with some great info about the history of bouldering at Juliette. I've updated a few things throughout the site to reflect the new info. It's great to hear about the history of an area even one as small as Juliette. If any one else has any info about climbing at Juliette I'd love to hear it and incorporate it into this site. Oct 28, 2011
My daughter and I took a trash bag with us today because it had gotten pretty bad out at the rocks. To our surprise it had already been completely cleaned up. Big thanks to whoever took the time to pick up out there. It may have been some fellow climbers or perhaps the WMA folks but if you are out there please don't leave trash and pick some up if you see it. Nov 18, 2012
It wasn't the WMA, we pulled 4 full grocery bags (and a lawn chair) out of the area on our way out a couple days ago. You're welcome! Nov 18, 2012
Awesome caleb r! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I know it's not climbers leaving trash at the rocks but it's great that climbers care enough to pack it out. Nov 20, 2012
James Green
Raleigh, NC
James Green   Raleigh, NC
The boat ramp fee, for the scenic route, is now $5 for the day. Dec 7, 2015
Hi! My name is Sumner and I am doing a project for school about conserving and protecting the Juliette Boulders. I’m 11 years old and in 6th grade. I enjoy climbing, hiking, kayaking, pretty much anything outdoors! I’m also a competitive gymnast. Over about a month, I’m going to be telling you guys about why you need to conserve and protect the boulders and suggest some ways to do so. Oct 22, 2017
As you know, many people go to this area for rock climbing, fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, and camping. The boulders are in the Rum Creek WMA property, so if they think that the trash pollution has gotten out of hand, they have permission to take away our privilege to go there. This makes protecting and conserving this area very important because we have so many different activities that we enjoy doing there. Oct 27, 2017
Animals such as deer, turkeys, doves, waterfowls, coyotes, ring-necked ducks, lesser scaups, Eurasian teals, Canada geese, and mallards also thrive here. If they mistake the trash for food, they might get very sick. This could result in the food chain getting unbalanced. If the food chain is unbalanced, this could also affect the hunters and fishermen and women. Make sure you keep it clean there and respect the environment! Nov 1, 2017
Some trash pollution could contain harmful chemicals. If these chemicals seep into the ground, this would affect all the organisms that need the soil, from trees to worms. This would result in a major change in the environment there. So, this just gives you another reason to not litter! Nov 4, 2017
However, there are ways to help! You can start be not littering in the first place. There is absolutely no reason to just leave your trash there. It can be harmful to everyone for multiple reasons and it will not hurt you to wait and throw it away or recycle it when you get to a place that you can. You can also try to pick up the trash when you find it. Try to bring trash bags (And recycling bags!) so that you can help clean up while you’re there. One more way to help is to try not to over-fish or over-hunt. If you do, this could cause the food chain to go unbalanced. Nov 9, 2017
On Saturday, November 18, 2017, I'll be hosting a clean-up day for the boulders at 2 PM. Please come help clean up so that we can keep the privilege of access to this area and keep the environment and its inhabitants safe! If it starts raining, then we will try again on Sunday, the 19th, at the same time. All you have to do is bring a trash bag and pick up whatever you find! If you want, you can bring a separate recycling bag for any recyclable items you may find. Nov 13, 2017
Very glad to see an organized group of climbers willing to take action. If I didn't have to work, I'd be there this Saturday. Super stoked to know there's climbing in middle Ga.! Thank you to Rodney and everyone who have worked this area, established routes and strived to keep it clean. Access is never guaranteed ! Nov 13, 2017
After a nice long run in Georgia my family and I have move out to Colorado. I was glad to see this area get documented a little and get a few more climbers visiting. If anyone would like to take over ownership of this page or the Hitchiti Boulders page I think that would be a good thing. I think the best thing to do would be contact the Admin (saxfiend) at the top of the page and we can coordinate a swap. Aug 28, 2018