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Vernal Area



Vernal is somewhat like a little brother of Moab's. The surrounding area is filled with mazes of sandstone walls and towers poking up here and there. Instead of the La Sal Mountains, the Unita Mountains make the back drop of the area. The Green and the Yampa Rivers flow nearby eventually converging.

In the area there is good mountain biking, the Green and Yampa Rivers are popular for white water rafting and kayaking, and of course there's a lot of rock for climbing. However, most of the rock isn't of the best quality, desert adventure climbing could be a good way to describe it.

The only routes that I am aware of, are the few that are in Bjornstad's Desert Rock IV. Most of these were put up by Jim Detterline in the 80's, this means many of the anchors are over 2 decades old in very soft rock...

All of the climbing I've done in the area, felt like no one has even climbed the route since the FA, so as far as other climbers hogging the routes, well, that's not an issue at all. Expect seclusion, loose rock, missing anchors, tons of opportunities for new routes and adventure!

Getting There

From Salt Lake take I-80 E to 40. Head east on 40 for a little over 2 hours and your in Vernal.

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Poop-Deck.  Central Battleship.  Vernal.  FA?
[Hide Photo] Poop-Deck. Central Battleship. Vernal. FA?

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[Hide Comment] Its good to see some vernal routes up here on MP! Jun 11, 2010
Mitchell Allen
Little Rock, Arkansas
[Hide Comment] Yes it is!! Go climb them and add more! :) I never got to all the good stuff because I'm a 5.8 climber at best. Oct 30, 2013
[Hide Comment] So what Vernal really has is great sandstone bouldering out by Ashley Creek and Spring Creek. The bouldering at Ashley Creek is V0-V3 with some harder ones (first ascents) waiting for those that can and are bold enough. I did 100 + back in 2007 when I worked there for 2 years.

To get there. Coming down the hill into Vernal on US 40, turn right toward Maeser (mile marker 141) For Ashley Creek, drive 9 miles and take main dirt road to the left for another 1.4 miles and park. Boulder are along hillside and in flats to the left. From the near side, about .2 miles before the main trunoff take the low impact dirt road. In spring conditions can be very muddy for this opiton.

For Spring Creek, drive 8 miles from US 40 and take the road angling right for .3 miles and find parking pullout that allows you to drop down the hillside a short way and cross the creek (wet or dry). Walk parrelel to cliffs on right for .5 mile and up hilly sections angling a little to the right. You will come to isolated easy problems (to v3-4) but then deep ravines boulders (one 30 ft high) and very hard bold looking problems many with perfect landings or on soft dirt. Most were too hard for me (to even consider). Other accesses to this area are definitely across private land. Sep 26, 2014
Charlie B
[Hide Comment] Anyone have beta on Blue Mountain/Stuntz Ridge/Point of the Pines?
Looks like some big sandstone formations back there. Sep 8, 2015
[Hide Comment] Check out Dry Fork, it's solid sandstone, tons and tons of potential, let's get some First Ascents out there and get some established routes. And don't forget after you send it, get it on here so we can all enjoy it. Awesome Bouldering and Insanely Awesome Trad. Oct 4, 2015
Mitchell Allen
Little Rock, Arkansas
[Hide Comment] CBOSS, I have hiked around most of the flatirons on Blue Mountain and climbed a few of the routes. I will DM you some more information.

Mitchell Aug 27, 2016
[Hide Comment] Anyone in Vernal have more information on bouldering in the local area? Specifically more information about dry fork and better directions for spring creek? Apr 5, 2017