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Graveside Matter Wall

Utah > Cedar City > Cedar Canyon


It has good limestone and has steep slab climbing to vertical and overhanging routes.

The area is surrounded by a mixture of aspens and pines. It gets morning shade and late afternoon sunshine.

Climbable from spring to fall.

Getting There

Drive up Cedar Canyon Road 9.3 miles, park at the pull out on the left. The parking area is below the Adventure Climb area (also know as Rappel Area Wall). Go left around the corner of the wall. Follow trail up past a large obvious boulder. Cross the stream continue walking up the trail a few hundred yards. Look for a small trail heading to your left and down towards the stream. Cross the stream and walk up to the wall ahead. You will see the memorial cross that gives the area its name off to the left of the wall. The cross commemorates the site of a rappelling death in 1996.

It is a 5 minute approach.

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Rough overview of the area
[Hide Photo] Rough overview of the area
close up of upper and lower tier
[Hide Photo] close up of upper and lower tier
Lower and Upper Tier
[Hide Photo] Lower and Upper Tier

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[Hide Comment] The one with the right traverse to start and then up is "too much cock, not enough lycra". I thought it was 11c. Oct 26, 2009
[Hide Comment] You can access more routes by hiking west along the rim from too much caulk not enough lycra. They are on the rim above the road.

As far As "Too Much Cock, not Enough Lycra" Its solid 12a (especially if you are short). It been established at this grade for a long time. Nov 2, 2009
[Hide Comment] This is a wonderful area, and the short hike in is worth doing even if you are not going to climb. It is a beautiful, secluded, forest-y area with the background noise of a running stream, and great rock to boot.

Does anyone have any photos to post? Nov 10, 2009
St. George, Utah
[Hide Comment] Question: Does anyone know about the line bolted out left of the main wall? so hiking left from the main wall, after going under that tree branch/root thing, there is a line that is STOUT. it's the farthest left climb, way out by itself. and I cant find a name or a rating for it anywhere. I've climbed all the 5.12's at graveside, and this thing is a beast of its own. I had to bail like 4 bolts up. If anyone has ANY info on this climb I would really appreciate it. I've started projecting it but have no decent idea as to the grade or who to give props to for bolting it. May 16, 2014
[Hide Comment] My party and I climbed every route minus the upper extension route on the lower tier. The amount of bolts per route is unusually high, very tightly placed and extremely protected. I Z-clipped for the first time ever outside. That being said the climbing was really good and in a great location on some awesome but soft rock. excited to go back. Jul 10, 2017
[Hide Comment] 150 feet car to crag. Someone installed bolts like they were free. Nothing here warrants a PG-13 rating in my book. Would recommend a visit. Great spot to learn to lead sport. If you are a 5.10 climber, climb the 5.11s here as the ratings are a bit skewed to boost confidence in my opinion.

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Rock Climbs of Southwest Utah and the Arizona Strip by Todd Goss Oct 25, 2018