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Brindle Falls

Wyoming > Shell Canyon


A small falls across the gorge from Highway 14. It can barely be seen from the highway just down-canyon from the Shell Falls overlook. It is a high volume flow that is only consolidated after extended cold temps. There are three distinct lines that can be taken, all ending in tree/shrub belays.

Getting There

Two options:
1-park at the Shell Falls overlook, walk down the road (down-canyon)a short distance and drop down a steep hill to the creek, cross if properly frozen, slog up the hill to the falls. Most direct, but most work.
2-locate a small dirt/gravel road about 1 mile or less up-canyon from the Shell Falls overlook on the left (if going up-canyon) and drive as far as your vehicle will permit on this. Park and walk the road, which traverses the hillside, until above the falls and then drop down to the climb. Longer but easier, may help to look at a map or get your bearings from the Shell Falls overlook before approaching.

Routes from Left to Right

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Brindle Falls.
[Hide Photo] Brindle Falls.