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Eastern Highlands



Climbing is Northeastern CT is far from a destination, although some good stuff can be found, especially if it is your local place (read: Attend UConn)

Getting There

I-91 and I-395 make up the terminus of this region while I-84 and Rt 2 provide access to many areas with realitve ease.

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Rich going for the crux move.
[Hide Photo] Rich going for the crux move.

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[Hide Comment] All these areas are great for toproping. Fifty footer is the steepest and hardest of them all. If you wanna practice some moderate leading wolf rock is decent. If you can't find a partner pothole hosts a good 5.10 traverse across the whole formation and some individual boulder problems. I never climbed at ross rock...or I just don't remember it.
The best climbing gym is an hour away, Prime Climb in Wallingford CT. Those guys know what they're doin.

I started my climbing "career" on these rocks and I glad I moved out west. I'll be surprised if anybody even reads this. Apr 25, 2008
M Sprague
New England
[Hide Comment] Connecticut's first 5.13 sport route is located in NE Connecticut.

;) Jun 18, 2008
Meghan Twohig
Minturn, CO
[Hide Comment] For 5 minutes away from a great university campus, you can't hate too hard on 50-foot. I got strong enough there to climb my first 5.12 in CO

and besides its CT, there's always more the locals aren't talking about :) Feb 3, 2009
Pal Pocsi
Budapest, Hungary
[Hide Comment] Today I climbed at Pot Hole and I have to say that while it's not a destination crag, it was quite fun. Apparently it's on private land but the owner is OK with climbers as long as they are respectful. Some of the routes offer good protection and can be lead. Setting up top ropes is easy if you have some long sections of webbing or static rope. I haven't been to 50 Footer yet or Ross Rock but Wolf Rock is a great spot and that is open to public use. Nov 29, 2009
North Kingstown, RI
[Hide Comment] I'm suprised that there isn't any mention of, and more climbing at, Ross Rocks in Killingly. There are cliffs there 80 ft high. It is largely frequented by Rhode Islanders but it is in Connecticut. Dec 2, 2009
Pal Pocsi
Budapest, Hungary
[Hide Comment] Wow, those pics of Ross Rocks look great Brian! I'll try my best and get out there soon to check out some of the routes. Do you know the protection ratings of any of the routes? Dec 7, 2009
North Kingstown, RI
[Hide Comment] Pal Pocsi,
There are a few well protected routes there. The 5.5 and the 5.8 "Slippery When Wet" on the Parking Lot Wall, the 5.9 "Good Book" around the corner take adequate gear. The 5.8 roof on the Party Wall is leadable but probably PG-13. This is assuming that you are competent/experienced at placing gear. And remember that these are Connecticut ratings. For example the 5.8 crack on the Parking Lot Wall takes great gear but it has to be placed while hanging/jamming in a tenuous position. I know of one broken ankle that occurred on this climb because the guy was leading above his competent grade level.
Brian Dec 9, 2009
Ed L
[Hide Comment] I also started my climbing career in the Storrs area. No matter if I'm camped in Indian Creek or at the bottom of the Black, Pothole and Wolfrock will always have a special piece of my heart. I always pack my shoes when I travel back to Mansfield. I have broke in more than one pair by standing in the Fenton river below pothole. The ROOTS! Tome Sellec, where are you climbing now? Mar 30, 2010
[Hide Comment] Where is ct's first 5.13 sport route in NE connecticut? Jul 23, 2012
North Kingstown, RI
[Hide Comment] >>By Devin Kelly
>>Jul 23, 2012
>>Where is ct's first 5.13 sport route in NE connecticut?

On heavily posted private property. Jun 11, 2014