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Duluth Bouldering

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Duluth, Minnesota, is home to around 90,000 people, a small number of whom are climbers. With local climbing areas, boulders, urban ice, a public gym and three university gyms, plus a kick ass climbing shop and a number of fine pubs, Duluth is a great spot for northern living!
In addition to climbing, skiing, trail running, kayaking, surfing, mountain biking and more abound!
Within driving distance are the North Shore climbing areas, Sandstone, Taylor's Falls, Redwing, Thunderbay, Nipigon and more!

Get gear and beta at Vertical Endeavors. Get beer at Fitger's Brewhouse, Sir Ben's, or Carmody's Irish Pub. Get food at Burrito Union or Pizza Luce.

Getting There

Look at a map of Minnesota. We are the big black dot at the tip of the bay on lake Superior!

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Skyline area bouldering/climbing (Piedmont)
[Hide Photo] Skyline area bouldering/climbing (Piedmont)
Little Fox Canyon and Fox Rocks bouldering/climbing
[Hide Photo] Little Fox Canyon and Fox Rocks bouldering/climbing
Welcome to Duluth...Enjoy your stay!
[Hide Photo] Welcome to Duluth...Enjoy your stay!

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Justin Edberg
duluth mn
[Hide Comment] Alot of people have been climbing in places that are closed please don;t climb in these areas, we have plenty of GREAT rock, and you give climbers a bad name. Sep 21, 2008
Duluth, MN
[Hide Comment] I second Justin's comment. Plenty of local climbing does not involve trespassing or topping out on people's decks. Stick to what is legit, please... Sep 23, 2008
chris deulen
Castle Rock
[Hide Comment] Duluth: More climbing than France! Oct 6, 2008
[Hide Comment] Due to the development of many new climbs this summer in the Duluth area (about 60 new climbs in Little Fox Canyon, Postpartum Wall, and the Piedmont roadside boulders alone), there has been some concern expressed about the quality and/or difficulty gradings on some of these boulder problems. Due to the fact that they're so new, many of these new routes have seen only one or two ascents, and we all want to make sure that as we post these climbs, they are honest and accurate. Is Duluth worthy of a 4-star climb? Are these gradings consistent with other bouldering areas around the state, around the country?

I think the great thing about having tools like this website is the fact that gradings are open to critique and change. My hope is that as many people as possible will get out to see some of these areas for themselves and make their opinions known. The more critique the better. So, enjoy, and let us know what you think! Oct 19, 2008
Duluth, MN
[Hide Comment] Agreed! And a HUGE thanks to everyone who has put in time, blood sweat and tears to make Duluth a better place to climb!
We have a good stack of the topo maps that Chris Harkness made up down at W-Trek...come get one! Oct 21, 2008
Andy Golz
Duluth, MN
[Hide Comment] Has anyone tried to clean up any climbs at Split Rock SP? Mar 6, 2009
Duluth, MN
[Hide Comment] Split Rock is closed to climbing (at least the cliff propper is). Some of the boulders in the camp ground look promising and there are a few out croppings along the trail. Haven't asked about those as the Split Rock policy seems all encompassing. Mar 7, 2009
[Hide Comment] Hey i'm just starting out. Wondering if someone with some time could through up some clearer directions on the stuff at Hartley nature. When the snow leaves i'll go explore and probably find'em but if you'd be so kind, help me out haha. Mar 8, 2009
Duluth Mn
[Hide Comment] Muns drop me an e-mail and I can give you directions right from your place to both areas. Mar 12, 2009
Peter Dodge
Duluth, MN
[Hide Comment] Peter's Guide to Duluth Bouldering is on sale! Only $15. Stop by Vertical Endeavors in Canal Park to buy a copy. It has over 350 routes with descriptions, pictures, and maps. Dec 10, 2011
Duluth Mn
[Hide Comment] Pete did a great job on this and putting a lot of great pictures. People should support all the work he put into this and buy a copy. Dec 21, 2011
[Hide Comment] Here's a short video featuring climbing at Whoopee Wall and Ely's Peak - Urban Climbing in Duluth, Minnesota Nov 28, 2012
[Hide Comment] Yo peeps! I'm going to be killing off my Climb Duluth site very soon and putting all kinds of energy into updating MP to have all kinds of pics/maps/guides/etc over the 2018 year. There is a LOT of information that is not on here, so with a little time and energy, I hope to change that so you can all be better informed on all of the rock options we have. Stay tuned, and watch for constant updates, including a new crag I'm developing... ;) Jan 5, 2018
[Hide Comment] Yaa thank you! Feb 1, 2018
[Hide Comment] If anyone is wanting a copy of the old guidebook "Duluth's Urban Cragger" or the newer guide "Peter's Guide to Duluth Bouldering" just shoot me an email at Mar 30, 2018
Brent Haglund
Minneapolis, MN
[Hide Comment] Where do people boulder mostly out of all the Duluth areas?
First time here to boulder & holy moly it’s almost all moss at South Hartley. Aug 16, 2019