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Shared By: lee hansche on Jun 14, 2007
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This is one of the best beginner cliffs in NH. But some how the crowds don't flock here on the weekends like they do to Rumney, Pawtuckaway, Echo Crag etc. even though many drive right by Rimmon to get to those other crags. Why? well, rock Rimmon is ghetto.
From the glass glistening on the ground and sometimes in the hold, you are reaching for to the sea of beer cans and other assorted litter. There are heckling teenagers, couples fighting in their yards, and the view of Manchester's west side right on to the millyard. That's before getting in to how the glass got there in the first place, you guessed it, the locals make a game of throwing their beer bottles off the cliff, and if they get drunk enough, they might even aim for the climbers. It doesn't have to be this way. If the park got more traffic from climbers and non-climbers the sketchy and often illegal activities would slow enough for us to make a difference. There is always some motivated local working hard to make a difference at rimmon. If enough of us take part we could win this age old battle.

So, why do people climb at Rock Rimmon anyway? Well, it's kind of like a drunken one night stand. It is actually quite fun, until you wake up in the morning and have to look in the mirror. haha.

In all seriousness, the real reason there is always chalk on the cliffs of Rock Rimmon Park is that the climbing is really fun, the rock is interesting and of perfect quality, and it is the easiest cliff to get to in southern NH. It has a slew of moderates from slabs to faces and even some cracks and a couple of more challenging routes. The location is the problem which makes a cliff that would be worshiped by the climbing community become disrespected and pissed on by punk ass city kids. Despite the clean up efforts of local climbers bent on making Rock Rimmon a nice place to climb, nothing has really changed much.

So, what do we do until we can take back Rimmon? I use the cliff from time to time, but I take a few steps to make sure I can stay safe.

-Always wear a helmet (as bottles do fly off the top).
-If there are people around that sketch you out, leave. Or call the cops if what they are doing might be illegal.
-Watch your anchor. I've heard stories of punks dropping people's ropes without a care that that might be someone's life line. if you can't see your anchor while you belay consider belaying from the top.
-Don't lunge for holds, they might be filled with glass. Climb in control to avoid cutting your fingers.
-Weekday mornings and afternoons seem to be the best time to visit the cliffs to avoid sketchy activity.

I know I'm not selling the cliff well, and I'm not trying to, but let me say this. if you took Rock Rimmon and put it in North Conway or another established climbing area, it would be the most popular beginner cliff around for both top-roping and learning to lead climb. There are solid eyebolt anchors at the top of many of the climbs from the left end slabs all the way to the steeper right hand side. So, stay safe and enjoy this cliff as Charlie Brown once said "all it needs is a little love".

Getting There

On Manchester's west side, take Bremer St west..take a right on to Montgomery St.... Then a left on to Mason St.... You will see the cliff at Rock Rimmon Park....

There are many options, but that is the basic idea....

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Anyone have the old Manchester climbing guide they'd be willing to part with or trade for. Oct 26, 2007
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
lee hansche   goffstown, nh  
i think i have a book somewhere and i will try to post more descriptions for rimmon when i get a chance... Oct 27, 2007
it is odd to look back and think of an area that was so urban, trashed and at times scary and yet a launching pad for a hack that loved the sport so much and still looks back on it fondly. thanks for raking the glass off the bottem base. Dec 9, 2008
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH
Besides face to face and the little overhang are there any other bolder problems here, for instance are there any actual boulders that are not on the cliff? Dec 29, 2008
Mike Thompson
Manchester NH
Mike Thompson   Manchester NH
im sure lee is a good one to answer that but i gotta say be careful out there. i once had a phone book fly down 5 feet from me off the top of the cliff.... and ive heard of ropes being cut Dec 29, 2008
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH
Yeah I have done some roped climbing here and toped out to find a group of teens smoking a joint just feet from my rope and the glass is horrible... but I thank you for your concern, I was hoping to find a some boulders to avoid the rope issue... Dec 29, 2008
lee hansche
goffstown, nh
lee hansche   goffstown, nh  
around the back side there is some bouldering potential on short walls though i dont know whats been done there... but no real boulders to speak of... Dec 29, 2008
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH
Ok I will investigate more in depth some time and update when I know more info Dec 30, 2008
Jay Knower
Campton, NH
Jay Knower   Campton, NH  
Christopher has scanned an old guidebook for Rock Rimmon and Manchester area rock. You can download it here. Feb 15, 2009
Dan Curry
Derry, New Hampshire
Dan Curry   Derry, New Hampshire
Anyone in the Manchester area need a partner ? Im new to NH and am in Derry and need to climb ! Jul 29, 2009
Jeffrey LeCours
New Hampshire
Jeffrey LeCours   New Hampshire  
For your location, you'd probably have a much more enjoyable time heading up 102E to Raymond, then 107W to Reservoir Rd, entering Pawtuckaway State Park.

If you're in Manchester and its rainy (again...), you might be able to find a local climber at Vertical Dreams that's itching to get outside too.

Good luck and welcome to New Hampshire. :) Jul 29, 2009
Mike Thompson
Manchester NH
Mike Thompson   Manchester NH
haha jeff i hadnt read the comments far enough and i was about to say VD aswell lol :) but ya rainy day or nor its a great place to meet locals who would love to find new partners :) me included! Jul 30, 2009
Mike Robinson
Grand Junction, CO
Mike Robinson   Grand Junction, CO
What potential this place has! Broken Glass every where, people pissin on the streets cuz they just don't care...Not really any sketchy kids there just talk to the locals they are totally fine to deal with. If your a rich hippy climber you may be intimidated by the people but you probably yell "take" a lot too. Just cuz these kids don't listen to phish and tour with Widespread doesn't mean they are any threat. Jun 22, 2010
Harrison Harb
Harrison Harb   Portland
do most of the climbs here have fixed anchors for TR? Nov 14, 2011
Ryan HInrichs
amherst new hampshire
Ryan HInrichs   amherst new hampshire
Funny story about rimmon actually, Today i was topping out on Creatures Creation to hear three teenagers crying on the phone with the police saying that there was a large man chasing them up the cliff with a knife and that they need help. Nothing ended up happening, police showed up and secured everything, but it sure scared the shit out of me. Be careful at rimmon, you never know what to expect! Mar 18, 2012
bradley white   Bend
Great cliff but Manchester's low income housing or Ghetto is its back yard. That's how it was in the eighties. Last time I was there and there was much glass on the holds. First visit had a sharp introduction to the glass Rimmon. Carried a miniature whisk broom after that. It worked well at getting the glass off of holds.
Most bottles got broken throwing them up at the cliff, from the ground. We and I, crunched on glass at the base of the cliff. Maybe the ground looks like a glass mosaic now?
Didn't need a helmet then. Place was near the ghetto and seems like the adolescent ghetto behavior has reached 'The Rimmon'. Things have definitely not improved and possibly become worse. Its sad. Very good, rock conglomerate that's not like climbing anywhere else. We and I did many routes. It was a popular free solo area except for the far right side. Sep 27, 2012
Travis Dustin
Hollis, NH
Travis Dustin   Hollis, NH
Great cliff in Manchester! I went out there today and it was not as ghetto as everyone makes it seem. It did have a TON of broken glass and trash on the ground(more than expected). Fun routes on nice rock!!!! Jul 14, 2013
Jay Morse
Hooksett, New Hampshire
Jay Morse   Hooksett, New Hampshire
Just to add to the stories: I was climbing here a few years back and had a beer bottle fly by about 2 feet from my face when I was standing at the bottom. I ran up to yell at them, and it was two young teenage boys, and they were trying to dig up a basketball-sized rock to throw/roll off. I haven't climbed there since, and don't think I ever will. It's too bad, the climbing is good and its very convenient. Oct 2, 2013
Just climbed here today. It's a great little crag in a terrible location. The local trolls are not to be taken lightly. Last year at this time, a couple of kids launched a skull-sized rock down on us as we were getting ready to lead something on the Left Side. It landed about eight feet from where we were standing. This is the first time we've climbed there since then, and the glass and assorted busted up crap at the bottom of the cliff has increased by an order of magnitude. I would advise climbing here only when school is in session. The trolls get bored easily, and they love climbers -- we make good targets. Oct 10, 2013
We are initiating a new effort to "take back" Rock Rimmon park. There are amazing trails for mountain biking, hiking, climbing or simply appreciating the view...we all know this.

volunteer help for clean up is every Saturday morning from 7 to 9am. We are currently working withrimmonheights.org to improve community awareness and actually impact the community by bringing Manchester's largest and most versatile park back to it's natural habitat for everyone to experience.

Yes! This is a lofty goal and one that can not be accomplished without interested and committed members of the community to support this effort. Help pay for the clean up or donate your time, either way, we will ensure Rock Rimmon is once again a monument of beauty.

Email me for more information on how you can help Jeffrey@granitestatevalues.com

Jun 29, 2014
Kari Post
Keene, NH
Kari Post   Keene, NH
Visited this location for the first time yesterday. As others have commented this is some great rock with super easy access, but boy is it ghetto. Broken glass everywhere and some of the best people watching I have observed outside of New Jersey. Luckily my group didn't have anyone throwing bottles at us or trying to chop our ropes. We were the only climbers there, and stayed for about 4 hours during the afternoon on a Thursday.

It would be awesome if this area could be cleaned up and become a bit safer for climbers. I'll be calling it "Ghetto Rock" until it either gets cleaned up or I find another area more deserving of the name. Jul 17, 2015
john strand
southern colo
john strand   southern colo
Amazing ,,this shithole has been the learning ground for some very accomplished climbers. Jul 19, 2015