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Cedar Canyon

Utah > Cedar City


This canyon was created by the old Lake Bonneville. The baby limestone found through out most of the canyon was formed from the lake receding and rising for a few thousand years. The rock looks like Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota, but its nowhere near as good, however there is good rock to be found here, and ALOT of choss too.

The best seasons are spring and fall but it is very possible to rock climb here in the middle of summer too.

A good but hard to find reference is Troy D. Anderson's semi-comprehensive guide, Metal In Your Head.

Getting There

From Cedar City find HWY 14, this goes through Cedar Canyon. From HWY 89 take HWY 14 to Cedar City.

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A view of Cedar Canyon from the upper tier.
[Hide Photo] A view of Cedar Canyon from the upper tier.

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[Hide Comment] It seems highly unlikely (impossible) that these limestone crags east of Cedar City were deposited and lithified through the advancing and retreating actions of Ancient Lake Bonneville for many, many reasons. The most obvious damning clue is that the town of Cedar City is 5,800 ft elevation, while the highest water mark Bonneville ever achieved at its maximum was 5,220 ft. In short, Bonneville was never even near Cedar City, let alone the limestone crags found around 7000 ft elevation east of town. Sep 25, 2015
[Hide Comment] How hot does it get here in the middle of Summer? Thinking of coming to climb here in Aug. Jul 10, 2016
karl kvashay
Phoenix, AZ
[Hide Comment] According to the Utah Geological survey maps, the rock is "Grayish-orange to yellowish-brown, generally medium- to thick-bedded, planar-bedded, fine- to medium-grained quartzose sandstone and minor interbedded, grayish-orange to gray mudstone and siltstone" Jul 1, 2018
Joe Zelman
Cedar City, UT
[Hide Comment] Karl, perfect Hahahaha Dec 6, 2018