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Tennessee Wall is one of the premier trad climbing destinations in the southeast. Located just outside of Chattanooga, it features hundreds of great routes on beautiful hard sandstone. There’s something for leaders at all levels here, from trad novices to the hardest of the hardcore. (There’s even a few sport routes, but they’re not for the faint-hearted.) T-Wall truly has enough variety to keep you climbing for years.

Route development at T-Wall began in 1984, when climbers Rob Robinson, Arno Ilgner and Roger Fleming discovered the cliffline while exploring another crag across the river. Some of the earliest lines (the first was In Sight of Power, 5.8+) were put up in what is now referred to as T-Wall West. Classics like Art, Passages and Prerequisite for Excellence soon followed, and development continued through the early 90s. New routes are still being established today, especially in the west section.

T-Wall is predominantly a single-pitch crag, though there are some multi-pitch routes, mainly in the west section. Except where noted in the route descriptions, protection tends to be plentiful, and a rack of nuts, tricams and cams up to 4” is standard. Over the years, rapping from trees at the top of the crag was the norm, but pine beetle infestations have been killing many of the trees, so use of bolted anchors is steadily increasing. If you do rap from a slung tree, don’t blindly trust it! A look at some of the fallen trees along the trail slung with old tat will drive this point home.

As a south-facing crag, T-Wall is in full sun all day. This makes it a terrific winter destination (think t-shirts in January), and a miserable place in the summer. Prime time at T-Wall is September through June.

Camping is available at the parking turn-off; this area now sports a pit toilet. There is also pay camping further down the road. One note of caution (whether or not you’re camping): there have been numerous car break-ins at the parking lot over the years. The best way to avoid being a victim is to not leave anything of value in your vehicle.

After climbing, there’s lots of good options for eating near T-Wall. As you come back down the road from the crag, don’t pass up Shuford’s Barbecue, where you can enjoy pulled pork, ribs and banana pudding as Bear Bryant looks down on you from framed photos on the wall. Back in Chattanooga, Lupi’s Pizza is another climber favorite.


A new guidebook published in 2010 is the first such guide dedicated solely to T-Wall. The Tennessee Wall: A Rockclimber's Guide by Rob Robinson will probably be considered the authoritative guide to this area, given that its author is the godfather of T-Wall climbing. The Dixie Cragger’s Atlas by Chris Watford is an alternative guidebook to have on hand. The DCA has a “pocket” edition for T-Wall alone that will lighten the weight in your backpack. If you need climbing gear, hit Rock Creek Outfitters in Chattanooga.

Getting There

Tennessee Wall is located in Prentice-Cooper Wildlife Management Area. From downtown Chattanooga, take US 27 north. About a mile after crossing the Tennessee River, exit on 127 north (Signal Mountain Road). Continuing toward Signal Mountain about 1.5 miles, turn left on Suck Creek Road (27 west). Continue about four miles (past a cement plant) to a bridge over Suck Creek and make an immediate left onto Mullens Cove Road (aka River Canyon Road). Follow this road through a residential area along the river for about six miles to the campsite parking lot for T-Wall. The trail to the crag starts a short distance from the parking lot.

Access Issues

There are seasonal hunting closures in the spring and fall. Sneak in and you risk a hefty fine, so don't do it!

Fall 2009 hunt closures:

  • Sep 19-27
  • Oct 15-17
  • Oct 31-Nov 1
  • Nov 6-8
  • Nov 28-Dec 3

Up-to-date information is also posted on the Southeastern Climbers Coalition web site.

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Chuck Parks
Atlanta, GA
Chuck Parks   Atlanta, GA
The Tennessee Wall will be closed to climbing for managed deer hunts on the following dates this fall.

September 16-22
October 5-7, 21-22, 26-28
November 3-5, 25-30 Aug 22, 2017
Greenville, south Carolina
JackWeaver   Greenville, south Carolina
Be careful to not to have anything that could be interpreted as valuable in your car. We had our window broken this week because we left a shoulder bag in sight. It only had keys and cell phone chargers in it, but driving 4 hours home with no window was still terrible. May 4, 2017
Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area will be holding managed turkey hunts on the dates listed below. The area west of Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road) will be closed to visitors except hunters on these dates. The area east of Highway 27 including Edwards Point will remain open for hiking on these dates: April 4-9, 12-14, 20-22, 25-30. - See more at:… Apr 5, 2017
Ben Greene
Asheville, North Carolina
Ben Greene   Asheville, North Carolina
Just came back from an awesome trip / weekend visiting the area from out of town, and believe I left my beloved elerid eddy device somewhere near passages or on the trail .. It's old and beat up but would love to have it returned. It's on a rounded newer metolious beaner, deff would give an awesome reward to have it returned!!

lost either March 31st or April 1st! Apr 3, 2017
Planning on T Wall for Easter weekend (April 14-16), but not clear if it's going to be closed for Turkey Hunt. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!l Apr 2, 2017
Hey, my name is kaitlyn-- it seems I have lost a ring at T WALL this weekend. It's silver and has a square labrodorite stone (blueish purple). It's very special to me. If it is found you can contact me at

Cheers ✌⭕ Mar 5, 2017
Jonah W  
I think I may have lost a #2 black diamond cam at T-Wall a couple weeks ago. If anyone finds a cam with zebra pattern tape, please contact me. Feb 12, 2017
So I hear there are some intense forest fires going on in Tennessee. Is there any threat to the climbing? Planning on coming down on Saturday for a few days. Nov 15, 2016
Never been to T-Wall before. Pretty new to trad and sport in the southeast. Was planning to bring the dog along but he is getting older and cant handle long strenuous hikes. If anyone could share info on the approach to T-Wall it would be greatly appreciated. Looked at OBED and Foster Falls as well but those look a little rough for him. Any other suggestions would be welcome as well. Thanks! May 12, 2016
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA
Yes. Unless you like bugs, humidity, ticks, greasing off holds and sweaty your ass off. But you could potentially go super early and chase some shade around corners, etc. Good Luck! Apr 14, 2016
Decatur, GA
MLuke   Decatur, GA
Prentice Cooper Hunt Dates - Spring 2016 Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area will be holding managed turkey hunts on the dates listed below. The area west of Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road) will be closed to visitors except hunters on these dates. The area east of Highway 27 including Edwards Point will remain open for hiking on these dates: April 5-10, 13-15, 21-23 and April 26-May 1. - See more at:…

T-Wall is closed during the turkey hunting closures. Apr 1, 2016
Jeff Heaton
Atlanta, GA
Jeff Heaton   Atlanta, GA
Climbed at T-wall last weekend. Trip went great with the exception of "Let's face it!". The first pitch has no anchors and a ton of sun-baked nylon webbing (see attached pictures).

Mar 28, 2016
Gordy85 Gameson
Bowling Green, KY
Gordy85 Gameson   Bowling Green, KY
We were planning to climb at T-Wall on either April 7th or 8th but I see that is during the hunting all of T-Wall closed to climbers during the turkey hunt or is there a section that remains open?

Thanks! Feb 29, 2016
Dom R
Estes Park, Colorado
Dom R   Estes Park, Colorado
The Tennessee wall, you may have never heard of it, I know I hadn't until a few months before I planned my trip. Many may opt for el Potrero or j-tree for their winter destination but, unfortunately I opted for the t-wall.

I was looking for a winter climbing trip this year and Chatt seemed like the right the place to be but, after reflecting on my journey I find that I simply had too much fun on this trip; an emotion that ruined the vacation. While climbing at the t-wall I was upset to find that the sun shines on the rock all damn day and creates a perfect environment for comfortable cragging. I also found that the crowds were just too small for my liking, the first route I climbed was the "classic" cake walk, which I was told would be taken all day but, adversely, it was bereft of people. Even the lines golden locks and razor worm were disastrously empty. Another gripe I have is that all of the lines were just too good. The locks on Cake Walk were just too damn comfy and the pro was all too easy to be considered fun climbing. Whoever payed off climbing magazine to reccomend Chatt as a fun winter destination must be one desperated SOB. The food in the city is too original and high class tasting for a dirtbag climber to eat at such a low price and there is too much craft beer at every bar.

Furthermore, and most upsetting, is that I was under the impression my car would be broken into here and it never happened. After reading forums on top of forums, along with this feed, I was led to believe that I must remove all things from car so tweakers don't steal my floor mats and my car never got broken into. Are you kidding me? I walked back into the parking lot and not a single car had been broken into. I climbed all day in hopes of having a good redneck break in story for my next freelance piece just to get jipped? I would highly recommend searching elsewhere for a winter trip. This place was all dissappointments. I hear Clack mountain bouldering in Kentucky is great this time of year. Jan 5, 2016
Clemson, S.C.
TomCaldwell   Clemson, S.C.
Alfonso, it is a paved public road. Nov 10, 2015
What is the road to the parking lot like? I have a Prius and was wondering about clearance. Any beta would help. Thanks. Oct 27, 2015
Decatur, GA
MLuke   Decatur, GA
T-Wall Fall 2015 Closure Dates

Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area will be holding managed deer hunts on the dates listed below. The area west of Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road) will be closed to visitors except hunters on these dates. The area east of Highway 27 including Edwards Point will remain open for hiking on these dates: Sept. 19-25; Oct. 8-10; Oct. 24-25; Oct. 29-31; Nov. 6-8; Nov. 28-Dec. 3. - See more at:… Oct 23, 2015
Decatur, GA
MLuke   Decatur, GA
T-Wall Closed/Prentice Cooper Hunt Dates - Spring 2015

Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area will be holding managed turkey hunts on the dates listed below. The area west of Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road) will be closed to visitors except hunters on these dates. The area east of Highway 27 including Edwards Point will remain open for hiking on these dates: Apr 7-12, 15-17, 23-25, 28-30, May 1-3..… Mar 9, 2015
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA
They all have the same basic infomation. It may depend on if you are looking for just T Wall or other areas like you mentioned. You won't go wrong with any of the three. Feb 6, 2015
Mary Wangen
Chapel Hill, NC
Mary Wangen   Chapel Hill, NC
Which guidebook to get? The book specifically for the T-Wall sounds like the most popular, but I like that the DCA book also includes Sunset; is it missing anything critical for T-Wall?

And then I found this one: Chattrad (!…), which looks really sweet, and newer, but is not mentioned in above description.

What do people think? Feb 5, 2015
Anyone lose a guidebook recently? If so message me to describe when/where you lost it and I'll try to get it back to you. Nov 26, 2014

You can download a FREE Tennessee Wall Day Guide from Rockery Press by clicking on the following link:…

T-Wall Free Guide includes:
  • Driving & Approach Beta
  • Rules & Recommendations
  • Several days of route descriptions and recommendations
Oct 13, 2014

You can download a FREE T-Wall (sport) Day Guide from Rockery Press by clicking on the following link:…

T-Wall (sport) Free Guide includes:
  • Driving & Approach Beta
  • Rules & Recommendations
  • Several days of route descriptions and recommendations
Oct 13, 2014
Kelsey Bohanon
Glenwood Springs, CO
Kelsey Bohanon   Glenwood Springs, CO
Anyone know the 2014 fall closure dates? Sep 30, 2014
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA
Prentice Cooper Hunt Dates - Spring 2014
Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area will be holding managed turkey hunts on the dates listed below. The area west of Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road) will be closed to visitors except hunters on these dates. The area east of Highway 27 including Edwards Point will remain open to the public on these dates: Apr 1-6, 9-12, 17-19, and 22-27. Mar 23, 2014
Evan Lukow
Roanoke, VA
Evan Lukow   Roanoke, VA
Closure dates for 2014 anybody? Looking to head ther late April, early May.


Evan Mar 22, 2014
Does the rock get pretty wet from runoff. For example, will the runoff from the snow make things wet this weekend? Feb 12, 2014
I'm kind of wondering about the break-ins and how to prevent them. Anyone ever tried to keep their dog in the car while they climbed? Jul 17, 2013
Does anyone know if you are allowed to have dogs at t-wall? May 24, 2013
Jr Peterson
Jr Peterson   Birdsboro
I'm gonna be in Chattanooga from the 24th to the 28th I was planning on climbing at the T wall but since it's gonna be closed is there any other trad climbing in the chattanooga area? Apr 21, 2013
Raul P  
I'm planning a trip to T-Wall in April, does anyone know if/what the spring closures are this year? Mar 6, 2013
Does anybody know the name of this route and climber? It was taken about 8 years ago. I would like to use the photos for something and I need contact info to get permission to use his image.

Feb 27, 2013
Regarding the trail to the Cibola and Valhalla end of the wall: there's definitely not a well defined start from the road. Last spring I was barely able to match a photo in the guide with a few of the big boulders by the road. After a short walk in the woods, however, a few orange ties on the trees begin to indicate a trail. Occasionally you'll run across some logs or rocks that help indicate the path as well.

It's definitely not as clean as the well packed main t wall trail, but it will save you some time compared to hiking the full length of the wall.

I have had trouble after dark trying to wander back down the trail, however. I highly recommend saving a GPS coordinate for where you park and using that to help guide your return. It's easy getting to the road, it's just turning left or right that can be the question... Jan 2, 2013
Tom Fralich
Fort Collins, CO
Tom Fralich   Fort Collins, CO
The guidebook indicates that there's another trail that accesses the western portion of the wall, between Cibola and Vahalla. We were not able to find any trail after several passes in the car and ended up approaching from the usual Paradise Falls trail. We also attempted to find the alternate route on the way out and ended up bushwacking back to the road (although there were some cairns and ribbons on trees, there was no trail). Dec 2, 2012
zFoy Foy
Asheville, NC
zFoy Foy   Asheville, NC
Has anyone had any trouble with the reported "tweakers" actually bothering them while camping/climbing, or are all these safety concerns just related to break ins? What's the camping scene actually like? Oct 12, 2012
T Wall Right Side App is out for iOS and Android. 226 routes, everything on the right side. Random route pickers, Tap Text Out, "Drive to Crag" and many other features.

App Store

Google Play (Android)

Instead of north/south/east/west we simply use "Climbers' Right". Simple click on "Trail Meets Wall" from the home screen and walk right. Easy as pie! Aug 6, 2012
Ben F, isnt it ironic that your teaching me to spell when you spelled Colorado with a K. Thought that I would point out the obvious. Aug 3, 2011
James Arnold
James Arnold   Chattanooga
"One note of caution (whether or not you’re camping): there have been numerous car break-ins at the parking lot over the years. The best way to avoid being a victim is to not leave anything of value in your vehicle."

FWIW, Crashpad hostel is open and a great place to stay and maybe even meet people to hit the T-Wall... Jul 16, 2011
Spring 2011 Closure Dates:

April 5-10,
April 13-15
April 21-23
April 26 - May 1 Mar 19, 2011
Climbable in the rain? Mar 5, 2011
Visiting the family in ATL, psyched on the T-wall! As far as I can tell, the T-wall is open this spring, no closures, right? Any recommendations for roof cracks of all grades? Mar 3, 2011
Ben F
Benfield, Kolorado
Ben F   Benfield, Kolorado

The T-Wall probably wouldn't be open if it weren't for the hunters. Also, it's "absurd." Feb 20, 2011
Not to be a dick but the hunting closures at T-Wall are ridicous!! How many recreational areas close to just one group of people, obsured! I still give thanks to keeping this wonderful crag open. Although having a Road Warrior type bomb is the only way to feel safe here. Oct 29, 2010
Golden, Colorado
willeslinger   Golden, Colorado
Seriously? North/South works fine. If you want to drag your Spot up there and rename the place, hell, you could divide every climb up ("well,this one faces slightly south by east at blah de blah degrees"). Or you could just climb and not worry about it.

Out-of-towners can always ask if they're having trouble finding a route. It's not like the place is going to be lacking in experienced tradsters this fall. Oct 7, 2010
There is no North or South section at The T-Wall. The cliff is south-facing and runs almost perfectly West to East (left to right) as you are facing the Wall. It would reduce confusion if this site were organized according to the names of the different areas at the crag--Cibola, Paradise Lost, Paradise, The Wastland, Orange Blossom, Lost Blossom, ect. Not only is North/South geographically incorrect, it also ignores names of the different walls at the cliff. "West" and "East" would be an improvement, but even then the cliff-line is way too long to simply be divided into two enormous sections. Please at least break the cliff up into major sections--Cibola, Paradise to Valhalla, The Wasteland, The Orange Blossom Wall, and East and Lost Blommom Walls. Oct 4, 2010
Does anyone have fall 2010 hunting closure info for the T? Oct 4, 2010
Stephen Carlos Rydalch   Golden, CO
Thank you for the comments. Overall I'm glad all I lost was some random backpacking and climbing gear and our safety was never compromised.

I'm encouraged to find out that climbing at the T-wall is still an option if the proper precautions are taken. It's a fantastic place and I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

I'm going to sign up for renters insurance now so that my stuff will be covered next time this happens. Hopefully I won't have to use it. Thanks again. Jun 21, 2010
Birmingham, AL
BirminghamBen   Birmingham, AL
Stephen - First, I'm very sorry to hear of your incident and sorry you were misinformed at the outdoor store. Facts are that this is an ongoing problem. Read my post above from December 2008. It's not worth the risk and never will be.

Cragger beware...this is tweaker country...unfortunately. Jun 15, 2010
Stephen Carlos Rydalch   Golden, CO
My car was broken into while climbing at the T-Wall yesterday. We are from Colorado and stopped at the wall as part of a road trip. We lost over 3 grand in backpacking, climbing, and personnel items.

Our car was locked with the alarm activated when we left but, to the best of our knowledge, the alarm did not go off. The alarm was not going off when we returned to our vehicle. Whoever broke into our car has clearly done this before.

We were aware of the issues with break-ins and put all of our items in the trunk so as not to attract thieves. We tried to stop and empty our items out at a local pay-for campground but could not find an open site anywhere due to a festival that had everyone booked up.

We also stopped at the local climbing shop in town to ask about break ins and were advised that it's not really an issue anymore, there have been very few break-ins over the last year, and that the road is now patrolled by authorities. Finally, the parking spot we used was the closest one to the road. We parked here in hopes that our proximity to the road and its traffic would deter theft.

The deputy who took our report let us know that "this happens all the time here." He had several examples of past break-ins in the very near future, including another climber who lost several thousand dollars of gear less than two weeks ago.

The most disturbing thing is that the deputy told us the break-ins seem to be done by different parties. A previous perpetrator they caught was from Ohio and traveled to the trail head for each break in. This does not look like an issue that is limited to just locals or one perpetrator.

We had a fantastic time climbing at the wall prior to the break-in and I hate to take anything away from the area or all the hard work done by its developers. The issue is a real shame since the climbing here is so fun and unique.

I feel obligated to post what happened in order to be fair to future climbers and give them a chance to avoid such a devastating experience. I hope this problem is resolved soon so that I can feel more comfortable about possibly returning to the T-wall in the future.

If anyone has info about an alternate parking area to use or other tips and tricks to avoid theft I'm all ears. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further information. Jun 14, 2010
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA
Yup. Apr 5, 2010
Is all the climbing at the T-wall effected by these closures? Apr 5, 2010
Birmingham, AL
BirminghamBen   Birmingham, AL
Joel - You might wait for some of the classics, but there are enough routes in your range to stay busy. I haven't heard much about breakins of late, but it is still wise to take EVERY precaution available...I usually stash a friend's car somewhere, put all out gear and everything out of my truck into it, then drive my TOTALLY EMPTY vehicle back for the climbing day. If you are in one vehicle, put everything in the trunk, out of know the drill. Have fun. January is a great time of year for The TWall if it's sunny. Dec 19, 2008
Many of the comments on and are old, and I have a few questions I'd like to ask.

I am thinking about taking an early January trip down to T-Wall.

The leading in my group will be restricted to 5.8 or less, would we be waiting in lines to get on routes?

Two years after the last post about it, how is the theft issue in the area?

Thank you very much! Dec 18, 2008
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA about Steeplechase? Good one to TR. Feb 7, 2008
Peter L K
Cincinnati, OH
Peter L K   Cincinnati, OH
Anyone hungry for Doug Dogs? They're a local favorite. Jan 24, 2008
Birmingham, AL
BirminghamBen   Birmingham, AL
Aretes...I like them...'Crash Position', then 'Margin of Profit'...then what? Jan 12, 2008
Amy Denicke
Aspen, CO
Amy Denicke   Aspen, CO
T-wall is such a dream. Highly recommend the South Side for all of you corner crack heads. It will definately get you pushing your limits. I ventured out there for the first time this weekend. Im sore. Dec 4, 2007
Nick Stayner
Wymont Kingdom
Nick Stayner   Wymont Kingdom
Indeed, I've done both of those routes, as well as Blood on the Rocks & Hungry for Heaven in the harder .10s. I guess I'm just looking for things I might've overlooked. Mar 20, 2007
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA
What about Point o Contact 5.10c? Or Finger Looking Good 5.10c? Mar 5, 2007
Nick Stayner
Wymont Kingdom
Nick Stayner   Wymont Kingdom
What are some good harder .10s to cut my teeth on? I've sent (and stumbled on) most of the .10as and bs and am looking for some harder stuff. Mar 5, 2007
Jeff Mekolites   ATL GA
#5 - Margin of Profit...great thin crack, thin crimpy face moves, very cool arete with exposure. Mar 4, 2007
#5. (possibles)

Surf's Up-5.11a/b in DCA, I give it a solid 11 rating...runout 5.8/9 below, well pro'ed crux. 1/2 anchor recently replaced. Still one rusty shut...

Twistin' in the Wind-5.12...boulder crux to amazing jugs out the 5' roof at top...still pumper. No hands rests if you're savvy. Cleans easy if the leaver biner is on 5th bolt. Feb 27, 2007
Top 5 T-Wall 5.9's:

1. In Pursuit of Excellence (corner)
2. Lizards (roofs)
3. Crash Position (arete)
4. Razor Worm (crack)
5. [your turn]. We need a face climb here... Dec 31, 2006
Jacob Neathawk
Nederland, CO
Jacob Neathawk   Nederland, CO
What's the latest info about break-ins? Is it sketchy to leave your tent set up while out climbing? Dec 4, 2006

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